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    Kohen - probably the only name that makes me think 'Jewish'. I dont like or dislike this name, it's just okay
    Blake - I like the sound, and probably would like it if I didn't associate it so strongly with a teacher I used to have. I think Blake would make a lovely mn.
    Madden - just reminds me of American football. I'm definitely not a fan, just like if someone proposed the name Fifa.
    Dale - I like the sound, and want to like the name. However, it feels too much like an old mans name due to a character from Walking Dead. I think it would make a nice middle name to a more youthful first name
    Jonah- I love this name. It's very masculine, but also really sweet. It's a bit too religious for me to use personally, but I do have Jonas on my list to lessen the association (annoyingly as an atheist I quite like male biblical names)
    Reid - This one is interesting. I like the look and the sound. It's a nice masculine name.
    Camden - I'm not really a fan of this name. It reminds me of the place in London a bit too much. Would be an interesting suggestion for those considering Cameron though.
    Matthew - It's nice, but seems a bit plain next to your other names. With experience from a friend with the same name, it's very hard to get people to stick with Matthew if you dont like Matt.
    Shayden - This feels more like a girls name to me, and I cant say I like it. It seems to fit with the 'trashy' trend of Kayden, Hayden, Jayden, etc. Feels like it was made up to be unique

    Harriet "Hattie" - I like Harriet. It's vintage but not outdated. Hattie is a very cute nickname
    Josephine "Josie" - Same as above. Josephine is pretty and elegant, Josie is adorable
    Charlotte "Lottie" - I know quite a few Charlottes, so this name doesn't have the charm that it should. I love the nickname Lottie though
    Juliette "Jett" - Juliet or Juliette (I think the second spelling is prettier, but have the first in my signature because I think Juliette would get misspelled a lot) is a gorgeous name. Hopefully I have a daughter I can use it on, either first or middle. Jett is a nick nickname if she's independent or a tomboy. Personally, my favourite nickname is Lettie, which obviously cant be used with sibling Lottie.
    Theodore "Theo" - another one on my list! I love both the full name and the nickname. My only concern is the recent popularity
    Nathaniel "Nate" - Not really a fan of Nathaniel, but I dont mind Nate
    Lawrence "Lance" - I like Lance, but Lawrence just has a weird feel in my mouth
    Kenneth "Kenny" - I'm trying to judge this name impartially, but I have an extremely negative association with this name. Kenneth is okay, but I dislike Kenny

    Shelby - Not really a fan of this name. Makes me think of Shelly, but I dont have a real issue with it.
    Elena - I'm a big fan of El- names, both for boys and girls, so I like Elena. That said, there are quite a few I prefer over Elena
    Lakelyn - I'm not sure of the history of this name, but it seems like a recently made up name. The -lyn feels like it was tacked on to be trendy
    Ashtyn - Not a fan of this. I prefer Ashton or Ashley. Ashtyn feels awkward
    Audra - I haven't heard this name before, but it looks pretty. My issue is that, from how I'm presuming its pronpunced, it sounds like 'order'
    Ada - Classic name. I quite like it
    Kennedy - I'm not really a fan of surname names on girls, but this is okay
    Claire - I think this name is fairly popular on here, along with Clara, but they just seem plain to me. I guess because every Claire I have ever met is over 40. I prefer Clarice or Clarissa, which have a bit more.... essence to them
    Hazel - Hazel is cute, I like this one. I think it will age very well
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    Girls Names
    Liliana Juliet Rosalie Ariana Matilda Aderyn

    Girls Middles/Honours
    Anna Juliet Elowen Rosalie Eleanor

    Boys Names
    Caspian Elias Griffin Theodore Elliot/Otto Alaric

    Boys Middles/Honours
    Piers Charles Felix Alaric

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    Liliana-this is pretty and girly. I like the Li-lee-ah-na pronunciation, but not the Anna pronunciation. I do prefer just Lillian though.

    Juliet-such a pretty name. I prefer this spelling aesthetically over Juliette, but I hate the Romeo and Juliet association. Shes not a very good namesake to have (she was super immature and impulsive, it’s not actually a very romantic story).

    Rosalie-so sweet. One of my favorite Rose names.

    Ariana-this is a bit too trendy for me rn. It sounds nice (with the a-ree-AH-na pronunciation, not Ann), but I only think Ariana Grande now. I prefer this spelling over Arianna though.

    Matilda-this is super sweet. I wish I liked it more because the nickname options are so sweet (Millie is my favorite but Tilly is cute too), and I adore the movie/book. Great, strong name.

    Aderyn-I’ve never heard this name before. If it is a legitimate name then i think it’s nice. You could call her Addie. It’s still not my favorite though and it looks a bit made up

    Anna-this is classic and you can’t really go wrong, but I prefer it most as a first name with a super expected middle name. As a middle Anna is a bit bland.

    Elowen-probably my all time favorite girls name. I love everything about it. It’s so sweet and whimsical but substantial. I picture a fairy in a meadow or something. And I love the nickname Winnie.

    Eleanor-this is sweet. Great nickname options between Elle/Ellie/Nora/Lea.

    Caspian-I love this. It’s so handsome and romantic, and I love the Narnia association too.

    Elias-this is handsome. I prefer this over Elijah as a way to get to Eli.

    Griffin-this is ok. I used to like it more, now it sounds a bit harsh to me.

    Theodore-love Theodore, Teddy and Theo are both such cute nns. It also has a great meaning.

    Elliot/Otto-Elliot is sweet and handsome. Otto is one of my favorites for a boy, it’s so cute on a little boy but strong for a man. Otto is an unexpected and clever nickname for Elliot.

    Alaric-this is ok. I like it in theory, I just haven’t given it much though. I do like Alistair though.

    Piers-this is a cool name, much more fresh than Pierce.

    Charles-classic and you can’t go wrong. Charlie is cute.

    Felix-this is such a cool spunky name with a great meaning. I would use it if I didn’t love Felicity so much.

    Please do more than just a number rating
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    Little Laddies
    Judah Raphael
    Maxim Everett
    Thiago Julien

    Little Lassies
    Ayla Juniper
    Margot Felicity?
    Noa Vivienne

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    Judah Raphael - This is so handsome! Though Judah isn’t a favourite of mine, I still think it’s a super cute name that works on all ages. Raphael is an old favourite of mine, and I love it paired with Judah. The flow is great.

    Maxim Everett - I’m not really a fan of all the Max- names, I’ve just never seen the appeal. Everett is super cool though and the flow is great here.

    Archer Vaughn - Believe it or not, I don’t like Archer. Archie is my favourite name ever and I just feel like Archer takes such a soft sounding name and makes it sound violent, sorry, I just can’t get on bored with it. Vaughn isn’t my style, but I actually really like it, I think it sounds fresh.

    Thiago Julien - Thiago is cool, and handsome! I’d love to meet a little boy with this name. Julien isn’t for me though, I just don’t like how it sounds.

    Willa Margot - This is so sweet! Willa is a name that has grown on me over the years, I never used to like it but now I find it to be such a great name. Margot (especially this spelling) is so pretty and it goes so well here.

    Esme Felicity - This is my favourite of yours, I just think it’s stunning. Esme is a stunning and beautiful name on its own, but next to such a happy name like Felicity, it’s just so much better. I love this combo!

    Ayla Juniper - Another gorgeous combo. Even though I still don’t know if I pronounce Ayla correctly (Ay-Luh?), I love how it looks written down. Juniper is a favourite of mine, and I love it next to Ayla.

    Noa Vivienne - I’m not a huge fan of Noa as it looks incomplete to me, but next to Vivienne (another favourite of mine) it’s super sweet.
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    Archibald Griffin g·g Frederick Rhodes g·g Reginald Luke
    Griffin Archimedes g·g Nicholas Ambrose g·g Mateo Vincent
    Veronica Rose g·g Camila Vivienne g·g Lillian Valentina
    Juniper Elizabeth g·g Layla Juliette g·g Vivienne Cecilia

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    Archibald Griffin - The more I see this name around (usually from your signature) the more I can appreciate it. I admire the deep love you have for this name and although it might not be my style, it has sweet nickname potential and some good associations. Griffin is one of my favourites. Aren't these both characters played by KJ Apa? That's a bit of fun, haha. I think this is a solid staple name for you.

    Frederick Mateo - Frederick is mighty handsome, isn't it? I think it is quite a strong name and is easily grown with and into, Mateo is sweet but seems like an odd choice to pair next to a name like Frederick -- though I don't mind the flow.

    Reginald Luke - I think Reggie is a cute and handsome nickname. Luke has never been my most favourite of sounds but I do think it looks good here next to Reginald.

    Griffin Archimedes - Big yes to Griffin once more -- Archimedes is such an awesome choice. This combo as a whole is so super cool. I'd love to meet a boy with this name and I'm sure he'd think he had the most kickass name in the world. I love this.

    Nicholas Vincent - Very classy. Nicholas is one you can't go wrong with and Vincent has the same feel. This combo does seem a little basic in comparison to your other options but it is a very solid choice.

    Veronica Rose - I really like Veronica. I love all of its pop culture associations and all of its nickname potential. Rose is a little overused as a middle name to me but I certainly understand why. This combo flows beautifully.

    Camila Vivienne - Love this one for you. Camila is gorgeous (the actress and the name) and Vivienne compliments her nicely. Lovely flow between these two beautiful names.

    Lillian Cecilia - I love it! I've never truly been able to appreciate Lillian but seeing it here with the amazing Cecilia has me reconsidering everything. I adore how these name sound together. I love all the L sounds -- they make the combo sound so airy to me.

    Juniper Elizabeth - While Juniper is not one I've ever really gotten on board with, I quite enjoy it next to Elizabeth. Even though it's a more modern name, here it sounds so classic and "proper." I like this one!

    Layla Valentina - Both names are very pretty but I'm not a huge fan of the fact they both end with the same syllable. I do slightly prefer the Laila spelling of the name... it looks more grown up, I suppose? Valentina is beautiful and fantastical -- all the things I love in a name!
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    Acadia Solstice Faye | Adaline Freya Leonore | Adelaide Viola Wren | Astoria Maven Winter | Aurelia Dawn Hero
    Avalon Wisteria Moon | Cecily Runa Lore | Eleonora Calliope Fern| Elowen Cerelia Venus | Emmeline Adelia Fleur
    Juliette Seraphina Lark | Lumina Sonnet Ren | Lydia Guinevere Snow | Olivia Tempest Eir | Rosalind Emilia Dove
    GPs > Bethesda | Faerydae | Fantasia | Porcelain | Rapunzel | Scheherazade | Sephora
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    Acadia Solstice Faye- Beautiful names, very good flow, gorgeous magical imagery, and the first name is different without being too put there.
    Adaline Freya Leonore- Beautiful flow, lovely names, regal magical feel, uncommon but recognizable
    Adelaide Viola Wren- very pretty flow, again uncommon but recognizable names that really hit that sweet spot
    Astoria Maven Winter- I love Winter in the middle and its beautiful in this combo the flow here is beautiful as are the individual names
    Aurelia Dawn Hero- Hero seems put of place here to me and it doesn't flow as smoothly as your other names
    Avalon Wisteria Moon- gorgeous names, beautiful flow, magical feel and I love Wisteria Moon as middles, this is probably my favorite out of your combos
    Cecily Runa Lore- Cecily is nms but perfectly fine and I love Lore in the middle but this flow feels a little choppy to me
    Eleonora Calliope Fern- Calliope Fern is stunning in the middle! The flow here is beautiful and the combo is magical
    Elowen Cerelia Venus- very pretty sound and I think this combo really benefits from the Cer sound breaking up all those beautiful vowel sounds, very pretty imagery
    Emmeline Adelia Fleur- pretty flow, very good names and they go well together and feels soft and romantic
    Juliette Seraphina Lark- very romantic, lovely sound and flow
    Lumina Sonnet Ren- Lumia is nms and I think another syllable in the second middle would help balance this flow out
    Lydia Guinevere Snow- love Snow in the middle, beautiful flow, very romantic sound
    Olivia Tempest Eir- The names are not my style, and it doesnt have the best flow out of your combos
    Rosalind Emilia Dove- beautiful sound and feel, the names go together very well and I love Emilia next to Dove very pretty imagery
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    Axel Talon•Silas Thorn

    Stella Quest•Zoey Sonnet•Britta Fable
    Skyler Valentine•Teagan Story•Delta Clover
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