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    Addison Wren- I like it but prefer Addison on a boy.
    Brinley Rose- Rose is lovely. Brinley isn't my particular style but I like the flow here.
    Parker Marie- Not a fan of either name.
    Alaska Liberty- Alaska is lovely. Liberty is not my style and when paired with Alaska, it kind of sounds like an airline.
    Riley Charlotte- I do prefer Riley on a boy but Charlotte is nice. They do however, clash a bit.
    Cali Delilah- Not fond of Delilah but Cali is nice.
    Georgia Grace- Such a beautiful pairing!
    Caroline Rose- Again, beautiful!
    Penelope Ava- Not a fan of either name.
    Remy Scarlett- Not fond of Remy but I like the flow here.
    Reagan Leigh- Love it!

    Ethan Archer- Not fond of Ethan but Archer is lovely.
    Ryder James- I love it!
    Cash Trevor- I love both names but it'd sound better as Trevor Cash.
    Harvey Dale- This has a very Southern feel! I'm not fond of Harvey but Dale is super cute!
    Malcolm Grey- Super gorgeous!
    Presley Chase- Absolutely love Presley on a boy! Chase is adorable as well!
    Brady Chandler- Flow is nice but I'm not a fan of either name.
    Walker John- Lovely names separately and even more darling together!
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    Olwyn Felicity Jane➵Laken Akela Blythe➵Willow Genevieve Grace➵Eowyn Isabelle Rose➵Ottilie Anastasia Wren➵Evelyn Arrietty Jade

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    Toryn Matthew Kane: Toryn is gorgeous, Matthew is solid. Not a fan of Kane, personally. I like Cain better.

    Vivian Archer Night: I love this combo and all the names in it. Never seen "Night" used as a name that I remember. Very clever.

    Gunner Dean Hendrix: Hmm, I really prefer Gunnar with an A. "Gunner" sounds so aggressive. Not a fan of Dean or Hendrix.

    Severin Oskar Grey: Love the first too names, especially Severin! I don't really like Grey. I prefer Grim or Grimm.

    Thayer Austin Hadeon: Not a fan of any of these, sorry.

    Ambrose Lucian Hale: I like Ambrose but feel like it is becoming too popular. I prefer Lucien over Lucian, but it's a solid name. Hale is a bit trendy but I love the meaning behind it.

    Jensen Connor Atreyu: Not big on Jensen, that's just a last name to me. Connor is one of my favorite boys names. Really underused. I love Atreyu, as the Neverending Story is one of my favorite books.

    Castiel James Corvin: I like Castiel but it sounds a bit too trendy and made up to use it. James is solid, not a fan of Corvin.

    Sabin Emery Shaw: I don't like any of these, sorry.

    Casey Arrow Benjamin: Casey is a bit plain and incomplete, Arrow is a great name (clever, again), and Benjamin a beautiful classic.

    Damian Asher Layne: Damian is so provocative. I don't really like it. Asher and Layne sound trendy.

    Brook Sebastian Winter: Brook has a nice meaning. Sebastian reminds me of the Neverending Story again, so it's great. Winter for a boy is actually quite nice.

    Merlin Gabriel Wolf: Merlin is on my list too. Wolf is awesome. Gabriel is a nice classic.

    Roman Jude Maxwell: Roman is beautiful. Not a fan of Jude or Maxwell.

    Olwyn Felicity Jane: Olwyn is superpretty. Not a fan of Felicity or Jane.

    Laken Akela Blythe: I don't really like any of these.

    Willow Genevieve Grace: All three are great names. Genevieve is so pretty and great as a middle name.

    Eowyn Isabelle Lark: Eowyn is becoming a bit too popular, but nevertheless beautiful. I don't feel anything for Isabelle or Lark.

    Ottilie Evangeline Wren: Not a fan of any of these, sorry. They sound a bit clunky.

    Evelyn Arrietty Maeve: I only like Maeve out of these, and tolerate Evelyn, which is a bit too trendy right now and just a 'pretty sound'.

    Seraphina Amity Rose: I like Seraphina and Rose, but not Amity.
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    Çanakkale 🇹🇷
    Margery Saga - love Saga but not Margery, I prefer Marjorie or Margot instead
    Victoria Lovis - too v heavy, I think Victoria Louis(e) will be better
    Gladys Birdy - too old ladyish and there isn't a name to balance Gladys or Birdy
    Wednesday Autumn - oh this one is great, though DD/MM/YYYY is the first association
    Lianna Maeve - love Maeve, Lianna is nice too but I am afraid a character I happen to dislike kinda soured things for me
    Eden Lillith - clashing names thinking about Lilith's story though I don't believe it, without meanings then I would say it is a great name
    Isolda Ivy - love the alliteration, although I slightly prefer Isolde as a spelling
    Rebekah Valene - my favorite from your signature, Valene is so interesting!

    Killian Valentin - though kill is a turn off for some I do like Killian a lot, Valentin is so handsome too - I prefer Valentin as a male name
    Aloisius Wolfgang - really handsome and strong and also a new favorite
    Orvar Forrest - Orvar is an interesting one, not my style but it grabs your attention, Forrest is a favorite
    Gawain Ivar - uncommon names but they are handsome names
    Ariel Galath - not names I would use but Galath may grow in me
    Valdemar Harvest - I want to steal this one because it is amazing and I did mentioned this one in names from NB make you do Wow thread

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    Eftandise Yüsra: I don't know where this name is from, but it sounds cute, i guess.
    Mariye Belemir: These names sound really nice together. Very cute.
    Maysara "Maya" Lulia: I love this.
    Rhea Sylvia: I'm not really fond of Sylvia, but Rhea is really pretty.
    Suzidil "Suzy" Meleksima: I love the nickname Suzy.
    Çağrı Aslan: I can't really say anything about this name, because I don't know where it's from or how it's pronounced.
    Erem Talu: Same as the above.
    Haris Rua: This is super cute.
    Tuğrul Ayas: I don't know about his.
    Zağnos Evren: Same as the above
    Arthur Pasque: Arthur is such a cute, timeless name.
    Ashbel Hosea: Not my style, but it's cute.
    Enzo Sterling: I don't like Enzo, but I love Sterling.
    Harvest Esau: Harvest is cute in a way, but I think it's also a good example of a made up, especially by white people, baby name.
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    Addison Wren: It's not my style and Addison sounds really bland to me now. Wren sounds nice but I'm not a fan of it written out.
    Brinley Rose: My association with Brinley makes it not sound like a name to me. Rose is a fave.
    Parker Marie: Parker is a little too masculine in my opinion. Marie is like Rose, overdone, but still nice. I like Rose better.
    Alaska Liberty: I soo prefer Alaska as a state name to Dakota, Virginia, Carolina, Georgia, etc. I think it'd be really pretty on a little girl. I'm not a fan of Liberty though. The two together sound a little too patriotic.
    Riley Charlotte: I like both, but I don't love both. Like Addison, kind of bland.
    Cali Delilah: This one is cute. I'd personally give Cali a longer first name and use Cali as a nickname, but stand alone is expected. She wouldn't frequently run into anyone else with the same name.
    Georgia Grace: Kinda like Addison, and Riley Charlotte, but I like this one a little more. Probably because I don't know many Georgia's. Grace sounds good with Georgia.
    Caroline Rose: Cute! I prefer Caroline to Carolina, although I think Carolina Rose flows better.
    Penelope Ava: I don't see the appeal in Penelope. I love the pairing with Ava though. Ava is so overused as a first name, but I think as a middle name it works much better.
    Remy Scarlett: Not a fan of Remy and Scarlett is not my style.
    Reagan Leigh: Again, not a fan of Reagan. It's too aggressive, Leigh is beautiful. I always pronounce it "Lay", which I think is technically wrong, but I like it like that. The "Lee" pronouncination is okay.
    Catherine Liberty: Not a fan of either. It's got good flow though.

    Ethan Archer: Cool combo. Archer definitely livens Ethan up!
    Ryder James: I don't care for Ryder, or any name that's similar really: Ryder, Gunnar, Parker. I don't see the appeal in them. James is alright. I actually know a Ryder James. Maybe it's a little more popular than I realized.
    Cash Trevor: Trevor is nice in the middle name spot! Cash sounds like money to me, haha. I don't think I could get over that.
    Harvey Dale: He sounds like an actor. I think Dale is so underused.
    Malcolm Grey: Not a fan of Malcom. Grey is alright.
    Presley Chase: I don't like either, sorry.
    Brady Chandler: Brady is a cute name. It sounds almost like a nickname, but I think it honestly works and would age well. Not a fan of Chandler.
    Walker John: It's alright. Just not my style.

    We have different tastes, sorry if I sound a lil harsh I like a few of yours though. Favorite combo was Cali Delilah, and I really love Alaska.
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