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    Clara RoseRosie” - This is beautiful combo! I love the name Clara! The nickname Rosie is different, seeing as it’s from the middle name. But, I would just call her Clara because I love that name.
    Aalia BelleLia” - I like this combo alright. It isn’t the cutest thing ever, but it’s not bad either. I would like Aalia Isabel/Isabelle more. I, personally, would spell Aalia as Aaliyah, but I think the nn of Lia is adorable.
    Ren Sellah - I don’t care for either Wren or Ren. And I think Sellah is a different spelling of Selah? Probably? Either way, I don’t really care for either of these. It sounds okay together, but I think Ren Celia or Ren Sarah/Sarai would sound better.
    Flora Kaye - Flora is a cute name, and I love Kaye. It kind of sounds like a word of some sort, florakay.. kind of reminds me of vacay or something like that idk, but that’s off putting to me.
    Laura MirabelleMiri” - I love Laura, and Mirabelle is cute. This is cute together, but I would prefer Laura Miriam or Laura Isabelle. I don’t like the nn of Miri much, and would prefer Belle or Bella.
    Maisie Grace - This sounds really cute! I don’t care much for Maisie, because it just reminds me of a book I read as a kid about a mouse named Maisie.
    Sailor Ruby - I don’t like the name Sailor, but Ruby is adorable. I don’t like this combo very much, because of Sailor ending in a hard “R” sound and Ruby starting in a hard “R” sound. I would love Selah Ruby or Sheila Ruby.

    Judah AltonJude” - I don’t like this combo very much, again because of the first ending an “uh” sound and the middle starting in an “uh” sound. I would personally just use the name Jude, rather than Judah, but Judah’s cute, too! I would really love Judah Aaron or Judah Arnold.
    London Asher - I don’t like the name London much at all. But, this combo sounds nice! I love the name Asher, I think it makes the combo sound stronger.
    Finnin LeoFinn” - This, to me, sounds like “Finn and Leo”. I would much prefer Finnegan Leo or Finn Leo. I don’t hate either name, but I just don’t think they sound right together. Finn Leonardo could be cool, too.
    Caspian Levi - I personally would never use this, but it sounds cool. The name Caspian reminds me of Prince Caspian from the Chronicles of Narnia, and I love the name Levi.
    Levi Jax - This sounds neat. It kind of sounds like “Levi jacks the car up” like one of those English example sentences in elementary school. And I personally don’t like Jax at all.

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    Micah, Gideon, Elliott, Joseph, Joel, Jeremiah, Theodore “Theo”, Theodore Aloysius.

    Charity, Mercy, Harper, Lydia, Maryellen, Gwendolyn “Gwen”, Alyanna “Allie”, Rosalie “Rose”, Rosamonde “Rose”, Gwendolyn Hazel, Mercy Annabeth.

    Love, but probably won’t use

    Solomon, Reuel, Malachi “Kai”, Tobias “Toby”.

    Primrose, Prudence “Prue”, Damaris, Ardith, Antha, Magnolia Ruth “Maggie Ruth”.

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    Micah - I think this name is very boho and cute which I love. I also love it for a girl which I think would work
    Titus - It's a bit too manly man for me but I see the appeal.
    Gideon - I'm not a fan of the meaning but I really like the name itself.
    Theodore “Theo” - I'll be honest whilst I think it's a cute name between kids in the grocery store and nameberry I'm sick of him.
    Jeremiah Lynn - Oooh this combo sounds great.
    Kurtis “Kurt” Jeremiah - I'm not a fan of this spelling of Cutis but I like the combo itself.

    Charity Amelia/Brielle - Charity is absolutely beautiful and you can't go wrong with either middle name.
    Gwendolyn “Gwen” Hazel - I prefer Gwyneth or Gwen on it's own but overall love the combo.
    Alyanna “Allie” Ruth - I think a lot of people would get Alyanna
    Harper Lydia - I'm rating these together because I think they're gorgeous names that would be gorgeous.
    Rosalie “Rose”
    Rosamonde “Rose”
    Eleanor “Nora”

    Malachi “Kai”
    Tobias “Toby”
    Spencer Reid.

    Harper DeLaney - I like the combo itself but I'm not a fan of the capitalization on Delaney
    Primrose - I used to really like this name but now I wonder if it's too frilly.
    Melody Peace - These two are great names but would be better in different combos. Together they're a bit too hippy. Melody Perla or Melanie Peace
    Magnolia Ruth “Maggie Ruth” - the short and strong Ruth really balances the long and frilly Magnolia which I like.
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    Duncan Ezekiel: This is a cool combo and I like how both names are recognizable but still uncommon
    Ford Elias: this combo is very handsome, I have a great uncle Fortunato who was called Ford and it’s always felt special
    Tennyson Luke:I think I prefer Luke Tennyson which seems more practical to me
    Sawyer Maxwell: this is a handsome combo, I love Maxwell
    Hayes Andrew: I like this a lot, I know a kid whose name is Henry nn Hayes, think this combo could work with many surnames
    Bishop Harrison: I like Bishop in theory, this is a combo I’d want to see paired with surname before passing judgement
    Townes Gideon: reminds me of a singer I’ve heard before called Barns Courtney, feels very musically inclined for that reason
    Crew Daniel: I really like the look of this combo, if Crew wasn’t a common word I’d love it
    Dexter Liam: this combo is nice and I like the potential nn of Dex
    Koda Grey: This combo feels a little more in the clouds than your others, I like it but it feels a little trendy-plus the only Koda I know doesn’t go by it
    Porter Simon: this is one I think I’d like better with a last name attached, as a stand alone combo I prefer the flow of Simon Porter
    Clayton Josiah: I have a bad association with a troublemaker named Clayton so it’s not my favorite, the combo flows and feels very southern US to me

    Jazlyn Ruth: I’d go with Jasmin or Jaclyn/Jacqueline Ruth personally
    Tilly Georgia: this is a cute combo but I think fn wouldn’t age very well without something more to it
    Saffron Isla: I like Saffron a lot but in this combo I find Isla Saffron the more pleasing order
    Nayeli Kaye: I don’t care for the repeated “aye” in each, I’d split these names into two new combos
    Bree Lucia: I say Lucia the Italian way but here I like Bree Loosha
    Whitley Joan: Can’t decide if the first name is pronounced Wit or White but I don’t really care for it either way
    Macauley Sophia: Fn is funky and fun but I think most people have the association with the actor Macaulay Culkin (And autocorrect corrected the E to a third A so I’d probably spell it like that)so if written down would assume the gender to be male, could def see it going the way of Mackenzie though if you don’t mind being a trend setter
    Sterling Lorelai: I find this combo has too much L sound, I would split these names up
    Memphis Amelia: I find this combo has too much M, so would also split this one up
    Annabeth Ruby: this is a really pretty combo, I think any girl would love to have it and I like the twist on both Anna and Elizabeth
    Bea Katherine: not sure if you’re pronouncing Bea like Bee or Be-uh but I like it either way and think it is so beautiful with Katherine, this is my favorite of all your combos
    Kendall Faith: Kendall reads a bit dated and I don’t love the Jenner association personally, Faith isn’t my style but sounds nice with it

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    Thomas Domenico - love this, Thomas is one of my favourite pan European classics and he looks really visually lovely with Domenico who also adds such a lovely romantic flair.
    Isaac Alfonso - I like how all these vowels sound together. Neither are super my style but it’s a good combo.
    Nicolas Vittorio - probably my fav. Nicolas / Nicholas is one of my top names ever and I looove Vittorio. He’s so handsome and Italian.

    Celia Caterina - really think this looks fab without being too alliterative. Very exotic-classic like your boys.
    Verity Francesca - nice. I don’t love either name personally but think they’re a beautifully elegant pair.
    Willa Josephine - this one is so much more cozy and Germanic than the rest, which is more my style so she’s probBly my fav just down to taste. I really like these two together.
    Names warm my soul. Collecting Celtic-Anglo-Norse crossovers for now. Possibly usable;

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    Wilfred Alec - My absolute favourite of your lads combos! Both have that strong vintage vibe without feeling dusty or dated. I'd probably flip it (purely down to taste re: Alec as a first) but I think the flow works surprisingly well ending on that hard c. LOVE!

    Emmett Kielder - I'm not so sure on this one. I'm just not a surname name person so I think it's just not my style. Still think the classicness of Emmett balances well with Kielder's rarity, and I love the nature connection with Kielder Forrest!

    Nicholas Iver ''Nils'' - I'm always here for a Scandi name so Nils would be stunning in any scenario but using it as a nickname for Nicholas is inspired! I'm not such a fan of the combo itself - neither name is really my style - but it's definitely a sturdy classic.

    Arthur Ingmar - Arthur is one of those classics that somehow, no matter how popular it is, never dates. It's probably the most wearable of all the legendary names (and I say that as a huge fan of Arthurian legend). I'm excited to see Ingmar here too! Part of me worries about the the repeated ar sound but actually I think it's such a lovely name I don't really care. Just spendid tbqh!

    Raphael Rune - Raphael is just so soft and romantic without feeling too sweet, it's such a beautiful first. I'm not so big on Rune, or the alliteration in this one. I do think the ooh sound of Rune works nicely with Raphael though, so I'm not knocking it entirely.

    Absalom Jack - Whilst I love this as a combo, I'm less sold on Absalom as a first that's useable day-to-day. Then again it's got some good nickname opportunities - Abe, Sal, AJ - so there might be no issue at all!

    Ossian Hugh - Ossian is a stunner, it's one of my all time favourite names and I'm so glad you've gone for the Scandi version (no offence to any Irish folks on here! just a personal preference!). Hugh is lovely but it feels a little short here? Might be just my ears but I feel desperate to lengthen it to Ossian Hugo.

    Rosemary Ebba - I think this might be the only combo where I'm not sure about the Scandi name. Rosemary flows into it beautifully so I don't think it's actually anything bad, I think it's just down to me (partly my taste and partly my anglophone speaking self feeling desperate to say Emma).

    Isolde Per - I love Isolde! I'm pleased to see it anywhere in any form but I reckon you've chosen the right spelling for this combo (Iseult Per & Ysolde Per both look a little wrong). I'm on the fence about using Per for a girl but there's something really special in the simplicity of it.

    Fenella Idunn - This one's so gentle, I love it! Idunn might get a few odd looks from those who are unfamiliar with Norse mythology but I love the imagery of moving from the wintery white of Fenella to the goddess of spring. Also just lovely to see Fenella in a signature!

    Sibyl Sunniva - As you can probably tell from my own signature, I'm a sucker for an Edwardian/20s vintage vibe so Sybil is right up my street. The alliteration actually works really nicely here, and Sunniva matches Sybil with that mythic quality meaning-wise. Additionally I know so many wonderful Sunnivas that I can't not love it.

    Embla Beatrix - This combo is just so charming! I hadn't heard of Embla before (shows how rusty I am on my Norse myths!) but I love how it combines nature & humanity. Beatrix is one of my own top names so of course I love it but I think it works particularly well here, there's something so lyrical about the combo.

    Thomasin Vesper - Ahhhhh my favourite combo of your whole signature I think!!!! I love both of these names so much on their own that I don't think I'd complain whatever you put them with. However I think you've achieved the perfect balance putting them together - Thomasin is on the classy refine side of unusual names, whilst Vesper is a bit more out there (esp with the Bond connection!). Combined they feel fresh and zippy, without being trendy or dating quickly. Simply divine!

    Tova Constance - I've been a big fan of Tove/Tova ever since I was a kid thanks to Tove Jansson and her Moomins. I think either spelling would work here but the -a ending gives it a nice wee bit of contrast with Constance. Both names have such lovely meanings and I reckon they go together perfectly!
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    Wilfred Alec - I really like Wilfred Alec as a combo. I think the nicknames Will or Freddie would be super cute!
    Emmett Kielder - Emmett is a name I love! I am unsure of how to pronounce Kielder though. Based off Spelling alone I think the pair is wonderful!
    Nicholas Iver ''Nils'' - I also really enjoy this name combo. Personally for a nickname I would have gone with Nico or Nick, but I like Nils as well. Great pair!
    Arthur Ingmar - I like Arthur as a name a lot. I think it's a sweet name for a boy. I think Ingmar is a little chunky paired with it though.
    Raphael Rune - As someone who went through speech therapy for my R's for years, this name is my worst nightmare, lol! Apart from that, I think it's a really lovely pairing. I'm a huge fan of Raphael and I think Rune is a very cool name to pair with it.
    Absalom Jack - I'm not quite sure what I think of Absalom as a name. It's interesting, but I'm not sure if it's great for this day and age. Jack is a very classic name.
    Ossian Hugh - Like Absalom, I'm not positive of my feelings for Ossian, but I love Hugh!

    Rosemary Ebba - I think this is an adorable name pairing. Ebba seems like such an amazing alternative to Emma.
    Isolde Per - I'm unsure of how to pronounce Per - is it along the lines of Purr or more like Pehr? I love Isolde as a name and think it is stunning!
    Fenella Idunn - This name is completely outside of my personal style. I think they match well, but I would not use either of them.
    Sibyl Sunniva - I love the name Sibyl! Sunniva is new to me but sounds beautiful with Sybil.
    Embla Beatrix - Embla Beatrix is a beautiful pairing! Personally I would flip it to Beatrix Embla but I think both names are wonderful.
    Thomasin Vesper - I'm not in love with Thomasin but I think it flows really well with Vesper, which is one of my GP names! Very nice pair.
    Tova Constance - I love the name Tova! And while I love virtue names, Constance is my least favorite one. Over all it's a nice name though.
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    Arabella Kaori, Savannah Lynn, Cielle Victoria,
    Emilia Adelaide

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    Jasper Felix "Jax", Kai Alexander, Hudson Thomas,
    Lennox Joel "Knox", Paxton Brooks

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    Caradoc Blaise Edmund - I'm not sure how I feel about the first name, but I like the flow!
    Daphne Guinevere Blithe - love Daphne, love Blithe! This conjures Anne of Green Gables vibes for me.
    Asa Florian - What a unique combination! Love this.
    Kit Morwenna - Morwenna is a bit of a mouthful to me, but I love Kit as a girl's name!
    Thyme Beatrix - I would probably not use Thyme, but I love the feel that earthy names give, love the combo with Beatrix! I might do Rosemary as the first here

    Lyra Nimue - Lyra is beautiful!
    Emrys Ossian - This has such an ethereal quality!
    Perdita Fawn - freaking adorable. Fawn as a middle is lovely.
    Otto Fitzwilliam - This hits the sweet spot to me! Favorite of your combos.
    Aislíng Ffion - Love Aisling! Not keen on the middle.
    Xavier Peregrine - Second favorite of your mix

    My favorite of your singles - Milo, Orion, Exra, Rowan, Dahlia, Cormac, Tiernan


    Aliza Ruby ~ When a name flows nicely, that is what I love, even when I wouldn't use the name! Aliza Ruby is beautiful.
    Ariel Dove ~ Love Dove as a middle!
    Avery Lilith ~ Strong, yet sweet. Would totally use this combo for child.
    Dahlia Noa ~ Not keen on the double matching endings.
    Elena Jordan ~ This also is sweet, but sporty. Great combo of the gentle, vowel filled Elena with the unisex Jordan.
    Hannah Sage ~ Hannah is too mainsteam to me, but I like Sage
    Leah Emerson ~ Emerson as a middle is lovely.
    Maia Wren ~ Again, I love the softer first with the strong middle!
    Naomi Winter ~ I wouldn't use Naomi, but this flows nicely.
    Raina Ellis ~ Like how the combo sounds, but I wouldn't use it. Raina is not my taste!
    Serenity Ruth ~ Serenity would be too out there for me, but Ruth is such a cute middle.
    Shira Grey ~ I'm a fan of Grey, and I like the flow!
    Stella Romy ~ This doesn't roll off the tongue quite as well as I want it to, but I like the individual names.
    Yael Ivy - Ivy is up my alley, Yael is not.

    Almost all of these next anmesare so exactly my style! Love them all!

    Asher Micah, Emmett Hudson, Elijah Aiden, Ezra Forrest, Gabriel Stone, Harrison Wolf - these are perfect combos to me! Familiar, yet unique parts that make them stand out. Love them all! LEast favorite is probably Stone as a middle. Favoes are probably Asher Micah and Exra Forrest.
    Jonah Lev ~ Not my favorite from this list, it seems a bit unbalanced to me.
    Jonathan Dov ~ Jonathan is a bit too popular for me, but the middle name does help balance it out imo. I still wouldn't use though because most of the time people are known by just their firsts.
    Judah Alexander ~ Judah is very dreamy, but I don't love it with Alexander.
    Nathaniel Louis ~ Not a fan of Louis!
    Noam August ~ Unique and dreamy!
    Rowan Seth ~ Seth with Rowan is not my favorite, but I love Rowan.
    Samson Grey ~ Not keen on Samson, but the combo is nice!
    Simon Raphael - The flow is really nice!
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    Auden Rena
    Clarke Aveline
    Tatum Cadence
    Delta Wren
    Margot Rhiannon
    Imogen Story

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    Callum Avery
    Lowell Hayes
    Leland Ames
    Arlo Kit

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    Giuliana Noelle - the repeating l's and n's sound overwhelming to me!
    Avery Jade (AJ) - so cute! This is a perfect attainable name.
    Kalani Rae - KAlani is not my style, but I love the flow together
    Arabella Kaori - This flows nicely together.
    Savannah Lynn - Savannah is a bit dated to me, so I don't love this combo.
    Cielle Victoria - This one is v cute!
    Emilia Adelaide - A bit too frilly for my taste, but also the vowels ending of Emilia and beginning of Adelaide smoosh together to me.

    Harrison River - beautiful combo with nn possibilities
    Lukas Jordan "Kas" - I would not use Kas as a nn but otherwise this has a nice flow
    Chandler Noah - Chandler is so unique! Love it!
    Jasper Felix "Jax"- I love this combo!
    Kai Alexander - Not a huge fan of either name.
    Hudson Thomas - This combo sounds great! Thomas makes is a bit more on the traditional side but Hudson is just unexpected enough!
    Lennox Joel "Knox" - love love love! If only I could get my husband on Lennox. Guilty pleasure name for me!
    Paxton Brooks - Brooks is on my list, but I don't love Paxton.

    From your current crushes I like Oliver, Kieran, Callux, Annika, Linnea
    married, just dreaming for now
    hoping to conceive 2020 or early 2021

    Auden Rena
    Clarke Aveline
    Tatum Cadence
    Delta Wren
    Margot Rhiannon
    Imogen Story

    Rory Hart
    Callum Avery
    Lowell Hayes
    Leland Ames
    Arlo Kit

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    Auden Rena - Not a fan of this combo. I prefer Auden on a boy and Rena feels unfinished. Auden Serena feels more grounded.
    Clarke Aveline - I prefer Clarke on a boy. Aveline is pretty though.
    Tatum Cadence - This is a nice combo.
    Delta Wren - This is my favorite from your girl names. It's really pretty and cute.
    Margot Rhiannon - This is really pretty! I do prefer the Margo spelling though.
    Imogen Story - This is gorgeous!

    Rory Hart - This is my favorite from your boy names. It's really handsome.
    Callum Avery - Not a fan of this combo. I don't like either names and I prefer Avery on a girl.
    Lowell Hayes - Not a fan of Lowell. Hayes is adorable though. Maxwell Hayes would be gorgeous.
    Leland Ames - This has a good flow, I'm just not a fan of the names.
    Arlo Kit - This is really cute.

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