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    Cerelia Margot Dove- Cerelia is wonderful, it has a much more modern feel than Cecilia. Margot Dove is so sweet!
    Elowen Calliope Flora- the name makes me think of a fairy, it has a mystical feel somehow
    Juliette Fiona Lore- I think Juliet looks sleeker, but Fiona Lore is is amazing and the sound is great
    Odelia Rowan Fable- Ophelia has a much nicer flow if you ask me. I like the repeating o sounds in Rowan and Odelia, it flows so nicely
    Araminta Sonnet Faye- I love Araminta
    Avalon Sephora Belle- Avalon is awesome, but I don’t like Sephora (all I can think of is the makeup store and it makes the name tacky overall). I don’t understand the appeal of Belle, I think it’s kind of uninspired
    Amaranth Cordelia Fawn- The ending of Amaranth is sort of unappealing. Amara would definitely improve this combo for me
    Artemis Pandora Sage- Artemis is a very strong name, and it goes well with Pandora Sage
    Bohemia Cecily Maeve- Bohemia is actually super cute! You could use the nickname Bo! Cecily Maeve fits perfectly here
    Calantha Gwendolyn Briar- wow, Calantha is very cool! Gwendolyn is sweet and vintage, and Briar is cute and quirky- this name has it all!
    Erendira Lumen Fleur- not a fan, sorry. Erendira sounds strange and made-up, and something seems off about Lumen Fleur
    Hyacinth Araluen Claire- Hyacinth looks and sounds kind of unappealing. Claire seems like too much of a mismatch here
    Daphne Miranda Hero- really love Daphne Miranda, but Hero sounds like something you would name a dog. It’s way to heavy handed
    Viola Meredith Eden- for sure my favorite combo, just great!
    Anwen Leocadia Niamh- Anwen and Niamh are uniquely charming, but Leocadia made me snort (for some reason I pictured a stripper in a leopard-print thong) Leonora or Acadia have the same sound, minus the ridiculousness
    Lilia Madelaine Echo- Lilia sounds somewhat incomplete, I keep wanting to say Lillian. Madeleine, even though you’ve used a more ‘unique’ spelling, still sounds like boring girl-next-door, which doesn’t seem to be your style at all. Echo is really pushing it on the word name front. Sorry, this combo isn’t definitely not for me.
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    Huxley Owen/Keagan Dane/Hayden Jack/Damon Kirk/Hudson Clyde/Dexter Reeve/Roman Lyle/Jensen Brice/Tiernan Hale/Ewan Shane/Geordie Heath

    Alba Scarlett/Fiona Reagan/Moira Kennedy/Orla Cassidy/Mirren Kate/Hadley Selene/Keely Marcia/Audrey Sloane/Trinity Blair/Tegan Hollis

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    Huxley Owen: both of these names give me a farmer vibe, and I'm definitely not complaining. Rustic, down-to-earth, and unique.
    Keagan Dane: Keagan on its own doesn't blow me away, but I really like it with paired with Dane. The combo is unpretentious and handsome.
    Hayden Jack: Simply handsome. Very boy-next-door, yet not boring.
    Damon Kirk: on its own, I would've been disappointed because I wouldn't think that Kirk would be modern enough to stand up next to Damon. But, among the other names on your list, I'm surprisingly really into these names together. Damon has a bit of a sinister connotation, and Kirk brings the combo down to earth, while also maintaining an edginess with the hard 'k' sounds. Very unexpected and cool.
    Hudson Clyde: feels like the name of a folk singer, which I like a lot.
    Dexter Reeve: ohh, I get a really cool, sort of mysterious vibe from this combo. Like, he could be the protagonist of some noir fiction.
    Roman Lyle: I've always thought Lyle was kinda nerdy, whereas Roman was such a 'cool guy' name, but these names actually really complement each other so well. I would even love Lyle Roman.
    Jensen Brice: this feels like a complete name to me, though with a surname I'm sure I wouldn't be thinking this. I like how I can totally picture this name on a real person, it's so wearable.
    Tiernan Hale: I love how vintage all of your names are! They seem like they're pulled straight out of the 1930s, and to use them in the 21rst Century just feels so fresh and exciting. Tiernan is really unique, and I didn't realize until now how badly I've been missing this name from my life. Hale is a great middle, and totally underused. Like Jensen Brice, this feels like a complete name, but also very wearable.
    Ewan Shane: I really like Ewan, and Shane is a pretty stable name. The flow is good, but I don't feel as excited about this combo as I am for some of your others.

    Alba Scarlett: I've always associated Alba with the colour red, so it's funny seeing it paired with a name that literally means "red". I really like the flow and the sound of this combo. Alba is very soft, so it's nice having the harder-sounding Scarlett as a middle.
    Fiona Reagan: pretty, though I don't think these names elevate one another all that much. I really like them separately, and they're fine together, but not as amazing as your other names.
    Moira Kennedy: I really like this combo! Has a bit of the 'first name, last name' sound, though I could also picture Kennedy flowing into a surname nicely.
    Orla Cassidy: love Orla! Stunning and rare (to me, at least). Cassidy is so lively. I feel like Orla Cassidy and Moira Kennedy could easily be sisters.
    Mirren Kate: Mirren is a really cool choice! And Kate is one of my favourite middle name options. The combo on the whole is classic, yet modern, but not quite timeless... I hope this makes sense
    Hadley Selene: another thing I really admire about your combos is how unexpected they are. I never would have thought to pair the romantic Selene with the laid-back Hadley, but I'm really digging the flow of these names. I would slightly prefer the sound of Hadley Selena better, because I think it would tone down the double "lee" sound, but that really is just a personal preference.
    Keely Marcia: love Keely! Such a fun and spunky name. Marcia is really strong too. I don't think these names totally support each other, but they also seem really hard to pair (I actually kinda like the sound of Keely Fiona, or Marcia Reagan).
    Audrey Sloane: so beautiful! Neither of these names will ever get old. Just, timeless and sophisticated.
    Trinity Blair: I'm not crazy about Trinity. I associate it too much with The Matrix, so it has a dark and edgy vibe to me, but Blair is a happy ball of light in my eyes, so it's interesting seeing the two paired together. The flow is really good. I just can't get past Trinity.
    Tegan Hollis: I love this combo! I know I'm a broken record at this point, but it's so down-to-earth and a breath of fresh air. I've really enjoyed reading through your signature
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    Aurelia Frances, Bria Katherine,
    Tennyson Alida

    Adriano Nicolas, Jasper Domenico,
    Sebastian Rhodes

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    Aurelia Francis- Love this. The hip and new Aurelia with the old but sweet Francis? Adorable. My favorite girl name from you!
    Bria Katherine- I don’t really like Bria but it pairs well with Katherine.
    Tennyson Alida- I surprisingly like this. Tenny is a cute nn.

    Adriano Nicolas- I love this.
    Jasper Domenico- Domenico is not my fav, but works well with Jasper.
    Sebastian Rhodes- My favorite boy name from you! Love this so much!
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    Avalon Odessa|Calliope Noa|Celia Josephine|Danica Rosalie|Eloise Anara|Gretel Lilac|Jillian Justice|Kaia Penelope|Leona Juniper|Marcia Ripley|Miriam Suzette|Novella Juliette|Thalia Maxine|Theodora Finch|Zinnia Claire


    Alexei Andreas|Casey Travis|Cassius Morgan|Darcy West|Everest Haiku|Finnick Ocean|Harley Mateo|Indiana Barnes|Josiah Halcyon|Kermit Octavius|Magnus Delfino|Remus Angelo|Samuel Clarke|Sebastian Reef|Wilson Giuseppe

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    Aurelia Frances - I love Aurelia and though I've never been hugely keen on Frances, I really like the way it sound here in this pairing. Aurelia adds something new and Frances adds something classic -- I like how the names compliment each other!

    Bria Katherine - Bria has a beautiful ring to it and flows wonderfully alongside Katherine. I love the look of this combo as well!

    Tennyson Alida - Not a fan of Tennyson at all, unfortunately. I love the sound of Alida though I prefer the Alita spelling. The flow here is nice but not as flawless as your other girls names.

    Adriano Nicolas - I haven't seen or heard Adriano before but I'm loving it! Love this spelling of Nicolas as it appears more classical/regal to me and love how it looks and sounds next to Adriano!

    Jasper Domenico - I definitely understand the appeal of Jasper but it isn't my favourite, personally. It does work well with your other choices though! Domenico is nice as well, just not my style. I like the different sounds and syllables here.

    Sebastian Rhodes - Sebastian is a superbly handsome name so I definitely agree with its recent spike in popularity! Rhodes a little to surname-y for my tastes but I do think it suits Sebastian really well. Love the look of these names together on paper.


    Avalon Odessa - I am in lvoe the name Avalon. Odessa adds so much extra magic to it so naturally I woudl adore this pairing! So beautiful!

    Calliope Noa - I have positively rated this combo before! <3

    Celia Josephine - Celia is SUCH a gorgeous name and I really love its Shakespearean association! Josephine suits her really well both stylistically and looks-wise.

    Danica Rosalie - I've rated this one before -- It's 30/70 for me. Danica is pretty but not my style and Rosalie is beautiful!

    Eloise Anara - This was Eloise Amara once, right? I don't think my opinion has changed much as I can't decide which one I like better! Both options sound very classic and pretty despite not being my style.

    Gretel Lilac - Gretel is one I think most people would look at and only think of an old lady or the children's story... but I love it! I think it's about time for the beautiful Gretel to make a comeback! Lilac really helps freshen it up a bit and I love all the L sounds between the two here.

    Jillian Justice - I've rated this one before and wasn't too crazy about the names themselves but love JJ as a nickname option for her!

    Kaia Penelope - Commented on this one before about the styles clashing but having a second look at it I disgree with I said before! I really like these two together.

    Leona Juniper - Said before that I love Leo as a nickname option for Leona and that Juniper flows really well here -- haven't changed my mind!

    Marcia Ripley - Still love Marcia and the sound of Ripley but I do feel there is a huge stylistic clash here.

    Miriam Suzette - I have a poor association with Miriam but I adore Suzette and think these two work wonderfully together.

    Novella Juliette - Perfect amount of "over the top" -- still in love with this one!

    Thalia Maxine - Thalia is a beautiful name, as is Maxine. I love how these look and flow together.

    Theodora Finch - Theodora brings the class and Finch brings the spice! Love!

    Zinnia Claire - Still one of my top favourites form you!

    Alexei Andreas - Still love the names separately but not together.

    Casey Travis - I rather like Casey for a boy! Travis feels very country to me for some reason but flows well here anyway.

    Cassius Morgan - Love both names -- my opinion that this is one of my favourites from you remains the same!

    Darcy West - Darcy is still a little more on the feminine side for me but West helps its case here a lot! I like the way they sound together.

    Everest Haiku - I still love Everest but my opinion that Haiku was too out there has changed. Revisiting I feel that it has a handsome sound on its own but I just don't think it quite fits with Everest. I think both names could benefit from a switcheroo!

    Finnick Ocean - Glad to see another Finnick lover here and I am still especially fond of it with Ocean!

    Harley Mateo - I like Harley for a boy quite a bit and while Mateo isn't really my style, I really like it in this case.

    Indiana Barnes - LOVE Indiana for boy (Indiana Jones is amazing!) but sadly have extremely negative associations with the surname Barnes. I love the way these names flow, however, so I think I can look past it just for this!

    Josiah Halcyon - Josiah is incredibly handsome and I love Halcyon -- hadn't thought of using on a boy though! I really like this combo.

    Kermit Octavius - Not really a big fan of either name here but I do think they suit each other quite well!

    Magnus Delfino - Still loving Magnus but not too keen on Delfino. I like the flow though.

    Remus Angelo - Same opinions as on Magnus Delfino. Love Remus but not Angelo... Also, I think Angelo Remus might flow slightly better.

    Samuel Clarke - Love Sam as a nickname option and I like the flow between the two names here. Clarke is really extra handsome!

    Sebastian Reef - Still one of your best in my opinion!

    Wilson Giuseppe - Not my favourite combo but it sounds pretty cool!
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    Acadia Rosalind Faye | Adaline Fiona Dove | Adelaide Cecilia Wren | Avalon Wisteria Moon
    Eleonora Daphne Ceres | Imogen Freya Lenore | Lumina Cecily Fern | Lydia Calliope Maven

    Dorian Emery Vale | Roland Everett Sage | Wesley Thorin Lake
    Anders Robin Frey | Caspian Elliott Rome | Corin August Reed | Cosmin Everest Blaine
    Darren Kyle Forest | Emmett Orlando Blaise | Finnick Ambrose Dean | Griffin Casper Jude

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    Astoria Guinevere Lark: this combo sounds really good, I like the melody of the combo
    Elowen Viola Winter: Elowen Viola and Viola Winter are both nice but I don’t love the “wen”—>”win” sounds
    Juliet Aurelia Dawn: this is a really nice combo, I like the way it looks and sounds, and again Aurelia Dawn is a great image
    Acadia Rosalind Faye: I don’t love Faye but this is a really nice combo
    Adaline Fiona Dove: same deal as Elowen Viola Winter except with the D sound
    Adelaide Cecilia Wren: this combo sounds great and is a perfect blend of familiar but uncommon
    Avalon Wisteria Moon: I’m not big on Avalon but I like it a lot here, Wisteria Moon and Aurora Dawn seem like sisters
    Eleonora Daphne Maven: I think you’ve had Maven in other combos that worked slightly better, I like Eleanora Daphne together
    Imogen Freya Lenore: this combo sounds very complete to me, in a nice way. I really like it
    Lumina Cecily Winter: I don’t care for Lumina but Cecily Winter is wonderful
    Lydia Calliope Fern: this works really nicely together, I like this a lot

    Dorian Emery Vale: this combo is really cool, I like how unique but readable it is
    Roland Everett Sage: a very earthy combo, reminds me of a green green forest, love the imagery
    Wesley Thorin Lake: this is pretty nice, you might also like Thurston
    Anders Robin Frey: this is super cool, seems like a smart, playful person
    Caspian Elliott Rome: I think Caspian and Elliott don’t belong together, I need some variations in syllable count
    Corin August Reed: can’t decide if fn is pronounced Core-in or Cuh-rin, I think I like it the first way with this combo
    Cosmin Jonas Blaine: I don’t love this combo, I think Jonas Blaine works nicely but Cosmin seems a bit unfinished to me, Cosimo might work
    Darren Kyle Forest: the first two seem a bit old but also fall nicely into place with Forest, kind of cool, I’m surprised how much I like this
    Emmett Orlando Blaise: this combo is super handsome, I like it a lot
    Finnick Ambrose Dean: this combo is super cool, very handsome and readable-but-uncommon
    Griffin Casper Jude: this combo is the same as above but slightly more familiar to me, I like it a lot
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    Livia Wren
    Nicola Skye

    Adriano Sage
    Eliseo Jude
    Francesco Blair

    Chiara = Key-are-uh/Kyar-uh

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    Chiara Gray - Love the name Chiara, I would love to meet a little girl by that name. Chiara Gray is straightforward and no-nonsense, but I think it's still very pretty nonetheless.
    Livia Wren - Very pretty. Livia has a much nicer sound to it than the more common Olivia, and it just looks and sounds so lovely when paired with Wren.
    Zinnia Lane - Absolutely beautiful! I love the name Zinnia, it's just so fresh and zappy. Lane is lovely with it too, I find it complements it well.

    Adriano Sage - Personally I prefer the sound of Adrian Sage, but Adriano is super handsome and fits in better with your other boy names too. I love it.
    Franco Blair - Unexpected pairing, but I like it. Blair freshens up Franco nicely
    Stefano Joyce - Not a wild fan, I can't exactly put my finger on what it is about it. I like the names separately, I think it's just something about the 'o' at the end of Stefano that clashes with the 'oy' sound in Joyce.
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    Arthur Eamon. Henry Isaac. Reuben Wilder.

    Eliza Cathleen. Thea Elisabeth. Lucy Jane.
    Alice Daisy. Eloise Saoirse. Della Felicity.

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    Jude Patrick: this combo feels fun and fresh while still being recognizable, a very joyful combo
    Emmett Keith: these two names seem older and I think I prefer Everett to Emmett but I like the softness Emmett gives off and I think Keith is an underrated dad-name that’s ready for a comeback
    Felix James: this combo has similar vibes to Jude Patrick, I could see them working nicely as brothers with slightly left of center firsts and classic middles
    Arthur Eamon: I have trouble imagining Arthur on a baby/kid/teen but I like this combo and feel like it could be really nice to see out in the world, Eamon is so pleasing to my ear
    Henry Isaac: would make a good brother to Arthur Eamon in my opinion, I think I’d switch the two for Isaac Henry personally but both go nicely with your style
    Reuben Wilder: this combo made me smile when I saw it, I think it really nails the familiar but unexpected aspect, would make a really great brother to Emmett Keith

    Eliza Cathleen: this combo flows off the tongue extremely well and I like the C spelling of the middle, softens Kathleen quite a bit
    Thea Elisabeth: I really enjoy the look of this combo but feel that starting with “Th” and ending with “th” isn’t the best flow, I do like how the S softens Elizabeth as the C above softens Kathleen
    Lucy Jane: kind of lackluster for me compared to tour other combos, I know a girl named Daisy Jane and that feels like a fuller name despite the syllable count being the same, maybe Louisa Jane or Lucia Jane?
    Alice Daisy: I feel like Nameberry used to be all over Alice but I never really got on board, it’s nice in this combo though I prefer the sound of Daisy Alice as a stand alone combo
    Eloise Saoirse: I think this combo isn’t necessarily the best matched, I think Eloise fits your quirky but known, short fn pattern while Saoirse works well with tour longer middle pattern but overall they work better as Saoirse Eloise in my opinion
    Della Felicity: I feel she’d make a great sister to Thea Elisabeth, they’ve got a similar energy that’s offbeat but friendly that I really like, I also like Delia for you
    Chiara Grey
    Livia Wren
    Nicola Skye

    Adriano Sage
    Eliseo Jude
    Francesco Blair

    Chiara = Key-are-uh/Kyar-uh

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    Chiara Gray-this is very pretty! Chiara is gorgeous. I love the sound and the look. It feels very euro-chic but also usable. Gray is really cool, and I love it in a combo with a very girly first name. Aesthetically I prefer the look of Chiara Grey though.

    Livia Wren-this is my favorite of your combos. Livia is so pretty. It’s so much fresher than Olivia, and nn Liv is one of my favorites. Wren is so pretty, and it’s definitely a guilty pleasure of mine. It goes well in every combo

    Zinnia Lane-Zinnia is alright. It’s spunky, floral, not too too out there. It isn’t my favorite flower name though. Lane im not a fan of. It’s a little boring to me, a little but of a filler name, and a tad dated (it feels very 90s to me).

    Adriano Sage-this is handsome. Adriano is very cool, and although it is a bit much for my style, I like it with your girls names. Sage is so handsome and it’s very refreshing to see on a boy.

    Franco Blair-I’m not a huge fan of Franco. I prefer Francisco or even better, Francesco. Blair is super super cool and I love it for a boy too!

    Stefano Jude-Stefan’s isn’t my favorite. I feel it’s not one of the “cool” European names, it seems like more of a dated one. Jude i adore, it’s one of my top names. I’d like to suggest...Lucino/Luciano, Valentino, Santiago/Santino, Rafael, Lorenzo, Ignacio, Giuliano, Emilio/Emiliano, and Amadeo

    Notes for next poster-second middles are Chinese as kiddos will be half Chinese

    Mei Hua-“may hwah”
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    Little Laddies
    Judah Rafael Xiang
    Arthur Thiago Han
    Hugo Valentine Weizhe

    Little Lassies
    Ayla Marigold Mingxia
    Sylvie Juniper Yanlin
    Indie Elowen Mei Hua
    Noa Vivienne Zhilan

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    Judah Rafael Xiang - The sound is nice, however I think Judah and Rafael look slightly odd written next to each other though. I don't know why, plus I mean that doesn't really matter. Xiang pulls the combo together quite nicely.
    Arthur Thiago Han - I love this combo, so handsome, and the flow is great! I'd love to see more little Arthurs around
    Hugo Valentine Weizhe - Once again, very strong, handsome name. I like the cadence of the syllables, it gives the name a nice ring to it.
    Ayla Marigold Mingxia - Marigold is a stunning name to have in the middle spot, I always love seeing it in combos. Mingxia sounds great paired with it too. As for Ayla, I've always found the name a bit harsh on the ears, however, that's just a matter of personal preference. I think it's cute in this combo though.
    Sylvie Juniper Yanlin - I think this is my favorite of your combos! The names look great together, sound great together, and have a charmingly old fashioned yet fun and fresh feel to them.
    Indie Elowen Mei Hua - I just think this is a lot of name. I think it sounds lovely, but my sister has 3 middles names and there is never enough room to put all of them on government forms, so it's just become a bit of a hassle. That aside though, the name is lovely and has a slightly whimsical sound to it
    Noa Vivienne Zhilan - I'm not personally a fan of the name Noa, I still find the sound of the name too masculine, but Vivienne and Zhilan do a nice job of softening it up in this combo.
    Ceilidh Rooney; Lover of names, writing and theatre

    Jude Patrick. Emmett Keith. Felix James.
    Arthur Eamon. Henry Isaac. Reuben Wilder.

    Eliza Cathleen. Thea Elisabeth. Lucy Jane.
    Alice Daisy. Eloise Saoirse. Della Felicity.

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