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  • Emmaline (mn Jo, Joy, Rose, Rae or other!)

    30 39.47%
  • Eleanora (mn Jane, Grace, Bea or other!)

    46 60.53%
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    Torn between two girls' names.

    Pregnant with #2. Too soon to know the gender. We have a daughter at home now, Evelyn Vi. We have the boy's name picked out, but we're stuck on two girls' names. We like the nn's Emma and Ellie, but they're too popular to hold on their own. The fact that they're all E names is a coincidence; not stuck on having all E names, but we liked the following choices! Open to other suggestions!
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    I picked Eleanora because I think Evelyn and Emmaline would sound too similar for sisters.

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    I personally adore Emmeline. I think Evelyn and Emmeline would make a great sibling set. I love Vie/Vivi and Em/Emma/Emme.

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    Are you pronouncing Emmaline 'Emma - LINE' or 'Emma - LEAN' or 'Emma - LYNN'? It sounds so close to Evelyn in flow and -en ending...

    I vote for Eleanora or even just Nora to further differentiate between your DDs. Eleanora Bea is super sweet.
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    I like Emmaline best (although I prefer Emmeline), but I think it definitely depends on how you say it. Emmaline said like Emmalyn is essentially the same as Evelyn, but I think Emmeline (emma-leen) is gorgeous, and different enough. I think Eleanora would be better, though, even though I like it less, just because Evelyn and Emmeline/Emmaline have so many sounds in common. I love Emmaline Joy and Eleanora Jane.

    Good luck!

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