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    Uh-oh. It seems like we both did her signature at the same time. Um... what happens now?
    All names are intended for characters, not real children.

    Agatha Athena Aurelia Bea Cassiopeia Connemara Divina Esperanza Eden Fortunata Gaia Gloria Indira Juliette Katarina Lorelei Magdalena Olympia Opal Pomeline Primavera Quilla Tatiana Theodora Uma Venus Victoria Winona Xiomara Zaria

    Atlas Atticus Augustus Aurelius Cirrus Cairo Evander Giovanni Kylian Magastomo Oscar Peregrine Quest Rhydian Solomon Theodore Ulysses Vesuvio Viridius Vladimir Wylder Yossarian

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    Sorry, I just posted your signature and hers!
    Alondra Mae_Genevieve Scout_Silvia Lark_Sabre Viviana_Willow Grace Reverie_Avalon Callista_Hallie Faye_Elowen Meadow__Seraphina Moon_Calliope Wren_Clarissa Lune_Rosella Glade_Tiernan Lake

    Evander Sparrow_Robin Kit_Avan Dexter_Varian Winter_Auden Gray_Zedekiah Blue_Rodney Fable_Elyan Lyric_Percival Soren_Ewan Cobalt_Emrys Mickey_Nat Fable

    River Quinn_Rowan Fable_Atlantis River_Aidan Night_Avery Zenith_Sparrow Lyric_London Blue_River Quinn

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    Okay, it's only right that I do yours!

    Alondra Mae: Objectively beautiful, but NMS
    Genevieve Wren: Lovely!
    Silvia Lark: I love Silvia (though I prefer Sylvia), however, I'm not a huge fan of Lark.
    Sabre Viviana: AMAZING! I love it, even if it seems like a stretch irl.
    Willow Grace Reverie: Beautiful all around, though Reverie isn't my style.
    Avalon Callista: Stunning. This has been in your signature for a while and I'm glad it's still here.
    Hallie Faye: nms
    Elowen Meadow: nms again, but Meadow is lovely.
    Willoughby Rain: I've recently fallen in love with Willoughby, and it's fantastic.
    Seraphina Moon: So ineffably ethereal.
    Calliope Scout: Not a fan of Calliope or Scout.
    Erelyn Penny: I prefer Evelyn, and Penny is more of a nickname to me.
    Cressida Nyx: STUNNING

    Evander Sparrow: I love this combo so much!
    Robin Ambrose: see above
    Avan Dexter: Umm... it seems a bit too sparring to me.
    Varian Winter: Love it!
    Auden Gray: this is a bit better than Avan Dexter. Gray is nice, but I like Avan more than Auden actually.
    Zedekiah Blue: Zedekiah is one of those -iah names that I just don't like. I don't like Blue as a color name.
    Rodney Corbin: Tbh, it's too plain for me.
    Elyan Lyric: Not a fan of Elyan, but I love Lyric!
    Percival Soren: Quite nice, not my favorite
    Ewan Cobalt: Ewan is nms, but I do love Cobalt
    Emrys Albion & Nat Fable: Not a fan of the first names, love the middle names.

    River Quinn: Fantastic
    Tiernan Lake: see above
    Rowan Fable, Atlantis River, Avery Zenith, Sparrow Lyric: These are just amazing!
    Aidan Night & London Blue: Also amazing, but less so than above.

    Sorry if I seemed a little harsh at the boy section, your signature is overall amazing!
    All names are intended for characters, not real children.

    Agatha Athena Aurelia Bea Cassiopeia Connemara Divina Esperanza Eden Fortunata Gaia Gloria Indira Juliette Katarina Lorelei Magdalena Olympia Opal Pomeline Primavera Quilla Tatiana Theodora Uma Venus Victoria Winona Xiomara Zaria

    Atlas Atticus Augustus Aurelius Cirrus Cairo Evander Giovanni Kylian Magastomo Oscar Peregrine Quest Rhydian Solomon Theodore Ulysses Vesuvio Viridius Vladimir Wylder Yossarian

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    Agatha - Really like this name, I feel like its sweet and under-used (7/10)
    Athena - Love the mythological connection here (7/10)
    Aurelia - Not really for me, it feels too elaborate, I prefer the simpler Aurora or Celia (4/10)
    Bea - Not a fan, it just lacks anything interesting to me? (3/10)
    Cassiopeia - A bit too elaborate, again (5/10)
    Connemara - This sounds quite clunky to me (2/10)
    Divina - Feels quite dramatic, almost like a stage name. Not really something I can see on an actual child but I can see it on a fictional character. (For a fictional character 6/10, real person 3/10)
    Esperanza - Not a fan of the "esp" sound, its a bit lispy to me. (2/10)
    Eden - Really like this name, its simple but sounds nice and has a lovely meaning (7/10)
    Fiametta - Just don't like the sound of this one, it doesn't really flow (2/10)
    Gaia - I like the mythological connection but I don't love the name itself (5/10)
    Gloria - Never really been a fan of this one, I don't like the "OR" sound and it feels quite old-fashioned (3/10)
    Indira - Don't mind this one in terms of sound or anything, but my mind automatically goes to Indira Gandhi. The average person in the the west probably wouldn't have that connotation though. (6/10)
    Juliette - Sweet, though I prefer the Juliet spelling. It will always have quite romantic connotations for me. (5/10)
    Katarina - I like this name a lot, its a nice alternative to the common Katherine (7/10)
    Lorelei - I really like this name, it definitely reminds me of Gilmore Girls but its a very positive connotation (7/10)
    Magdalena - Not a fan of this one at all. Maybe just because there's a building near me with a very similar name. I just don't see it as an actual name. (3/10)
    Olympia - I find this a bit odd with its sounds (4/10)
    Opal - One of my pet peeve names, I'm afraid. It just sounds weird to me. (2/10)
    Pomeline - Not for me, I dislike the "Pom" beginning, and I really can't see an actual person carrying this name. (2/10)
    Primavera - Sounds like the name of a store (2/10)
    Quorra -Just makes me think of the website Quora... (2/10)
    Tatiana - I like this one, its quite classic-sounding (6/10)
    Theodora - I really like this name, although personally it will always be associated with my best friend's cat. (7/10)
    Uma - I don't mind this name, but I don't love it either (6/10)
    Venus - I would like this name more without the mythological connection, honestly. Just a bit odd to associate with an actual person the qualities of Venus the goddess. (5/10)
    Victoria - A classic, not my favourite but I'm certainly not against it (5/10)
    Winona - I really like Winona, it's got great nickname potential but is also strong on its own. (8/10)
    Xiomara - I do really like this name, I think it has a great sound. (7/10)
    Zaria - Not a fan, I prefer the similar Daria. (5/10)

    Atlas - Really like this one, it's strong sounding. (7/10)
    Atticus - I like this one, even though I feel the literary association has kind of soured since the release of the To Kill A Mockingbird sequel (5/10)
    Augustus - I prefer just August (5/10)
    Aurelius - Dislike this one for the same reason I dislike Aurelia (4/10)
    Cirrus - Reminds me of cirrhosis, honestly (5/10)
    Cairo - I like this, though I'm not usually a fan of place names (5/10)
    Evander - I really like this name, it feels quite subtly majestic to me (8/10)
    Giovanni - Love this name, I think it just sounds beautiful and I love the James Baldwin connection (8/10)
    Kylian - Not a fan of the "Kyl" beginning (2/10)
    Magastomo - Seems overly complex and I'm not a fan of the sound. (1/10)
    Oscar - Nice name, quite common where I am but I have nothing against it (6/10)
    Peregrine - Just always sounds like a medicine to me (2/10)
    Quest - Doesn't sound like a name, I find it quite odd to use it as one. (3/10)
    Rhydian - I'm not against it and I like the "Rhy" beginning, but its not for me (5/10)
    Solomon - Feels quite stodgy to me (3/10)
    Theodore - Nice name, love Theo as a nickname (7/10)
    Ulysses - A bit too unique for me (4/10)
    Vesuvio - Again, not for me. It doesn't feel very modern or useable in the modern world. (2/10)
    Viridius - Same as above (3/10)
    Vladimir - I know its an incredibly common Russian name, but from a western perspective I just think of Putin and it is a quite villainous sounding name to western ears. (2/10)
    Wylder - I know this is quite a popular name these days but I feel "Wyld" is just a bit of a dragged out sound for me, and I don't like it (3/10)
    Yossarian - Feels too extravagant for an actual child. (2/10)

    cultural names:

    Ilias Mahdi (Il-e-yas) ~ Sufian Iskandar ~ Idris Azan

    Noora Yasmina ~ Hira Amani ~ Lana Safiya

    Zia (Zee-uh) | Haroun | Isa (Ee-suh) | Musa | Younus | Yusuf

    Anah | Isra | Nahla | Saffah | Safina | Sakina | Sana

    names i admire from other cultures:
    Caspian | Julian | Josefine | Soren | Tziporah

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    Isa (Ee-sa) Mika'il - I think Isa is a beautiful name and think it pairs nicely with Mika'il!
    Sufian Iskandar - I'm not a huge fan of Sufian, but I really like Iksander!
    Idris Haroun - I love Idris! Haroun is an interesting name... not sure if I love it matched with Idris.
    Ilias Mahdi (Ill-e-yas) - I really love this combination. Of all of yours, this is my favorite. Ilias Mahdi just seems to roll of the tongue. It's a very strong name!

    Noora Yasmina - I like both of these names, but I prefer Noora Yasmine over Noora Yasmina
    Hira Imani - This combination doesn't seem as strong and flowing as some of your other combos.
    Lana Safiya - Both of these are gorgeous names! I would personally flip them to Safiya Lana as I think they flow slightly better that way.
    Isra Sakina - Isra seems very similar to Isa. I really like that name as well. I like Sakina, but I don't love it.

    Adam (Ah-dum) - I love this pronunciation of Adam, as it's also how it is pronounced in Hebrew. Nice, strong name
    Haris (Hah-ris) - I like Haris, but I think there may be some pronunciation issues if people are just reading the name.
    Musa - I really like this name! I've never heard of it, but it sounds lovely
    Nail (Nile) - I love Nile as a name. I worry again, with visuals only, if a child being raised in an area where this isn't common would be teased and called Nail (like, fingernail or something)
    Younus - My least favorite of your names. From looks alone, it seems like one that someone could be bullied for, since it looks and sounds slightly like anus... sorry
    Yusuf - I love Yusuf! Such a great pronunciation of the common Joseph.

    Aalia - I've seen this name spelled Aaliyah and Aleah. I really like this spelling as well and think it's nice!
    Anah - Assuming I'm pronouncing this correctly, I love this name
    Inara - Due to personal reasons, I don't love Inara. I know it's a nice name... I just can't get behind it.
    Nahla - I love Nahla! I do worry slightly that kids will be compared to Lion King
    Saffah - I think Saffah is a cute and interesting name. I almost would love to see a kid named Saffron with Saffah as her nickname!
    Safina - I prefer Safiya to Safina, but this is a nice name
    Sana - No complaints with Sana. Lovely and beautiful name.
    Tziporah - I love the name Tziporah! One of my favorite bibilical heroines, the name has a wonderful meaning (bird) and you get cute nicknames like Tzipi or Ora!
    25 ~ Jewish ~ Name enthusiast

    Aliza Ruby ~ Dahlia Eden ~ Hadley Ariel ~ Hannah Sage ~ Leah Dove ~ Liora Emerson ~ Maia Wren ~ Naomi Arden ~ Noa Winter ~ Serenity Ruth ~ Shira Maeve ~ Yael Ivy

    Aliza = Uh-lee-zuh ~ Leah = Lay-uh ~ Shira = She-ruh

    Asher Grey ~ Elijah Sorrell ~ Ezra Forrest ~ Jonah Emmett ~ Jonathan Wolf ~ Judah Fox ~ Micah Alexander ~ Nathaniel Louis ~ Noam August ~ Raphael Stone ~ Rowan Zev ~ Samson Bennett

    Louis = Lewis Noam = No-uhm

    updated 2.5.20

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    Aliza Ruby - Beautiful! i think they go really well together
    Dahlia Eden - I think i would like this more if it was Delilah Eden, i think that just makes it sound softer
    Hadley Ariel - Not a big fan of either of these names
    Hannah Sage - I'm not the biggest fan of these names individually but i think they compliment each other well
    Leah Dove - Leah is my middle name and i used to hate it but i've really started to love it recently, Dove just isnt my style though
    Liora Emerson - I love how melodic this sounds!
    Maia Wren - Beautiful combo! they pair together so well
    Naomi Arden - I love Arden but have never been a fan of Naomi
    Noa Winter - Really cute and spunky!
    Serenity Ruth - My cat is named Serenity so to me i don't think of it as a human name, Ruth just sounds too old to me
    Shira Maeve - I LOVE Maeve! but i'm not the biggest fan of the way Shira sounds
    Yael Ivy - I love Ivy! but i Yael just feels a bit too foreign to me. I think i'd prefer them flipped.

    Aliza - Super cute
    Leah - As i said above
    Shira - As i said above

    Asher Grey - These names sound great together!
    Elijah Sorrell - I really like this pairing, both are great names
    Ezra Forrest - Not something i would pick but i actually quite like it!
    Jonah Emmett - I've never been a fan of either of these names, but i think the pairing works well
    Jonathan Wolf - I don't really like Jonathan but i think Wolf is a cute middle name
    Judah Fox - Again i like Fox for a middle name but i'm not a fan of Judah
    Micah Alexander - Love it! Such a handsome name
    Nathaniel Louis - Not a fan of either of these names
    Noam August - Noam is just a bit too foreign for me, i prefer Noah personally. August is a lovely middle name though.
    Raphael Stone - I really like this pairing! Raphael is a guilty pleasure of mine
    Rowan Zev - Never been a fan of Rowan and Zev just sounds like an incomplete name to me
    Samson Bennett - I think i'd prefer Samuel, Bennett isn't bad

    Louis - I love Louis if it's pronounced "Louie", but i have always really disliked it pronounced "Lewis" i'm not sure why but it's just not a name i like
    Noam - I've personally never heard of it before
    ~ Alana Leah ~

    Adalie, Blair, Emma, Elsie, Gracie, Harlow, Ivy, Luna, Maeve, Matilda, Rosalie, Saskia

    Harry, Louis, James, Leo, Charlie, Atticus, Flynn, Lincoln, Elliot, Carter

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    Alana Leah - Alana is pretty! I prefer Leah as a first, but it's also beautiful.

    Adalie - cute, but a little too "princessy" to me, if you know what I mean
    Blair - i don't hate it, but it seems a little harsh-sounding
    Emma - classic and popular. i don't have anything against it being so popular, and it's a pretty name, but it seems somewhat overused to me
    Elsie - a very pretty name. i loved this as a little girl!
    Gracie - I have a relative named Gracie, so i might be a little biased, but I do love the name!
    Harlow - not my fav, but it's definitely usable
    Ivy - so, so cute! tbh, i haven't thought much of this one recently. i'm adding it to my sig!
    Luna - it's ok, just nms
    Maeve - it seems a little bland to me for some reason. i really don't know why tho
    Matilda - um... it seems like a storybook character. it's nms
    Rosalie - super cute! love it
    Saskia - i dunno. it has a harsh sound to it...

    Harry - i much prefer henry
    Louis - if it's pronounced Lewis... meh. Louie's ok.
    James - traditional. i don't have any strong feelings about it.
    Leo - i love this one! it's so simple and sweet, and a little child can grow into it well
    Charlie - Love it too! i'm starting to like it as a girl's name tho
    Atticus - i dunno. nms
    Lincoln - I like this one too! it offers the cute nn of Linc.
    Elliot - it's ok. i don't exactly hate it, but i don't love it either
    Carter - it's cute. not my fave, but i definitely don't hate it either. it just seems like one that a little kid can't grow into...
    Clara Saige ~ Laura Kaye ~ Eleanor Ruby ~ Maisie Grace ~ Sailor Rose ~ Raine Mirabelle ~ Linden Skye

    Judah Reid ~ London Asher ~ Finnin Leo ~ Theodore Asa

    Ren ~ Eulia ~ Olive ~ Hope ~ Eve ~ Faye

    Caspian ~ Maverick ~ Rhian ~ Arrow




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    Clara Saige- Cute, but too basic for me.
    Laura Kaye- See above
    Eleanor Ruby- These names are both lovely, but I feel like their styles clash.
    Maisie Grace-Quite beautiful. I would prefer Maisy, but I'm not quite sure if that's actually a name.
    Sailor Rose-Very daring, I love it!
    Raine Mirabelle- This is stunning!
    Linden Skye- This seems very peppy to me, and I don't know if that's good.
    Judah Reid- It would be good, but I have horrible associations with the name Reid, but that's just a personal bias.
    London Asher- Also quite daring, but I like it.
    Finnin Leo- Love it!
    Theodore Asa- I really love both of the names, but the styles clash.

    Ren- Not a fan, personally.
    Eulia, Hope, Olive, Faye, and Eve- I love all of these!
    Caspian, Maverick, Rhian, and Arrow- All spectacular boy names!

    Raiah- Not a huge fan.
    Aurian- I love it!
    All names are intended for characters, not real children.

    Agatha Athena Aurelia Bea Cassiopeia Connemara Divina Esperanza Eden Fortunata Gaia Gloria Indira Juliette Katarina Lorelei Magdalena Olympia Opal Pomeline Primavera Quilla Tatiana Theodora Uma Venus Victoria Winona Xiomara Zaria

    Atlas Atticus Augustus Aurelius Cirrus Cairo Evander Giovanni Kylian Magastomo Oscar Peregrine Quest Rhydian Solomon Theodore Ulysses Vesuvio Viridius Vladimir Wylder Yossarian

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    Agatha - Not a name i would use but it's definitely growing on me
    Athena - Beautiful! I think Athena has such a gorgeous melodic sound to it
    Aurelia - Again beautiful! Very mystical sounding
    Bea - It just seems a little too plain for my liking
    Cassiopeia - It's okay but it's a bit of a mouthful
    Connemara - Never heard of it before but i'm not a fan
    Divinia - It's alright, i think i'd prefer it as a middle name
    Esperanza - Cool for a character! Not for a child though
    Eden - Never really been a fan of this name
    Fortunata - Again i think it's awesome for a character, but i would never use it on a child as it's just too out there for me
    Gaia - Don't hate it but don't love it either
    Gloria - I'm not a big fan of the way Gloria sounds
    Indira - Very cool and mystical!
    Juliette - Stunning! I have always loved how classic and elegant Juliette is
    Katarina - Lovely! I have always loved Katarina
    Lorelei - Not the biggest fan of this one
    Magdalena - Just seems too much of a mouthful to me
    Olympia - I don't particularly like this one, i'm not sure why but it sounds weird to me
    Opal - Not a fan
    Pomeline - I just don't think Pomeline has a very nice sound to it
    Primavera - Super cool character name!
    Quilla - Again i love it for a character but not a child
    Tatiana - Gorgeous! I love the Russian sound of it
    Theodora - Lovely! I think it has such a a cute vintage sound to it
    Uma - Never liked this name
    Venus - Just doesn't sound like a name to me
    Victoria - A beautiful classic name, can't really go wrong with Victoria
    Winona - Lovely! Unique but not too out there
    Xiomara - Too over the top for my liking

    Atlas - Really cute and spunky!
    Atticus - One of my all time favs!
    Augustus - Don't mind as a middle name
    Aurelius - I prefer Aurelia for a girl
    Cirrus - Not my style
    Cairo - I think it would be cute as a middle name
    Evander - This has started to grow on me, i think it has a very strong sound to it
    Giovanni - It's not a name i would use but i actually quit like it
    Kylian - Just sounds too made up for my liking
    Magastomo - Definitely not my style
    Oscar - I think of it as a pet's name as i had a dog named Oscar
    Peregrine - Way too out there for me
    Quest - Would be an awesome middle name!
    Rhydian - It's out of my comfort zone but i actually really like it!
    Solomon - Never been a fan
    Theodore - I prefer Theo
    Ulysses - Not my style
    Vesuvio - Doesn't sound like a name to me
    Viridius - Same as above
    Wylder - I think this is super nice! I prefer it spelt Wilder though, just sounds less made up
    Yossarian - Definitely not my style
    ~ Alana Leah ~

    Adalie, Blair, Emma, Elsie, Gracie, Harlow, Ivy, Luna, Maeve, Matilda, Rosalie, Saskia

    Harry, Louis, James, Leo, Charlie, Atticus, Flynn, Lincoln, Elliot, Carter

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