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    Exclamation May Vivienne and Ivy Juliette

    The twins are here and have beautiful names thanks to all you Berries! For all of you who don't know, Ivy's first name and both middle names are Berry suggestions!

    May Vivienne and Ivy Juliette made their appearance on August 13th both weighing close to 5lbs! - I still can't figure out how I did that! Two adorable little girls with black curls and the cutest little bumps where their noses will be some day. They are so much alike I am using the nail polish method to double check that I have them right. Guess I'm a little paranoid about getting them mixed up.

    Anna Rose is delighted with her little sisters and calls them Ivy and May-vee for some reason.

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    Congratulations! All 3 of your daughters have wonderful names that also sound great together. I always find the nail polish method so adorable! Congratulations again on the little ones.
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    Beautiful names and a stunning sibset with your DD1. They sound adorable. Enjoy!
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    All three have amazing names. Congratulations!!!!

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    Ivy and May-Vee!!! That is just too adorable for words! I guess May is May V with the MN Vivienne.
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