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    Indigo - I'm kind of on the fence about this name, but it has a cool sound and I love the potential nn Indie
    Nephele - I assume this is pronounced nef-eh-lee? or something along those lines? If so, really cool and graceful-sounding!
    Cassia - lovely name, I'm always a little confused about hw to pronounce it although I've looked it up countless times I say it cass-ee-uh in my head
    Athene -this name isn't my favorite, it's pretty and I don't dislike it, I just think I prefer Athena
    Luma - a really cool alternative to the extremely popular Luna! I love how smooth and moonlit this name sounds, lovely
    Valentina - I don't really like this name for some reason, however it's objectively really pretty and has a lot of awesome nn potential
    Freddie - this name is freaking adorable, I can't imagine any child named this being anything but insanely cute
    Atticus - I've never gotten on board with this one, I do love the idea of Kit as a nn though, and I can definitely see the appeal of the name as a whole
    River - gorgeous name, I'm a huge fan of nature names especially for boys and River is one of my favs
    Elio - cool, I think I might prefer just Eli but I do like the fun vibe f the o ending
    Cassia Moon - very pretty combo, I don't love Moon but I do like the vibe that it gives the combo
    Indigo Nepehle - a really awesome combo, either this way or Nephele Indigo, I love the flow and the mixyure of the sounds in both names
    Henry Atticus - this combo isn't my thing as I'm naf of either name but it's objectively very handsome
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