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    Lucette Roma - I prefer other Lucy names over Lucette, but this combo goes nicely
    Amorie Manuelle - Amorie is cool, I'm not sure about Manuelle in the middle. Amorie Ella? Amorie Gabrielle?
    Keilani Talise - I love Keilani! I don't think I've heard Talise before, but it's very pretty
    Zosia Maeve - super cool!
    Eliot Mirielle - Eliot is okay, Mirielle is pretty but I'm not sure about the flow. Eliot Rose? Eliot Soraya?

    Elias Wynn - the flow is good, I don't love either name but Eli could be a cute nn
    Avien Zecarias - I would prefer Aven
    Kendry Adaire - Kendry is really cool, and Adaire is awesome!
    Zorion Paz - I would prefer these flipped, Paz is nice
    Tayvish Isador - Isador is so handsome! Tayvish isn't my fav
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    Cecily Jade
    Jackson Violet "Jax"
    Georgia Lilith
    Grayson Rosemary
    Kaia Penelope
    Lea Violet
    Remy Rose
    Stella Calliope
    Imogen Phoenix
    Bailey Cruz
    Lachlan Everley "Lake"
    Giovanni Ocean
    Ellery Sage
    ler Saint
    Kyrie (ky-ree) Jewel
    London Emanuel
    Eden James "Teddy"

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    Cecily Jade - This is really pretty! I do prefer Cecilia to Cecily but it’s still a lovely name. You can’t go wrong with Jade.

    Jackson Violet "Jax" - You probably hear this a lot, but Jackson isn’t a girls name imo. It literally means “son of Jack”. Not for me, sorry. You wouldn’t call a son something that is mostly used on girls. Violet is going pretty.

    Georgia Lilith - I’m not a fan of Georgia for personal reasons but I can appreciate it as a name. I love most of the Lily names and Lilith is really sweet but I prefer Lillian or just Lily.

    Grayson Rosemary - Grayson is the same as Jackson for me. Gray would be cute as a middle name for a little girl. Rosemary is beautiful.

    Kaia Penelope - I adore this! Though I prefer Caia as I just prefer C’s in general. Penelope is just darling and it flows so well with Kaia.

    Lea Violet - Lea isn’t for me, I never know how to pronounce it.

    Remy Rose - I love alliteration! I just think it gives a name so much character, Remy and Rose are lovely together.

    Stella Calliope - Stella has been growing on me a lot lately, I think its really pretty. Calliope isn’t something I love but it goes well here.

    Imogen Phoenix - Imogen is sweet and fresh, Pheonix is a name that I don’t like on either gender but even less on a girl.

    Bailey Cruz - This is okay, the names don’t really go together in my opinion but it flows well.

    Lachlan Everley "Lake" - I’m not a fan of Lachlan as I just don’t like how it sounds. Everley is sweet on both genders but I don’t think it ages well.

    Giovanni Ocean - Giovanni is super handsome and Gio would be such a cute nickname. Ocean goes well here.

    Ellery Sage - This is sweet but as soon as I saw it, it struck me as very feminine. Either way, it’s cute and flows well. I love Sage.

    Skyler Saint - I prefer the Skylar spelling but I love this name on a boy. Saint isn’t my style, I don’t think it’s very wearable on an actual child.

    Kyrie Jewel - The only Kyrie’s I’ve ever known have been girls so it’s feminine to me but it wouldn’t surprise me if the girls had stolen it so that why. Jewel is not for me, not to offend anyone, but it sounds trashy to me.

    London Emanuel - This flows really well, but the names just aren’t my style.

    Eden James "Teddy" - I really like Eden and Teddy but James has to be one of my most disliked names. I just think it’s extremely over used and overrated.

    Next poster: Please can you rate my names with more than one word? Thank you
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    Veronica Hermione
    true image; messenger
    Ronnie / Vivi

    Frederick Jasper
    peaceful ruler; treasurer
    Fred / Freddy

    Archibald August
    truly brave; magnificent
    Archie / Arch

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