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    list 10 unique girl names

    Write a list of 10 girl names you love, but may not use. To help those searching for unique names.

    Briar - Briar in Briar rose but still unique and would make a fantastic name if paired with a three or four syllable name such as Briar Elizabeth or Briar Penelope.
    Imogen - common in Britain not the U.S. due to pronunciation differences, popular on Nameberry, still unique and unusual of a name
    Nerys - means lady, an excellent choice for you little lady
    Blaire - has a very modern feel, familiar but not overly popular
    Amity - a unique name meaning friend
    Seren - another welsh name, most definitely unique and excellent choice but could be confused with Serene.
    Seraphina- alternative spelling of Serafina, I personally hated this name before I learned about its history and alternative spelling. Now I like it as an alternative to Sarah, which could be a nickname
    Auroras- Disney aside this is a beautiful name, with a reference to the scientific name of the northern lights.
    Maeve- this would be stunning paired as Maeve Victoria or Maeve Eleanor, and a great alternative to May or Mae.
    Iris - means rainbow, is a flower name not heard much, it's solidly a good choice for the middle name slot for me
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    I'm not sure if you mean guilty pleasure names or unique / unusual names. I've just done unusual names for now, and can picture myself using most of these, although have underlined the more GP names:

    Séverine: This used to be within my top three, although it has moved to #4 on my list. It means "stern" and is the female variant of Severus. I think it's beautiful and sophisticated.
    Athénaïs: I adore this name. It sounds sweet and elegant. It is a variant of Athena.
    Seraphina / Seraphine: Both names are strong and feminine to me. I think I slightly prefer Seraphine now, although Seraphina is still just as lovely. I also love the nickname Phina / Fina.
    Aveline: I think this means "hazel tree" in French, but am not so sure. I find it beautiful and charming.
    Eulalia / Eulalie: It is of Greek origins meaning "sweet-speaking" (which I think is lovely). It is also a place name in Ibiza (Santa Eulalia or Santa Eularia). I love the nickname Lula.
    Adelaida: This is the Spanish variant of Adelaide, although I think it is not very common in non Spanish speaking countries. I think it flows well and has a pretty sound to it. I love the nicknames Lady and Aidy.
    Leonore: I feel that Leonor is more common. Leonor is lovely, although I feel that Leonore looks more complete and elegant. It can also have the nickname Nora, although I would prefer that for Leonora.
    Solveig: Like Adelaida, Solveig is well known in Scandinavian countries, although I feel that it is less common in the rest of the world. I think it is a strong and feminine name. It's one of those names that no one knows the 'proper' meaning of, although I personally I am leaning more towards "the suns path", just because I find it beautiful and welcoming.
    Zephyrine: A French name that is quite rare now - Zephirine is the alternative spelling and Zephyr is the boys version. It sounds classy and elegant. I love the nickname Zephy.
    Isabeau: With Isabella and Isabelle becoming more popular these days, Isabeau is a fresh alternative. It's regal, sweet and elegant, and a more unusual way to get Izzie, Izzy or Issy.
    Georgiana: I feel that Georgina is more popular. Georgiana gives off a very Georgian / Regency feel (a la The Duchess), and is also regal and elegant. I adore the more unexpected nickname Ginnie.

    I realised that I might have 11 names here, oops.
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    Names I like and cannot use:

    Fern - I love the botanical vibe. Charlotte's Web is a nice association too.

    Arrow - I really like names that end in a double letter followed by ow. Minnow is a gp as well.

    Bambi - Sweet and unusual, but it would be difficult to wear. Bambi Northwood-Blythe pulls it off.

    Jay - The nn Bluejay would be lovely. This name is simple and cool.

    Birdie - One of my favorite old lady names.

    Lulu - ultra feminine, but still edgy. It comes off as a bold fn, but a cutesy nn.
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    1. Artemisia - More feminine-sounding than Artemis (which I also like).
    2. Vesper - Refers to evening prayers. Similar in sound to the rising in popularity Juniper and Harper.
    3. Calliope - One of the Muses in Greek mythology. A possible alternative to Penelope.
    4. Magdalena - The original form of popular Madeline, with tons of cute nicknames: Maggie, Magda, Lennie, Lena, etc.
    5. Tanith - An obscure ancient goddess, but familiar to due to ice dancer Tanith Belbin. Ending is similar to Elizabeth, Meredith, Edith, etc.
    6. Melisande - French version of Millicent, which sounds much prettier. Could be a way to to get to Millie.
    7. Violetta - If Violet is too popular for you, Violetta is a beautiful, more uncommon alternative.
    8. Ariadne - A mythological name, blending together two trends: Greek names ending in "e" (Chloe, Zoe, Penelope, Phoebe, Daphne) and "Ari" names (Aria, Arianne, Ariana, Ariel).
    9. Octavia - Starts with a trendy "O', features the popular "v", and is similar to Olivia and Ophelia.
    10. Scholastica - A saint's name, and pretty much my ultimate guilty pleasure.
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    These are some wonderful names! I don't think Husband will go for any of them, but I appreciate the uniqueness. Keep 'em coming!

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