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    Aisling Echo Edellion: It has quite a mystical feeling and i love the idea of Aisling as a more modern alternative to other Ash names.
    Lorna Vesper Chamomile: It flows well altogether, though I prefer other Lor names such as Laura or Lauren.
    Marigold Agnes Laudine: This name is so cute! It is such a summer feeling name and I love the name Marigold as a first! My favorite out of your girls.
    Oksana Honey Maude: I like the uniqueness of the first name really fits and Oak, or Sana (you could even get away with Sandy!) are really cute nicknames. I love the combination of the cheery Honey with the stronger Maude.
    Twila Journey Moselle: This name gives me such nighttime desert vibes. Twila is so sweet with the middle Journey. Moselle is NMS.
    Sybil Nevada Foster: This name is really sweet and funky. Sybil sounds very strong and intelligent with the two middles. I love Foster in the middle name spot, especially for a girl!

    Atlas Berenger Comet: I LOVE Atlas and Comet, and Berenger is cute with the nickname "Bear". Very astronomy vibes. One of my favorites!
    Rufus Herve Dandelion: This name works well with the more unique sounding middles and the darling first.
    Grover Lynn Emeliu: I like Emelius and it balances Lynn well. Grover is sweet, though NMS.
    Jude Perrin Heathcliff. Very stong and masculine without being overbearing. Heathcliff is very cute and strong at the same time. I like it.
    Ira Somerland Eustace: Ira is cute with Somerland (cool middle!) and it balances well with the older sounding Eustace.
    Linus Bellemy North: Sounds very wintry with the exception of Bellemy which sounds quite summery. It paint a pretty picture of mountains and olive trees. Linus is a very cute first name.
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    Julienne Agnessa Fox (Jules)
    Eliza Lavender Tay (Liza)
    Madeleine/Magdalena Alice (Maddie/Magda)
    Lieke Alexandria (Lieke)
    Josephine•Vivienne (Viv)•Katharine (Katie)•Genevieve (Niamh)

    Fitzroy Quinn Taylor (Fitz)
    Dorian Arthur Milone (Art)
    Edmund Poet (Teddy)
    Mies Charleston (Mies or Charlie)
    Frederick (Frey)•William (Liam)•Alfie•James (Jem)

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    Julienne Fox - Love this beautiful feminine Julienne with a name as hard and striking as Fox, though Jules would not be my first choice of nn.
    Eliza Taylor - Elie is my favorite nn choice here. I love the classical beauty and appeal of Eliza. Taylor isn't my favorite to pair it with but that's just due to my personal style. It works well here.
    Madeleine/Magdalena Agnes - Love both options for first name but not crazy about Agnes. Something about the first syllable really puts me off the name but I do think it works nicely with your M choices.
    Katharine Hadley - I've never been into Katherine or many variants of it but this spelling makes it more appealing to me for sure! Love both Kay and Wren as nn options and Hadley helps modernize the name a little.
    Genevieve Quinn - I think this one is my favorite of yours. Love both names here and I think they sound great together. Niamh is such a creative nickname idea for her.
    Josephine - Josephine isn't for me but Pupa is sweet.
    Alice - A classic, you can't go wrong with Alice.
    Lavender - Not my favourite flower name but it has been moving up my list more recently.
    Iris - One of my top flower names.

    Fitzroy Taylor - Love Fitz as a nn but not crazy about the rest here. Feels a bit too surnamey, I think.
    James Caerwyn - Love this one. Jem is a cute choice and Caerwyn is new to me but still up my alley. Nice pairing of classic and fresh here.
    Arthur Milone - I do like Arthur quite a bit and I like the look of Milone next to it.
    Edward Frost - Love Teddy as a nn and Frost is pretty cool but I'm not sold on it with Edward.
    Frederick - Handsome and gorgeous classic. Love Frey as a nn.
    William - Not crazy about William itself bit I don't mind Liam.
    Alfie - Not really my style but it could be cute as a nn.
    Charlie - Love Charlie as a nn but it doesn't feel full enough as a given to me.
    Michael - The ultimate classic but unfortunately I know way too many of them.
    Cerelia Margot Dove ❀ Elowen Calliope Flora ❀ Juliette Fiona Lore ❀ Odelia Rowan Fable
    Araminta Sonnet Faye ❀ Avalon Sephora Belle ❀ Amaranth Cordelia Fawn ❀ Artemis Pandora Sage
    Bohemia Cecily Maeve ❀ Calantha Gwendolyn Briar ❀ Erendira Lumen Fleur ❀ Hyacinth Araluen Claire
    Daphne Miranda Hero ❀ Viola Meredith Eden ❀ Anwen Leocadia Niamh ❀ Lilia Madelaine Echo

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    Cerelia Margot Dove- Love this combo and it sounds beautiful. However, Cerelia reminds me of cereal. If that doesn’t bother you, that’s okay. I just wanted to point that out.
    Elowen Calliope Flora- These names are all similar style, and they flow really well. I personally don’t like the name Flora (because of floor), but it’s in the middle so I doubt anyone cares.
    Juliette Fiona Lore- I love this. I also just might have to add Lore to my long list of middles.
    Odelia Rowan Fable- I prefer Cordelia a little better, but I think I understand your reasoning for Ordelia. It flows better.
    Araminta Sonnet Faye- I don’t like Araminta, but it sounds good in this combo.
    Avalon Sephora Belle- Avalon is one of my favorites. Sephora sounds good, but I unfortunately would never use it. Mostly due to the make-up. This combo flows really well though.
    Amaranth Cordelia Fawn- Love this name! One of my faves from you!
    Artemis Pandora Sage- This one is definitely my favorite combo of yours.
    Bohemia Cecily Mave- I love this, and I actually have Cecily (with a different spelling-Sicily) on my gp list.
    Calantha Gwendolyn Briar- This sounds really good. I like this name.
    Erendira Lumen Fleur- I don’t like this one at all unfortunately. Erendira and Lumen are two names that I just don’t like. I also don’t think this flows very well, but that’s just me. Sorry
    Hyacinth Araluen Claire- Hyacinth is actually on my gp list, and Claire is on my short list. This combo flows great. Very pleasant.
    Daphne Miranda Hero- I don’t like these names, but they sound good together.
    Viola Meredith Eden-I love this name!
    Anwen Leocadia Niamh- I LOVE Leocadia. I would have it on my list, but I like Leona a little better. Flows well and looks gorgeous.
    Lilia Madelaine Echo- I like this name. It sounds nice.
    Valeria | Top 15


    Adelaide Philomena|Danica Victrice|Darcy Juniper|Eloise Anara|Evangeline Pomona|Helena Rosalie|Leona Sylvie|Linnea Lilac|Lucia Winifred|Lydia Marlene|Jessamine River|Juliet Hero|Romilly Cosette|Talia Maxine|Willow Serene


    Alexei Andreas|Alfonso Wade|Ambrose Winston|Casey Balthazar|Chester Flynn|Elias Buchanan|Henrik Wolf|James Viridian|Jeremiah Dashiell|Josiah Halcyon|Klaus Adriano|Malachi Vander|Percy Indiana|Samwell Ulysses|Walter Gus

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    Avalon Odessa - I think the name has good flow, but personally I don't love either name on its own.
    Calliope Noa - Again, good flow but I don't really love Calliope, it just feels too over the top for me. Noa is lovely though, I' really like Noa.
    Celia Josephine - Lovely flow and I think both names compliment each other really well.
    Danica Rosalie - I don't love either name and I think that it's not quite got the best flow, but I don't think it's a deal breaker.
    Eloise Anara - I've never been a big fan of Eloise, it's fine just really not appealing to me. Anara is nice, I think I slighytly prefer Inara, but Anara flows better with Eloise.
    Gretel Lilac - Both names are fine, but they run into each other because Gretel ends in L and Lilac starts with one. It becomes more like Gretel Ilac (Gretel I Lack). So nice names, not sure on the combination. Lilac Gretel might flow better.
    Jillian Justice - I'm not a fan of either name. It flows fine though. A bit superhero/comic book-y.
    Kaia Penelope - I love it, Kaia is one of my favourite names. Penelope is ok, but I think it works really well with Kaia! Nice flow.
    Leona Juniper - I really like both Leona and Juniper, but I don't love them together. They both have a relaively emphasis on the N syllable (LeoNAH juNIHper) which throws it slightly off kilter for me.
    Marcia Ripley - Marcia is Marsh-uh right? I'm not a big fan of it as a sound. Ripley is ok. I don't love this combination or the names in it, but I think that's predominantly because we have different styles.
    Miriam Suzette - I really like Miriam, Suzette is ok - I prefer other Suz- names like Suzanne or Susannah. Miriam Susannah would be my pick, Suzette feels a lot more dated.
    Novella Juliette - I don't really like Novella, it just doesn't feel very name-y to me because I just think Tele Novella. I prefer just Nova. Juliette is very nice, though I prefer the simpler spelling of Juliet. Nova Juliet would be gorgeous.
    Thalia Maxine - love Thalia (assuming it's Tah-lia not Thah-lia). I've never really liked the name Maxine, just very much not my style. They flow well together though.
    Theodora Finch - Theodora is nice, Finch is offbeat. I don't love Finch but I do fully support offbeat middle names so go for it.
    Zinnia Claire - I don't love Zinnia it feels a little harsh, but I adore Claire. I think it flows fine, even if I don't particularly like Zinnia.

    Alexei Andreas - I don't love either name, but they work well together.
    Casey Travis - I really like this combo. I know a Travis who is not a great human, but that doesn't have to mean anything to you. Casey is very refreshing on a boy, I led one on a summer camp several years ago and he was a nice kid.
    Cassius Morgan - I don't love Cassius, but it's a perfectly decent name. Morgan is so handsome. They flow well together despite being quite stylistically different.
    Darcy West - Darcy is very cool, I feel like I'd be tempted to pair it with a slightly longer middle name. West is ok, I think the double 'S' sound endings.
    Everest Haiku - they're both great, I love Everest and Haiku is an awesome middle. Together I like them but I'd worry that they're maybe a bit too much? I'd have at least one more common name.
    Finnick Ocean - Feels a little on the nose to me, too much sea imagery going on. Finnick is a really cool name, but I'd worry about the very strong Hunger Games link. Ocean is ok, I enjoy it as a middle but I don't love it. Kai Finnick would also have a lot of sea imagery but be slightly more subtle and have one more user-friendly name.
    Harley Mateo - I like both names, they're very different styles which feels a little jarring, but I do like them together.
    Indiana Buchanan - A bit too much in one name I think. I like Indiana though. Buchanan is just ok. An Indiana Jones and Bucky Barnes fan? Barnes Indiana .... would flow better and make it potentially less high key.
    Kermit Octavius - I don't really like either name, Kermit is just too closely related to the frog. Octavius is ok. I don't think they flow particularly well together.
    Magnus Delfino - Magnus is cool, not one of my favourites but definitely usable. Delfino is interesting, I've never seen it before. Again I feel like there's some stylistic whiplash, but that's not the end of the world.
    Marco Lars - Marco is great, very cool. Lars is ok. I don't like them together at all. Marco Sebastian?
    Remus Angelo - Remus is cool though still highly linked to Harry Potter. Not the end of the world, but not sure about it. Angelo is also cool. I don't love them together though.
    Samuel Clarke - It's fine, Samuel is a little plain especially compared to your other choices but not the end of the world. Clarke is nice. Samson Clarke would be cooler.
    Sebastian Reef - I like this one, Sebastian is solid but still a little less well known and Reef is a cool middle offbeat middle name.
    Wilson Giuseppe - I don't like either name, but I think they work well together and flow fine.
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    Alice Marigold | Lucas Avery | Eliza Ruth | Isaac Sebastian
    Liora. Ya'ir. Yehudit. Lavan.

    Dearest, Darling
    Eira Solstice * Posy Elizabeth * Cleo Adelaide * Cynthia Mairead * Noa Felicity
    Ivy Siofra * Freya Juliet * Mira Frances * Rhea Natalie (Ree-ah)*

    Sweet, My Love
    * Simon Alexander * Oscar William * Everett Morgan * Spencer Lewis * Edward Benjamin
    * Milo Benedict * Rory James * Hugo Timothy * George Tobio (Toby-oh)

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    Eira Solstice - I love Solstice, Eira not so much. I personally find Eira very airy.

    Annabeth Willow - This makes me think of a really intelligent girl. I love both names.

    Ivy Claire - I love these names separate, don't love them together.

    Cynthia Mairead - Love them together, not a huge fan of Mairead on its own.

    Cleo Adelaide - I associate that girl in Monster High with Cleo, but Adelaide is very pretty.

    Freya Naomi - I'm not a huge fan of Nordic/goddess first names and I don't really like Naomi.

    Mira Frances - Mira sounds somewhat childish to me and Frances sounds very old.

    Rhea Juliet - I have a personal negative association with the first name. The middle name sounds fine.

    Simon Alexander - Simon reminds me of a brat kid in preschool. However, the full name flows okay.

    Oscar William - I like this.

    Everett Morgan - Sounds very sophisticated.

    Spencer Milo - Good flow

    Benedict Lewis - Not a fan of Benedict unless it comes with a nickname.

    Rory James - Prefer Rory for a girl but it sounds okay.

    George Russell - Good flow, sounds like an actor's name

    Hugo Timothy - I always thought of Timothy as a weak name, but I love Hugo.

    Author of North and the River

    Eve November

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    juniper-I love this so much! It's one of my all time favorite girls names. It's spunky, nature oriented, and has gorgeous nicknames like June, Juno, Junie, and Pippa!

    rosemary-this has grown on me a lot lately. I used to see it as stuffy and old, but now I see it is fresher, and I also adore nn Romy

    lillian-this is classic and pretty. I much prefer this over Lily as a full name

    cricket-this would be an ok nickname, but it seems silly as a given name. Mayyybe as a middle name for a more classic first name

    hyacinth-I never got on board with this name. It doesn't have pretty or appealing sounds to me, and I can't think of any nicknames I like to make it more wearable.

    rae-if this is an honor name, its ok. If not its a little bland and dated sounding to me, and especially if as a middle name, i consider it to be a filler middle like grace, marie, or rose. I do think it would be pretty as a nickname, such as for Aurelia

    fern-this is pretty, and i would like it as a middle name. As a first it's a little out there for me but I would appreciate it

    gwen-I prefer this as a nickname for Gwendolyn, but it's cute. It just seemed unfinished as just Gwen

    sage-this is cute, and I like both the nature meaning and the wise meaning. It's one of the only names I appreciate on both girls and boys, but I do prefer it on a boy

    colorado-I don't love place names in general. If I were to pick a state name I liked, Indiana nn Indy is super cute for a boy. Colorado would make an interesting middle name though

    jason-this is very bland, common, and dated compared to your other names. It really doesn't fit with your typical style and is underwhelming

    flint-this is interesting, and would make a cool middle name. I do think right now it's very associated with Flint Michigan, which has been a troubled city in the news for a while now, so I do have negative connotations associated with the name

    grey-love this! I think it works well in almost every combo, and gives it a really cool feel. As a first name I prefer it as a nn for Greyson, but it's very handsome

    fox-Fox is ok, but Wolf is my all time favorite and has been on my list forever. While Wolf gives me the feeling of strong and independent, Fox gives me more...sleazy, sneaky, trickster vibes.

    wolf-see above. Love this

    basil-i know this is a classic name, but I can't see it as that. It's all food/herb to me, which is silly because I like Rosemary, Sage, and Olive. I just can't appreciate Basil

    rush-this is cool, I've never seen it as a name before. My first thought is Mt Rushmore which is a cool association

    cliff-same as Rush, it's cool and unexpected

    rose emmaline-this is a classic, beautiful combo. Rose is underused as a first name and it's refreshing to see it. I prefer the spelling Emmeline, but either way it's a pretty combo

    cara margot-Cara is ok. It's pretty enough, just a little bit underwhelming to me. Cora is gorgeous though. Margot is a favorite of mine. It's classic, but spunky. Nicknamey, but substantial as a full name.

    madeline aimee-not a huge fan of this one. Madeline is pretty, but I know sooooo many between all the spelling variations, plus all the Adeline variations and Madison. So many little Maddies and Addies! I'm not a fan of Aimee, as a name, or a spelling. Amy is a little better, it's more chic and french

    lilith gwen-I love this! Lilith is a gorgeous name, I would use it if my family weren't so religious haha. Gwen works great as a middle name. This is my favorite of your combos!

    I do wish you incorporated more of the gorgeous nature names on your list into your combos! I think Margot Juniper, Sage Emmaline, or Madeline fern would be so darling!

    Notes for next poster: The second middles in my combos are chinese, as kiddos will be half chinese.

    Mei Hua "may hwah"
    Zhilan "Zhee-LAHN"
    Xiang "Shyong"
    Han "Hahn"
    Weizhe "WAY-tzuh"
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    Asa Peregrine Jude
    Jasper Leo Augustin
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    Arthur Jules Hawthorn

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    Sylvie Ada Juniper
    Thea Marigold Noor
    June Eliza Primrose
    Etta Wildflower Jane

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    Judah Rafael Xiang: Judah is nice as it is quite soft without sounding too feminine. Rafael and Xiang both balance it out and give the name a bit of spice.
    Arthur Thiago Han: This is one of my favorites. All three names sound very strong and masculine. I have never loved Thiago on its own as it is not my personal style, though this name together makes it sound super cool.
    Hugo Valentine Weize: This name is adorable! Valentine Weize is such a cute middle name combo and it makes Hugo become all that more sweet. I love the sound of Weize.

    Ayla Marigold Mingxia: Ayla is not my style though I love Marigold Mingxia! I do think it works nicely in the combination however.
    Sylvie Juniper Yanlin: This name is a bit too whimsical for my taste though it is very easy to see a sweet, cheery little girl running around with this name.
    Indie Elowen Mei Hua: I LOVE Indie! So cute with Elowen Mei Hua as well! This is one of my favorites out of your girls ones as I love the feel of it and its pronunciation. Mei Hua is very cute as well!
    Noa Vivienne Zhilan: This is my favorite out of your girls names. I don't usually love Noa on its own though here its super cute! Vivienne is one of my personal favorites and Zhilan is a nice sound and look at the end!
    Julienne Agnessa Fox (Jules)
    Eliza Lavender Tay (Liza)
    Madeleine/Magdalena Alice (Maddie/Magda)
    Lieke Alexandria (Lieke)
    Josephine•Vivienne (Viv)•Katharine (Katie)•Genevieve (Niamh)

    Fitzroy Quinn Taylor (Fitz)
    Dorian Arthur Milone (Art)
    Edmund Poet (Teddy)
    Mies Charleston (Mies or Charlie)
    Frederick (Frey)•William (Liam)•Alfie•James (Jem)

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    Julienne Fox (Jules) - I love Jules for a nickname but I'm on a fence about Julienne.
    Eliza Taylor (Elie, Liza, or Eliza) - Is the Elizabeth Taylor reference intentional? It's a cool combo eithe way.
    Madeleine/Magdalena Agnes (Maddie/Magda) - I'd go Madeleine Agnes. Magdalena Agnes
    Katharine Hadley (Kay or Wren) - I love how Hadley updates Katharine. Also Kay is so cute.
    Genevieve Quinn (Niamh) - I'm not sure where Niamh comes in but the combo is cute.
    Lieke Alexandria (Lieke) - I'm unsure about this one sorry.

    Josephine (Pipa) - Josephine has never been a favorite of mine but I like Pippa.
    Alice - Super cute of a middle.
    Lavender/Vivienne (Viv) - Thank you! I've always loved Lavender but never had a nickname for it but Viv is perfect.
    Iris - Super cute but I question if it is too close to a certain organisation.

    Fitzroy Taylor (Fitz) - Too many r sounds. Fitzroy Tobias?
    James Caerwyn (Jem) - I would prefer Jem Caerwyn but I know that's just me.
    Arthur Milone (Art) - I like Arthur but I'm not sure about Milone.
    Edmund Poet (Teddy) - I get where Teddy comes from but I'd prefer it on it's own.
    Mies Charleston (Mies or Charlie) - I like that you've used Charleston over Charles.
    Frederick (Frey) - Love Frey as the nickname.
    William (Liam) - William is a classic and Liam is a great nickname
    Alfie - Super cute.
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    Darcy Eliana: I like the look of this combo a lot and really enjoy Darcy, however I find the flow of Eliana Darcy a bit more pleasing
    Teagan Isla: I’m really into this mix of styles, again I find Isla Teagan flows a bit better
    Zuri Helena: this is a really cool combo, I like the variation in syllable count and the eclectic mix of style
    Polly Georgia: Polly Georgia is good, Polly Georgiana is great (better flow/more syllable variation)
    Waverly Abigail: I don’t find Abigail as exciting as your more grounded names in other combos and also would prefer a shorter name so Waverly can shine instead of compete
    Reese Liliana: this is a really awesome combo imo, both names are definitely familiar but also fresh both alone and together
    London Mabel: this reminds me of the makeup brands Rimmel London and Maybelline, again could use some more variation in syllable count
    Scottie Lyra: I think Lyra Scotland works a bit better for me personally
    Goldie Sophia: both names have a strong Eee sound in them, I think you’d do better having them separate
    Joplin Mary: I think this combo is a really awesome blend of styles, could be a really cool name to have
    Quincy Beth: almost reads like last name comma first name but I’m also super into it and think it would work nicely particularly with a 3+ syllable surname
    Arizona Lynn: a bit basic in my opinion, doesn’t wow me as much as some of the other combos
    Layne Isabelle: I love Layne and find this spelling so feminine and pretty, I think I prefer Isabella as the middle
    Hollis Caroline: this is a solid combo, makes me think of a forest for whatever reason which I like
    Sawyer Eliza: nms but I like it a lot for you
    Eliana Blake: this combo is nice, I do prefer Eliana Darcy but might like this more depending on the last name
    Callie Aurora: I love the flow of this combo, think it’s a great name
    Gia Lauren: Gia is so pretty, I like it a lot with Lauren, they look really nice together
    Tessa Jude: this combo is really beautiful to me, I think it would be great with just about any last name on just about anybody
    Delaney Pearl: this is another really stunning combo, big fan
    Giselle Wynn: these names are both awesome and I like the look of this combo but I don’t love the flow
    Haven Freya: this is a very intriguing combo, both names are easy to read but definitely not common, I like em
    Presley Genevieve: this combo is nms but it sounds really awesome together
    Gracelyn Ruth: I find Gracelyn a bit much personally but it works nicely with your style
    Oakley Mara: reminds me of Rooney Mara, flows nicely that way
    Briar Amelia: this combo sounds really awesome, I like it a lot
    Tiffany Hazel: Tiffany is somewhat old imo but I like it with Hazel
    Bellamy Kate: this combo flows really really well, I really like this
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    Austen Reeve: This name is very cute and spunky and I definitely prefer it on a girl. Austen is a very nice name in my opinion because of it's literary association.
    Bowen Sage: Bowen is not my style and prefer a lot of other "wen" names like Arowen, Caerwyn, and Norwen. Sage is nice though for me its a bit to girly to pair with Bowen.
    Ellery Keets: I really like the sound of the name altogether though I fear Ellery reminds me a bit to much of celery. Very pretty though!
    Lennox Blair: This name is absolutely adorable! I can see it working very well on both genders and it goes together very nicely! I love the x sound at the end of Lennox with the softer sounding Blair.
    Tiernan Gray: I would not have thought to like this name for both genders though I really do! Tiernan is very pretty or masculine sounding depending on the context!
    I really like the gender neutral style!
    Julienne Agnessa Fox (Jules)
    Eliza Lavender Tay (Liza)
    Madeleine/Magdalena Alice (Maddie/Magda)
    Lieke Alexandria (Lieke)
    Josephine•Vivienne (Viv)•Katharine (Katie)•Genevieve (Niamh)

    Fitzroy Quinn Taylor (Fitz)
    Dorian Arthur Milone (Art)
    Edmund Poet (Teddy)
    Mies Charleston (Mies or Charlie)
    Frederick (Frey)•William (Liam)•Alfie•James (Jem)

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