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    How often do you make name associations with famous people? Help!

    Okay berries, I am 33 weeks pregnant and getting closer and closer to naming my little angel. My oldest daughter is 5 and her name is Stella. I have been going back and forth with names for my entire pregnancy and I am back to get some views on something that really just irked me today!

    Name issues:

    Paris - which actually (sorta kinda) has personal meaning to me. Stella is named after my grandma, but prior to figuring out what to name her, I wanted her name to start with a P, as my name starts with a P. I've always loved the name Paris. My problems with it are this: The obvious Paris Hilton association. Even for kids named Paris now in school, I can only hope that other little kids won't make the Paris Hilton connection. My other problem with the name is I've done some research and the fact that it was predominately, at one point, a "masculine" name kinda bugs me. I've always loved the name of the city. I guess I'm more of a fan of the feminine names but Paris has always called out to me and the closer I'm getting to my due date, I still really love this name and I'd love that we would both have the same initials.

    Farrah - I asked a friend about this name this morning and she immediately brought up the girl from Teen Mom...I don't even WATCH teen mom let alone give two craps about this girl. I like the fact that it means happiness, and I overall think it's just a really pretty name and I can see her being named this too.

    I guess the whole association with famous people or tv characters just really bother me overall. It's like, if I named my daughter Jessica are people going to assume she's named after Jessica Biel or Jessica Simpson? (I am not naming my daughter Jessica or even considering it-just using this as an example) I just never thought it was fair because it's just silly to me unless a parent outright says yes, I totally named my daughter after Jessica Simpson.

    These are the other names I'm considering:
    Valentina - Except I hate every nickname that goes along with this name except Val)
    Jaslene - I love the sound/spelling of this.
    Nadia - Another name that could have went along with Paris and Farrah because of the American Pie association, though again, it wouldn't be in her generation.
    Selena - I like this but I fear it's too close to Stella and I again hate all possible nn's that go along with it.
    Marisa or Marina - Love the water/sea meanings.

    Her middle name is set, so with that in mind, tell me your favorite:
    Paris Dawn Willow
    Farrah Dawn Willow
    Valentina Dawn Willow
    Jaslene Dawn Willow
    Nadia Dawn Willow
    Fiona Dawn Willow

    Anyway, thought on these name connections? Thoughts on any of these names? Help a mommy out!
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    I think it depends on how up with pop culture you are as to whether you would associate names with celebrities. I am a celebrity freak so I associate names with celebrities all the time.

    As for the names you've listed, my favourites are Valentina & Selena
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    It entirely depends on the uniqueness of the celebrity name; I can't think of another celebrity named Paris besides Paris Hilton, and Farrah is unique to the Teen Mom girl and Farrah Fawcett. Unfortunately, the younger generation will think of the Teen Mom before the Charlie's Angel, and the TM Farrah is a porn star, so I'd avoid that name. But for your other example, Jessica, everyone knows multiple ladies named Jessica in real life and in the celebrity world: Simpson, Biel, Lange, Alba, etc.

    Based on your post, I'd nix Paris and Farrah, but I absolutely adore Nadia. I don't think the Nadia character made as much of an impression on pop culture, so the "American Pie" character is not something to worry about. I think Nadia and Stella are an adorable sibset and Nadia is a name that works great on a girl at any age.

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    Stella is a great name but alas I don't like your choices for baby number 2. Paris (see thread on location to understand how much this is disliked) and Jaslene are so tacky to me, Farrah a bit better, Jessica is an 80's name, and Nadia sounds like Narnia. Valentina and Selena sound Latin and don't go with Stella at all. Sorry. What about Wren? Lyla? Lyra? Nell? Cora? Pearl? Maeve? much classier.
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    I stick with my original vote for Valentina. Paris is infamous and I don't think it's fair to bestow that name on your child. Farrah is interesting and I do not watch Teen Mom but apparently people do. It just doesn't give the same feel as Stella.

    I still remember your previous post wanting a name that people loved to hear. I don't think you'll get that with Paris or Farrah. Valentina is gorgeous. Nadia is nice but something about it sounds harsh next to Stella. Jasleen sounds like a mush of Jasmine and Kathleen. Selena is pretty but a bit matchy with Stella.
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