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    Archibald Frederick "Archie/Arch": Both of these names seem dated (and/or stuffy) to me. Frederick on its own is wearable, in my opinion, but Archibald brings it down to old-man status-- sorry! Arch is a very cute nickname, but that's really the only part of this combo that I like. Frederick Arch, perhaps?
    Nicholas River "Cole": I love this! Nicholas may be common, but it's a classic and fun name. River is a great middle here.
    Keller Jason "KJ": Keller is a favorite GP of mine, but Jason (and the lovely nickname KJ) seems to make it wearable here. I really like this combo!
    Elio Joaquin: I have no specific problem with this, but it seems like a bit much for some people. Then again, perhaps I'm just dismissing it too soon. Elio is pretty cool.
    Reginald Charles "Reggie": This, like Archibald Frederick, seems pretty stuffy to me. The nickname Reggie also doesn't really sound like a kid to me. Charles in its own right is fine (like Frederick!) but it doesn't work well imo here.

    Veronica Rose "Ronnie/Vera": Nms, but a perfectly good combo objectively.
    Alice Penelope: I don't like either of these names, both of which seem to be on the rise of vaguely British-sounding names that don't, in my opinion, have much to them. (Others in this set include Matilda, Amelia, etc.) Otherwise there's nothing wrong with Alice Penelope, but I think she will be one of many other Alices and Penelopes.
    Juniper Hermione "Junie": I wouldn't put these two together per se, because it seems like a bit of a mouthful, but Juniper has a lovely spunk that goes well with Hermione. Junie is an adorable nickname!
    Josephine Cheryl "Josie": While I love Josephine and Josie, Cheryl seems really dated to me. On the upside, though, the full combo seems to work well together.
    Juliet Elizabeth: Like Veronica Rose-- not my style, but perfectly nice.
    -Sarah Celeste-

    i've been gone a while! bear with me

    the favorites
    lara dancer. elspeth marigold "elsie". delilah june "delia". morgan skye "mori"
    adrian lars "lars". malcolm bay. cassius neal "cash". elias clarke

    bits and bobs
    esme. georgia. conwenna. freya. kerensa. soleil. bianca/bia. zia
    callum. skylar. caspian. romulus. lachlan

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    cyra - I'm not 100% sure how to pronounce this, but I think I have an idea. This is really pretty!
    keats - I'm half-and-half about this one. I like the sound, though I can't see a kid named this, sorry it would work for a middle or nickname though!
    edda - I love the way this sounds!
    echo - Echo is such a guilty pleasure of mine. It's so pretty!
    swan - Maybe this would work better for a middle? It's really pretty.
    yari - This name actually was growing on me the more and more I read it in your signature! I like it!
    kore - I like the sound of this. Though it's not my favorite spelling, it's gorgeous!
    bronnen - I actually really like this!! It's usually not my style, but it has an awesome sound to it!
    ingrid - Usually not my favorite, but it's growing on me!
    dellen - Same as Bronnen!
    sweden - Too strong of an association with the country for me, though it has a really cool sound and it would work well as a middle.
    doe - This would be a cool first OR middle!
    zia - I always LOVED Zia. It's such a pretty name!!
    bridie - Would this be nickname? It could work either way.
    noelle - I usually prefer the Noel spelling, though this one is a close second!
    ora - I love Ora! Really pretty
    oriole - I love this, too!
    Persephone Lucia * Florence Leota * Freyja Harper * Chiara Rosaline * Stella "Starry" Giovanna * Aurelia "Sunny" Callisto * Eliza Audrey * Clara Theodosia * Serena Valencia * Theodora Soleil * Marsaili Andromeda * Elodie Luna *

    Emmett Franklin * Caspian Foster * Dashiell Eoin * Soren Wilder * Evander Indigo * Laszlo Andreas * Porter Elliot * Elio Joseph * Foster Silas * Milo George * Vesper Sebastian * Ferris Alexander *

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    Persephone Lucia: Both of these are favorites of mine! Persephone is just such a magical name, and Lucia complements her perfectly.
    Florence Leota: Not my favorite, though Florence is definitely growing on me.
    Freyja Harper: I love this. Freyja really brings some uniqueness to Harper, which is a total GP of mine due to her popularity but lovely sound. And of course, I can't say no to Freyja when Freya is one of my all-time favorites.
    Chiara Rosaline: This isn't my usual style but I actually really like it. Rosaline is a new name-crush for me.
    Stella "Starry" Giovanna: I definitely like the more creative nickname approach, basing it on meaning, but I'm not sure about the sound of Stella Giovanna. Giovanna is nms and the double a-endings aren't my favorite.
    Aurelia "Sunny" Callisto: Kind of a mouthful, but so mystical-- I like it! Callisto is so cool and I wish it got more use. Sunny is the perfect nickname (despite my general dislike of it) for Aurelia.
    Khione Raina: I like the Rick Riordan connection, even though it's a different spelling of Reyna. This is really cool, if a little n-heavy. I worry that people might not know how to say Khione, though.
    Clara Piper: This is cute, but not super inspiring/intriguing to me.
    Theodora Soleil: I love this so much! Soleil is a great middle with a smooth sound, and Theodora makes for the perfect flow and imagery.
    Marsaili Andromeda: Andromeda is great, but this combo feels like a bit much to me.
    Elodie Luna: I don't love Luna but I do love Elodie. Cute combo.

    Emmett Franklin: I like Emmett, but together with Franklin it seems slightly dorky or awkward. Emmett Frederick, perhaps?
    Caspian Foster: I actually really like the sound of Foster, and Caspian has always been a favorite of mine. They go better together than I would have expected!
    Dashiell Eoin: Not sure about Eoin— it looks difficult for English speakers, but perhaps it would be just fine as a middle. I have bad associations with Dashiell but otherwise it’s a perfectly fine name.
    Soren Wilder: Wilder is such a grand, lovely name, isn’t it? Soren is not my usual style but rather nice. Cute combo!
    Evander Indigo: This is very mystical and nature-y, but I actually really like both names. Evander has been growing on me lately and Indigo is just such a richly great name. The imagery here is fantastic!
    Fletcher Orion: I really like Orion. Not so sure about Fletcher, and the repeating ‘er’ sounds seem like a bit of a mouthful. However, I like the idea of this combo a lot.
    Porter Elliot: Porter is nms, Elliot is super cute if a little too trendy for me.
    Elio Joseph: Nice! I love Joseph, and Elio is just the right first for him.
    Leonardo Thomas: Leonardo is too grand for me. I really like the idea of Leo Thomas, or Leo in general, but this is too much for me.
    Milo George: Even though George is usually too bland for me, it works well with Milo. This combo is nice and simple, as well as having some zip to it.
    Ferris Alexander: I just love the fusion of unique and familiar! Ferris is sooo cool, and Alexander is a great name that is unfortunately much more common than I want it to be, lol. This is my favorite of your boys’ names!
    Collin Silas Blue: I like Collin Silas a lot-- Silas is excellent-- but Blue seems unnecessary here. I prefer Blue on a girl, personally.
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    -Sarah Celeste-

    i've been gone a while! bear with me

    the favorites
    lara dancer. elspeth marigold "elsie". delilah june "delia". morgan skye "mori"
    adrian lars "lars". malcolm bay. cassius neal "cash". elias clarke

    bits and bobs
    esme. georgia. conwenna. freya. kerensa. soleil. bianca/bia. zia
    callum. skylar. caspian. romulus. lachlan

    my listography:

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    cyra・i think it is a nice spin on Kaia/Kiah! unless it is pronounced like Cyrus which i would prefer the hard k sound over
    edda・sweet and simple but unforunately sounds a little uncompleted, Edda Keats sounds nice!
    echo・i have a little crush on Echo, i think it is mysterious and adventurous!
    yari・again this one sounds a little incomplete and reminds me of the Laurel/Yanny teaser
    bronnen・an interesting take on Bronwen. i like it and can definitely see it being used here in Aus!
    ingrid・ compaired to your other names this one falls short... i’m personally also not a fan
    dellen・i prefer Dillon, not sure if it is meant to sound similar or not may be the way i pronounce it
    zia・i love all the adorable Z and V names coming into play! Zia may get confused for a similar of Mia..
    bridie ・i actually know of a Bridie here in aus and don’t think she sounds like she needs a fuller name! i like it
    noelle・as much as i’m not a fan this one actually fits with the rest!
    ora・sounds like a miss spelling in Orla or Orca... i see the appeal and can definitely see it being used but i don’t think i fancy it
    oriole・it sounds kind of off.. i think it may be the double heavy o sounds..

    keats・very last name sounding but would definitely work with the right name!
    swan・a good one to frilly up a name or spice it uo
    kore・reminds me a bit too much of Kora but can definitely see the appeal and would sound great with the right name
    sweden・love love love
    doe・not a fan but would work with the right name

    girls combos please, do them all or pick a bunch!
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    Danielle // name enthusiast

    elke helena. pia guinevere. sage tatiana.
    esme serafina. estelle vivienne. margot belle.
    vali cassandra. luana lily. luana frankie. lexa scotland.
    lexa wilhelmina. monroe alessia parker. kallan sofia winslow.

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    i wanted to change my username...
    so i made a new account (only the third one 😬)
    now posting as @oh.archiekins

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    Archibald Frederick - I think you should split these names up or vary the syllable count ie Archer Frederick or Freddy Archibald
    Nicholas River - this is nice, definitely getting blues and greens from this combo, very handsome
    Keller Jason - I think Jason Keller works better flow wise, don’t love the nn
    Elio Joaquin - doesn’t match with your other names in style or visual length but I do like it, I’d maybe do Eliseo Joaquin nn Elio so he gets a nickname too
    Reginald Charles- bit too stuffy for me, sounds like a really British elderly man

    Veronica Rose - I prefer Victoria to Veronica but Veronica makes Rose feel a little more interesting, would go with Roni for nn
    Alice Penelope - not for me but a good classic combo, could see it on any baby/girl/woman
    Juniper Hermione - again I’d vary the syllable count a bit more
    Josephine Cheryl - I love Josephine and don’t care for Cheryl in any way but Cheryl Josephine sounds so much better imo
    Juliet Elizabeth - a bit simplistic but beautiful nonetheless, could see it on any baby/girl/woman
    Cassia Oak
    Chiara Grey
    Joanna Hayes
    Livia Wren
    Nicola Skye

    Adriano Sage
    Eliseo Jude
    Francesco Blair
    Sebastiano Reeve
    Tommaso Lark

    Chiara = Key-are-uh/Kyar-uh

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    Çanakkale 🇹🇷
    Maeve Lucia - great combination, I love both of these names and their meanings
    Dylan Isaac - both names are really handsome though I slightly prefer İshak
    Beatrix Noor - neither of these names are my favorites and I wouldn't use them personally but I think this combination is really cool
    Theo Macsen - looove Theo but not Macsen, sorry
    Simone Aurora - definitely 10/10 both names are great and I did have my own combinations with both names though I never paired them together, a favorite along with Maeve Lucia
    Isaac Franco - love this one more than Dylan combination, I love the grown up feel

    Almila Sereday · Balamir Evren

    Mariye Tuyara · Timsal Rüya
    Haris Ender · Iklil Halyan

    daemon · emmanuel · felix · gregor

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    Almila Tilbe - I’m not sure of the correct pr but it looks beautiful written down. Almila is completely my type of name and Tilbe looks like a more exotic and classy version of Tilly/Tilda so I like! The whole combo is adorable.
    Balamir Öktem nn Bö - Balamir is very cool, especially nicknamed Bö! Öktem is the last name of a Turkish girl I know, so I know the pronunciation and the combo flows really well. Bö as a nickname is definitely a way to make it more approachable to pronounce too!
    Ayla Mariye - I love the way this looks written down (I have a soft spot for A and M names) and it looks like it would sound elegant and cool too. Mariye looks so pretty to me.
    Iris Alara - This is a gorgeous combo, works in so many languages and cultures and v classy. Iris will always be a fave and Alara is beautiful and underrated.
    Liva Solin - Liva is gorgeous, I love Liv- names because they are underused yet just familiar enough. Solin is not my taste written down (maybe for a boy though) but I’m not sure how to pronounce it.
    Mavera Liri - this is one of my least favourites from your signature, just because Mavera is not my taste and Liri has never appealed to me (not sure why for either which is probably not helpful but I think it’s just what they look like written down)
    Maysara "Maya" Lulia - not a fan of Maysara but I love love love Maya! Such a great name, I prefer the Maia spelling but they’re both lovely. Lulia is a bit meh to me, I prefer Lilia or Lelia.
    Serena Stargazer - not a fan of this. Serena is a nice name imo when pronounced Sur-enn-a but not sur-een-a. Stargazer is just not my style at all.

    Çağrı Aslan - not sure how to pronounce the fn but I love Aslan!
    Erem Talu - I like the way this sounds as a combo and I like Erem a lot written down. Talu is nms.
    Kayra Erendiz - Not a fan of this. I know a female Kayra so it will always sound very feminine to me, and Erendiz is just too much for me, I like simpler names for boys in general.
    Rua Andariman - also not a huge fan. Like Rua for a girl, Andariman is not for me, I don’t really like names that end in -man because they sound harsh to my ear but I like the Andar- part aesthetically.
    Tuğrul Ayas - I like Ayas a lot as a middle, Tugrul is not my fave it looks very harsh to me.
    Zağnos Evren - Zagnos looks very cool but I prefer Evren by far! I like it a lot, and it fits with my own style of boys name.
    Desmond Valor - not a massive fan, Desmond sounds very stuffy to me and Valor is ok but I’m very fussy about word names.
    Enzo Sterling - I like Enzo a lot but Sterling is nms (I don’t really like the way it sounds).
    Soren Harvest - I love Soren! Harvest is nms but I like the combo on the whole.

    allyria - very beautiful and ethereal sounding
    castell - not a huge fan of this, it just sounds very rigid to me.
    emphyria - sounds very mythological but couldn’t imagine it irl

    alma sabine/caia margo/julia adela/sofia noor/ines amaia/clio odette

    oscar amias/luka eliseo/leo konrad/aksel everest/ansel jakob/asa emory/caius isidor/iver soren

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    clio: I like Clio but I love Calypso nn Clio
    mila: really sweet, but I think it’s a bit hard to see on an older person
    maia: love the name and this spelling, a great choice
    esme: never understood the popularity, not for me but makes sense within your name style
    mireia: like this name a lot, spelling is pretty too
    alma: love the meaning of soul, really pretty
    marigold: I see this more as a middle than a first but it’s pretty and I like the flowers
    isadora: a bit grand compared to your other more down to earth names, nice tho
    liv: wish live wasn’t a word because I love this name so much
    caia: I prefer Kaya but it does give the name a different feel, C is much softer and I adds to that
    amada: love love love
    margo: lot of name in few letters, I like it
    anais: pretty but very tied to Anaïs Nin to me
    lina: I like that pronunciation is intuitive, spelling wouldn’t be, at least not for me
    adela: lovely
    emeline: not for me

    leo: simple and sweet, I like it
    emory: I go back and forth between the O and E spellings, but I’m always confident I like this name
    luka: seems harsh with the K, I’d do Luca
    oscar: love it, so sweet and also distinguished
    stellan: something about the spelling has never sat well with me but I love the sound
    theo: adorable, big fan
    conrad: nms and wouldn’t have considered it soft, but here it works well
    atlas: see Liv
    jakob: K ruins it for me, C spelling is soft and handsome
    everest: prefer Everett as a name
    asa: like the look but not so much pronunciation
    jude: sweet, handsome, simple
    amias: really nice, handsome and strong but soft
    aksel:almost makes me like Axel w this spelling, I think Ansel would be good for you
    otto: love it!
    Cassia Oak
    Chiara Grey
    Joanna Hayes
    Livia Wren
    Nicola Skye

    Adriano Sage
    Eliseo Jude
    Francesco Blair
    Sebastiano Reeve
    Tommaso Lark

    Chiara = Key-are-uh/Kyar-uh

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    Maeve Lucia (loo-chee-uh): intoxicating light: I like the sound of Maeve as well as the spelling. It's an underused classic. I am not a fan of Lucia, but will admit that the names together mean something beautiful.

    Dillon Sheridan: great wave of bright light

    I don't like this version of Dylan, and I always think Sheridan sounds like a last name.

    Beatrix Noor: she who brings happiness and light:

    Beatrix is a bit stuffy, but Noor and all its variations are beautiful. I do like the meaning of these two together again.

    Theo Macsen: god given greatness:

    Theo is one of my favorites, but that's mostly because their are so many longer versions of the name that give off completely different vibes. Theodosius, Theodorus, Theodore, Theon, Theobald, Theodred, Theophano, Theoden. It always feels like a shame when one of these fuller versions is not used. Macsen is new to me, and I like it and its meaning.

    Simone Aurora: one who hears dawn: that's easily my favorite name on your list. Simone is a beautiful sounding name, and so is Aurora. I do think that Aurora Simone would look even better, but then you don't get the same meaning of course.

    Isaac Franco: he who laughs freely: I love the meaning of this! Isaac is a gorgeous name. I am not sold on Franco.


    I love how much thought you put into the meanings of these names and how they would affect each other.
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