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    Damaris Juliet - This is pretty. Damaris is not my style but it flows well rich Juliet.

    Mavis Olivia - I love Olivia as it's my nieces name and it makes a good middle name. Mavis isn't for me.

    Arden Isla - I really like both names but I don't think they flow well together.

    Keziah Belle - I don't like either name, sorry. Keziah doesn't look or sound appealing to me. Belle is just not for me.

    Goldie Abigail - Goldie is too nicknamey for me. I can't see it aging well. Abigail is sweet.

    Jolene Marigold - Both names feel slightly plain but they flow well together.

    Briar Zoey - This is very sweet. Both names are pretty and they go really well together.

    Geneva Kate - Two very strong names and they sound lovely together.

    Allegra Imogen - Not a fan of Allegra as I don't like how it sounds but Imogen is beautiful and they flow well together.

    Saffron Isla - Saffron isn't for me but I like Isla as middle name.

    Greer Sophia - Love Sophia, it's been a favourite of mine for a while but Greer isn't for me.

    Miriam Dawn - Two names that I'm not a fan of but the flow is good.

    sweet boys
    archibald frederick - charles nicholas
    gorgeous girls
    camila vivienne rose - veronica juliette lily
    archie - cole - cami - ronnie

    camila is pronounced ca-mee-la

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    Archibald Frederick - I adore Frederick and the nickname Freddie and i love Archie but i don't like the 'bald' part
    Nicholas Reginald - They aren't my favourite names but i like the posh sound of them together
    Camila Vivienne Rose - I love the way these names sound together! they flow so nicely and i think Mila would be a cute nickname
    Veronica Juliette Lilly - I don't like the name Veronica but i LOVE Juliette and Lilly paired together!
    Archie - Love it!
    Cole - Not my favourite
    Cami - For a girl yes
    Ronnie - Quite cute for a little girl
    ~ Alana Leah ~

    Emma, Rosalie, Isla, Gracie, Saskia, Mila, Evie, Violet, Emilia, Amalia, Adelyn, Harper

    Harry, James, Louis, Leo, Atticus, Charlie, Flynn, Archie, Lincoln, Elliot, Carter

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    Emma- Overdone
    Rosalie- Pretty, although not my fave Rose variation.
    Isla - I think this was the number 1 girl name in my state, I know so many. Pretty name though.
    Gracie- not my style, but nice
    Saskia - I loove Saskia!
    Mila- I love this name
    Evie- Sweet although there are so many fabulous full forms.
    , Violet - Very nice.
    Emilia- I love it and the potential nicknames
    Amalia- I don’t love this
    Adelyn- I much prefer Adeline
    Harper - Starting to grow on me, but I dislike its popularity

    Harry- Way too overdone in my area
    James - ditto.
    Louis - I love this name! Surprised it isn’t more popular
    Leo- I don’t love Leo, I find it a little short
    Atticus- Always disliked this name
    Charlie- Never been keen
    Flynn- I prefer Finn or Finley
    Archie - I love Archie
    Lincoln - I always feel this is Very connected to the president. You might like this
    Elliot - I like this name
    Carter- meh
    Athena Lux ~ Alessia Ziva ~ Briar Emmeline ~ Clara Juliet ~ Delia Joy ~ Effie Valentine ~ Ffion Freddie Liesl ~ Leda Morgana ~ Lilja Dove ~ Olivia Ruby ~ Pearl Cressida ~ Sadie Mariska ~ Saskia Lily ~ Vera Queenie Bess

    Aleksi River Darcy ~ Alfie-Jack Vincent ~ Caleb Indigo ~ Elias Hugo ~ Ezra Jonty ~ Evander Luca ~ Finch Valentine ~ Finley Gabe ~ Frankie Jensen Blue ~ Kian Everett ~ Micah Jude ~ Rafferty Darwin ~ Remy Franklin

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