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    Rate the Previous Signature!

    Even if it might not change ours, we do love hearing other peoples opinions on our favourite names.
    So as the title suggests, here you rate the previous poster's signature, leave your own and wait for a rating.
    Post and rate as often as you want!

    COMMENTS on the names are APPRECIATED and might help more than a 1-10 rating

    Go! (And don't forget to leave your signature)
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    Oh dear, this sounds like fun, but my sig is crammed with names. So for me, either only the top contenders or the boy names would suffice.

    Okay, here we go:

    Ophelia: Very nice. It is familiar, yet still uncommon. Very feminine without being too cutesy. I have to admit, I'm biased since my best friend named her daughter Ophelia. - 9

    Leonor: I like it, I prefer this one over Eleanor. I think it has more spunk. - 7.5

    Penelope: Lovely. Although it can't shake the movie out of my head about the girl with the pigsnose. - 7

    August: Very handsome. I do foresee a huge rise in popularity for August and Augustus due to The Fault in Our Stars. - 9

    Caspar: I actually prefer the Casper spelling. But I know most shy away from that spelling because of the friendly ghost. Still like it though. - 7

    Elliott: I like this one. I don't really know why, but I just really like the sound of it. - 6.8

    Oscar: The only one in your sig I am not fond of. I just don't like it. Still usable though. Just NMS - 5

    Theo: prefer it as a nickname, but it still has good standalone potential. - 6
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    Ophelia = 4/10 - pretty, but I always her "O feel ya" when I say it, which turns me off the name.
    Leonor = 6/10 - pretty, but makes me think of the laundry detergent Lenor
    Penelope = 8/10 - I really like this name, but I worry about it shooting up the charts. I'm also not too fond of the nn Penny

    August = 9/10 - One of my favourite A names. I find it strong, masculine and has the very cute nn Gus
    Caspar = 4/10 - I can only think of the ghost, sorry! I much prefer Caspian
    Elliott = 8/10 - Good, strong name, but I worry about its trend of "going to the girls" (more of a problem in the US)
    Oscar = 8/10 - Really like this name, but I hear it more on dogs than people
    Theo = 9/10 - LOVE! I would probably use the full Theodore myself, but Theo can stand well on its own - nice, strong and handsome

    My favourites are Penelope and August x

    EDIT: Just realised someone jumped in before me, so these answers relate to the OP's signature!
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    ~ ❤ ~
    ~ beatrix ~ dorothea ~ felicity ~ gwendolen ~ helena ~ imogen ~ juniper ~ lucille ~ margot ~ susanna ~

    ~ jethro ~ darcy ~ peregrine ~ chester ~ emrys ~ ❤ ~ prudence ~ agnes ~ gretel ~ elspeth ~ vivienne ~

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    This is about the previous poster's (psg007) signature. Please don't feel offended by my rates or comments.

    Arthur John Brian: This flows well, and I love Arthur and John. They're both strong and handsome. I've always thought of Brian as a 'random' name. 8.5/10
    Barnaby: It's quite sweet, although I often associate it with teddies, since there was a series that I used to enjoy when I was little about a life sized teddy bear called "Barnaby Bear", who met children in different parts of the UK. 7/10
    Edmund: I love this. It's so magical, although I slightly prefer the -mond ending. 9/10
    Francis: I'm not too keen on this as I find it a little old manish. 5/10
    Jethro: This is quite cool, although I slightly prefer Jericho. It's also handsome. 8/10
    Lionel: See Francis. 4.5/10
    Otis: It's quite cool, although not a favourite of mine. I guess I'm neutral on it. 6/10
    Quentin: I'm not too keen on this as it sounds similar to Quinn IMO, which I'm not a huge fan of. 5/10
    Rupert: It's quite handsome, although reminds me of the character in Miranda, who was a little crazy. 5/10
    Walter: See Francis and Lionel. 4.5/10

    Margot Sophie Anneliese: This flows so well! I love Sophie and Anneliese. I've never been warmed to Margot, although I can picture it growing on me. 9.5/10
    Beatrice: I adore Beatrice! It's so sweet and regal. 11/10
    Dorothy: I've always thought of it as a little old ladyish, I prefer Dorothea. 4/10
    Elspeth: It's quite spunky, although I much prefer Elizabeth or Elisabeth. 8/10
    Fiona: I've never been warmed to this, and I'm not sure why. 5/10
    Gretel: I'm not a huge fan of it's pronunciation, but the name itself is sweet. 6/10
    Harriet: It's quite nice, although not one of my favourites. 7.5/10
    Linnea: See Fiona. 6/10
    Nell: See Linnea and Fiona. 6/10
    Ramona: I'm not a huge fan of this, sorry! 4.5/10
    Tess: See Ramona. 5/10
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    Adelina: NMS, but not bad.
    Sophia: Good, but I have a sad association with it.
    Magdalena: I prefer Magdalen.
    Elizabeth: Good, has lots of great nicknames.
    Isla: Good.
    Aveine: Prefer Abilene
    Leo: Good, better as a nn for Leopold.
    Xavier: Awesome!
    Alexander: Great! I like the nn Alec.
    George: Okay, not my favorite.
    Thomas: Love, especially w/ nn Tom.
    Archie: NMS.

    Joy: Love
    Beline: Eh.
    Emiliana: Always felt too elaborate, but I like Rosalina so that's hypocritical of me.
    Melusine: I dislike it.
    Desiree: I know one. She's okay but not my favorite person.
    Amadeus: <3 <3 <3
    Tristan: YES!
    Octavius: Great.
    Joshua: Good.

    All of your GP crushes: NMS but okay. Cherish just sounds like Cherries with a speech impediment, sorry.
    Overall I like your list.

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    Millia's signature
    Top Contenders
    Rosalind Joanna Maeve: Love the flow. Joanna is NMS, I find it dated. Love Rosalind and Maeve! I think this works wonderfully with Florence. 8/10
    Madeleine Eva Louise: My favorite of your top contenders. Love all these names and how the flow together. 8.5/10
    Marie Elisa Vivienne: I like all these names but together there isn't a wow factor for me. 6/10
    Elisabeth Roana Colette "Libby": Love Roana and Colette! I'm indifferent to Elisabeth. 7/10
    My favorites from your other girl names
    Violet Amabel Sage: 9/10
    Imogen Delia Eve: 9/10
    Hermione Aria Claire: 8/10
    Genevieve Mercy Liara: 8.5/10

    Galen Joshua: I want to like Galen but I can't get past the first syllable. I've never been a fan of Joshua. 4/10
    Auden Charles: I'm neutral on this one. 5/10
    Soren Milo: Love Milo and Soren. 7/10
    Philo Avery: Philo is NMS. 3/10
    Ness Xavier: Ness is NMS. 3/10
    Bryce Alistair: 6/10
    Elijah Caine: 6/10
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    Oh, this should be fun.

    Maeve: 8/10. Spunky, lovely, on-trend Irish revival that probably won't stay unusual for long.
    Keira: 3/10. Nice sound, but very dated.
    Gwen: 5/10. Gwen is a familiar name with a distinctive sound, making her a sweet spot choice. Still, I prefer Gwen as a nn for Gwyneira or Gwendolyn.
    Eve: 10/10. Simple, beautiful, historical, evocative, versatile...Eve is perfection.
    Adeline: 6/10. Prefer Adelaide or Ada.
    Claire: 8/10. Like Eve, practically perfect in every way -- but a little tired. I prefer Clara.
    Arianne: 6/10. Sounds like "Aryan" to me.
    Lila: 8/10. One of those gorgeous, lilting L-heavy names (Ella, Leila) that's on-trend but hasn't yet tipped over into trendy. Personally, I like the Lilah spelling.
    Elsa: 6/10. Sweet, but a bit milkmaid-ish.
    Mica/Micah: 0/10. Boy's name.
    Emmeline: 9/10. A fabulous, clunky-elegant Emma/Emily alternative. I can see this name rising fast.
    Anna: 10/10. She's the perfect sister for Eve: understated, feminine, and strong.
    Lena: 6/10. NMS, but definitely solid and underused.
    Cassia: 8/10. Beautiful and evocative, but Cassie is a dated and probably inevitable nickname.
    Faye: 9/10. It's on my list. Sheer simple gorgeousness.
    Liana: 2/10. A smoosh without substance.
    Piper: 5/10. Cute, but flimsy.
    Violet: 9/10. Would be a 10 if it wasn't so popular! Violet is at once strong and whimsical, clever and lovely.
    Nina: 10/10. Nina is smashing. She deserves more love.
    Carys: 8/10. Simply lovely in both sound and meaning. I think we'll be hearing a lot more of Carys (and Seren).

    Rhys: 9/10. Simple, streamlined, and strong.
    Owen: 4/10. I really don't see the appeal.
    Flynn: 7/10: Rhys's jauntier cousin.
    Lucas: 7/10. Great name, but rising fast, and not exactly distinctive.
    Lorcan: 6/10. I want to like Lorcan, but the sound is so harsh to my ears.
    Caleb: 8/10. Handsome, historical, but overused.
    Ronan: 8/10. I could see Ronan as a brother for Maeve. A wonderful Irish revival.
    Archer: 6/10. I really like Archer, but he's definitely megatrendy -- the successor to Cooper and Carter. It's such a shame, because this is a great name.
    Graham: 5/10. Serious, solid, but still associated with the cracker to me.
    Alexander: 6/10. He'd be a 10/10 if I didn't know SO many people of all genders named Alex.
    Jack: 9/10. Affable, versatile, international, and full of charm. Like Alexander, Jack would be a 10/10 if he wasn't so popular.
    Ian: 7/10. Not my favorite, but still a great, underused choice.
    Seth: 7/10. See Ian.
    Miles: 7/10. Prefer Milo.
    Cian: 5/10. I much prefer the Cyan spelling.
    Sawyer: 5/10. Great sound, but megatrendy, and with less substance than the rather similar Archer.
    Emmett: 7/10. See Miles and Ian.

    From your GPs, I like:
    Simon, Eloise/Louise, Faye, Judah, Thea, Felix, Iris, Cordelia, Roscoe, Lydia, Jasper, Phaedra, Adrian, Lucinda, Jane, Conrad, Wallace, Finnegan, Sylvie, Charlie, Dashiell, Juniper, Atlas, Matilda, Julian, Alice, Marlowe, Octavia, Jack, Marigold, Archer, Gabriel, Persephone, Raphael, Dov

    Just a grad student, dreaming ahead...

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    Lavenderbelle's signature.
    May I just say that I adore the name Rufus? Thanks .

    Maeve: Lovely, mauve tinted choice. Pretty and lacy without being overly frilly, and still a lovely strong name. 9/10
    Keira: NMS, but it has a lovely luscious image. 6.5/10
    Gwen: NMS, but very punchy and spunky. 6.5/10
    Eve: Gorgeous: Simple, sophisticated, strong and timeless. Eve is stunning. 10/10
    Adeline: NMS (I prefer Madeline), but still lovely. 6.5/10
    Claire: See Eve.
    Arianne: NMS, but still a nice name. 6/10
    Lila: NMS, but still a nice name (I just don't like the 'eye' sound for some reason, with the exception of -line ending names). 5/10
    Elsa: Lovely choice- stunning, with a vintagey aura (I also love Elsie, Elspeth and Elke). 9/10
    Mica: I really like the mee-kah pronunciation, but I'm not a huge fan of the my-cah pronunciation. I personally don't generally like the 'eye' sound. If it is mee-kah: 8/10. If it is my-cah 5/10
    Emmeline: NMS, but sweet and vintage and a lot of honest charm. 7/10
    Anna: A gorgeous classic, I also love Anne. 8.5/10
    Lena: Simple and sweet, yet still strong, I like it. 7/10
    Cassia: NMS, but still nice. 6.5/10
    Faye: Perfection. I adore Faye: 10/10.
    Liana: NMS, but I can see the appeal. 5/10
    Piper: I really don't like the slang meaning of this name. 4/10
    Violet: NMS (I love Viola though), but it has a lot of spunk. 7.7/10
    Nina: Sweet and simple, but still strong. 7/10
    Carys: Gorgeous! (Faye, Eve and Carys are my favourites). 10/10

    Rhys: NMS, but still nice enough. 6/10
    Owen: Ditto
    Flynn: NMS, but still nice. 7/10
    Lucas: Ditto
    Lorcan: Ditto
    Caleb: NMS, I really really cannot stand this name (I am not quite sure why). 4/10
    Ronan: Ditto
    Archer: Ditto
    Graham: Graham really has been growing on me: 10/10
    Alexander: A nice name, but I am personally a bit tired of it. I know so many Alexander's, Alexis', Alex's, Xander's, Alexa's, Lexie's, etc., that I am just a bit over Alexander. 6/10
    Henry: Lovely classic. It isn't super common either. I prefer the Italian variation Enzo, but Henry is still lovely. 8.5/10
    Jack: NMS, but cool and spunky. I just prefer Joe or John. 8/10
    Ian: Perfection! A really really wonderful name. 10/10
    Seth: NMS, and most little kids cannot really say it, but still a nice name. 7/10
    Miles: Sleek, friendly and jazzy cool. I love Miles 9/10
    Cian: NMS, but still a nice enough name. I don't think most people will get the pronunciation right first try though. 6/10
    Sawyer: NMS, but still a nice enough name. 6/10
    Emmett: A lovely choice. 7.7/10

    Perseus: Über cool- I love it! 9/10
    Hamish: I actually know a few Hamish's, so I personally don't really see why it is a GP, but horses for courses. 9/10
    Mason: Ditto Hamish. 6/10
    Shep: I love it! Really spunky. I could definitely see this working in real life 10/10
    Cassian: Regal ans stunning- I also love Cassiel. 10/10
    Asa: Strong Biblical choice. Lovely. 9/10
    Lavender: Stunning name, I love it! 10/10
    Elula: I could definitely see this working, with Tallulah being so 'hip', for lack of a better term. 9/10
    Winter: NMS, but still a lovely name. 7/10
    Mireille: Stunning name! Lovely. 10/10
    Ophelie: Ditto Mireille.
    Azalea / Azelie: Both are stunning- 9/10

    My favourites: Faye, Eve, Carys, Graham, Ian, Cassian, Lavender, Mireille, Ophelie.
    Camellia, Mabel, Flannery, Pearl, Theodora, Ottoline, Rose, Gardenia, Beatrice, Josephine, Susanna, Prairie, Lilias, Elowen, Quilla, Mab, Eirwen, Alice, Rose.

    Arthur, Albert, Otto, Matthias, Enoch, Amadeus, Conall, Tierney, Dougal, Magnus, Amias, Bram, Moses, Barnaby, Wolfgang, Theodore.

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    Matilda Sailor--Sailor is NMS.
    Faye Matilda--Pretty, but I prefer Fae.
    Sylvie Winifred--NMS, Winifred is okay. Simon Atlas--Awesome.
    Atlas Dov--Dove is good on a girl, but Dov on a boy is NMS. Alice Violetta-- Pretty.Lucien Wilde--NMS. Lucinda Jane-- good, I don't care for Lucinda. Jane Lucinda--same. Jack Mariner-I don't like Mariner. Marlowe Charles--Ehhh. or Roscoe Thomas--Great. | Charles ' Charlie' Wallace--NMS. or Marigold 'Maggie' Wynn--NMS. | Eloise Lily--Doesn't flow well to me. or Elliot Darwin--I'm a Christian so I dislike Darwin by default. | Iris Cordelia--Good. or Thea Marina--NMS. | Jasper Augustus--Great! or Juniper 'June' Lovelace--Loveday is better, IMO. | Julian Felix--Okay. or Judah 'Jude' Reeve--I dislike Judah and Reeve, but Jude is good.

    Sorry, @nooshi. I didn't mean to skip you.

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    I just realised Augusta Lee beat me too it .
    Oh well. Augusta Lee's signature:

    Matilda Sailor or Faye Matilda: Matilda and Faye are gorgeous and stunning. I am personally not a big fan of Sailor, partly because she was very very trendy in my area about 7 years ago (a has been successor to Taylor / Tailor / Tayla / Taylah, etc.), and now there are a tonne of Sailor's / Sayla's / Seylah's, etc. Matilda Sailor: 6/10. Faye Matilda: 10/10

    Sylvie Winifred or Simon Atlas: Both are stunning! I cannot decide. 10/10

    Atlas Dov or Alice Violetta: Not a bit fan of Alice, but it is a gorgeous combo. Atlas Dov is great! I used to not really like Atlas, due to the Titan who had to hold up the world, but there is also that wonderful book Atlas Shrugged. Atlas Dov: 10/10. Alice Violetta: 9/10.

    Lucien Wilde or Lucinda Jane: I love Lucien and Lucinda Jane. Not a bit fan of Wilde, simply because the meaning doesn't have great connotations. Lucien Wilde: 6/10. Lucinda Jane: 10/10

    Jane Lucinda or Jack Mariner: Both are really lovely. I am not a huge fan of Jack, but it really works here. 9/10

    Marlowe Charles or Roscoe Thomas: Neither are my style, a bit trendy (?) for my taste- both are still good names. I love Charles though. 4/10

    Charles ' Charlie' Wallace or Marigold 'Maggie' Wynn: Charles Wallace is great! Perfection. I used to not like Marigold at all, but she has certainly grown on me! 10/10 for both.

    Eloise Lily or Elliot Darwin: I love them both, but I prefer Eloise Lily by a smidgen- Darwin is a fantastic middle name though. Elliot Darwin: 9/10. Eloise Lily: 10/10

    Iris Cordelia or Thea Marina: Both are stunning, but with Thea Marina, I am sort of tempted to say Thea Maria. Iris Cordelia: 10/10. Thea Marina: 8/10

    Jasper Augustus or Juniper 'June' Lovelace: I really don't like Jasper: where I live, it is in the same league as Jaxon / Jayden for the last 10 years, and I cannot stand it. It is still a fine name though, and I love Casper. Augustus is lovely, as is Lovelace- both are stunning names. I would prefer Juno or June to Juniper, simply because most people only have the alcoholic connection to Juniper. Jasper Augustus: 4/10. Juniper Lovelace: 6/10

    Julian Felix or Judah 'Jude' Reeve: Neither are my style, but both are lovely names. Julian Felix: 8/10. Judah Reeve: 7/10

    My favourites: Faye Matilda, Sylvie Winifred, Simon Atlas, Atlas Dov, Lucinda Jane, Charles Wallace, Marigold Wynn, Eloise Lily, Iris Cordelia.
    Camellia, Mabel, Flannery, Pearl, Theodora, Ottoline, Rose, Gardenia, Beatrice, Josephine, Susanna, Prairie, Lilias, Elowen, Quilla, Mab, Eirwen, Alice, Rose.

    Arthur, Albert, Otto, Matthias, Enoch, Amadeus, Conall, Tierney, Dougal, Magnus, Amias, Bram, Moses, Barnaby, Wolfgang, Theodore.

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