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    Charlotte Elysia - Charlotte definitely deserves it’s popularity, it’s really sweet and classic, and Elysia balances out the more common first name and I love the meaning 8/10
    Amelie Elena - I love the flow of this one, neither name is particularly my style, but they definitely make sense together and really compliment each other 6/10
    Rowena Violet - Nice vintage sounding combo, I love Rowena and the idea of the nickname Ro, and Violet is nice spunky middle for a more flowy first name 9/10
    Vivienne Darcy - I love Vivienne and I like Darcy as a middle, but I don’t think these to compliment each other very well. I might pair Vivienne with an -a ending name like Vivienne Arella - 4/10
    Reina Hyacinth - I love the use of Hyacinth it’s such a beautiful, underused nature name, and Reina balances out the more adventurous middle with a familiar sound but and uncommon name 7/10
    Mavis Rhiannon - I think Mavis really deserves the attention it’s getting on NB it’s such a sweet, spunky vintage name and Rhiannon compliments it really well 8/10
    Athena Celeste - This feels really ethereal and strong, love both of the names and love to see Athena being used as a first 8/10
    Vienna Jade - This isn’t particularly my style, but it flows really well and I can definitely see the appeal 4/10
    Cassia Arella - Arella has a really beautiful sound to it and especially if with the great meaning of Ariel but a variation that doesn’t have the immediate Little Mermaid connection and Cassia is such a great nature name 9/10
    Della Maris - I think this is my favorite of your girls, it’s vintage and playful and it also plays a little bit with the idea of Stella Maris which is cute - 10/10
    Eva Hope - Very simple and clean, but they go very well together - 7/10
    Chrysantha Mariette - I love Chrysantha, I think every name nerd loves the book Chrysanthemum, and this takes a beautiful flower name and makes it more approachable. I think it might benefit from a shorter middle though, maybe Chrysantha Lore - 6/10
    Hana Lore - I love the use of Lore as a middle name, but I feel like this reads like it’s just one name, Hannalore, which is a bit confusing 4/10
    Davida Colleen - Probably my least favorite of your girls, Davida feels a bit clunky to me and with Colleen I’ve never been a huge fan of the idea of just naming a girl the word girl 1/10

    James David - Very classic, I’m a huge fan of James there’s a reason why it’s been so popular for so long and David’s such a sweet classic I love the ‘Beloved’ meaning 8/10
    Finnian Walter - Great route to the nickname Finn, love the use of Walter, I feel like Walter could definitely be coming back soon 7/10
    Sam Everett - I’ve never really gotten the whole nickname on the birth certificate thing, I feel like it wouldn’t give them as many options, and if your not interested in Samuel then Samson Everett could be another option which I think sounds great 5/10
    Ian Atticus - Not a huge fan of Ian I think it feels a little bit dated to the 90s and early 2000s, the Scottish spelling Iain might freshen it up a bit 5/10
    Lachlan Pierce - I love the vibe of this name, something about Pierce bring out the Scottish feeling in Lachlan, gorgeous combo 9/10
    Ronin Evander - I definitely prefer the Ronan spelling but I love both names and they’ve got great meanings and it flows very well 6/10
    Emmett Andre - I love Emmett, but Andre isn’t really my style, both names have great history though and they flow really nicely 6/10
    Remus Ben - It’s great to see Remus being used as a first, I feel like it gets used as a middle a lot more, and though I don’t like nicknames as firsts I think here a short, simple middle really balances out the more adventurous first.
    Kellen Daniel - I love Kellen I think it's such a soft masculine name and I love the nature meaning, and Daniel’s a great classic middle to balance it out - 9/10
    Dashiell Caleb - Dashiell’s such a sweet name, Dash would be such a cool nickname opportunity and it flows really well with Caleb 7/10
    Eli Joseph - A nice classical biblical combo, I’d prefer Elias with with nickname Eli, but Eli can definitely stand on it’s own 6/10
    Kieran Oslo - Oslo’s a really interesting middle and I think it really works here, Kieran is a sweet name though I prefer the Ciaran spelling 8/10
    Henri James - I love the sound of Henri in French but it might be challenging to have a name with an associated English pronunciation if your not in a French speaking country, but other than that I think Henri James is a great combo 7/10
    Marko Ellison - I think I’d prefer the Marco spelling but Marko isn’t really my style generally, but Ellison is a goregeous middle 6/10
    Adlai Stephen - My favorite of your boys, I love Adlai, I’d love to see it get more attention and Stephen is a perfect, strong classic middle to go with it 10/10
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    Bridie - 23 - Dublin

    Helena Rosalind Joan | Alice Genevieve Eliza | Rosemary Abigail Macha
    Dolores Belva Sadhbh | Inez Susannah Paschalle | Winifred Dorothy Muireann

    Lena, Alice, Rosie, Lora, Inez & Wynne

    Oisín Thomas Jude | Joseph Robert MacBride | Ruairí Ferdia Alden
    James Amargein Sumner | Naoise Fitzgerald Evander | Myles Augustine Leighton

    Oisín, Bobby, Ruairí, Jem, Naoise & Myles

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    Helena Rosalind Joan - I love the name Helena and I think it pairs beautifully with Rosalind. I'm not the biggest fan of the name Joan, it seems very dated to me. I think I'd prefer Helena Rosalind Jane or Helena Rosalind June, but over all it's a nice combo - 7.5/10
    Alice Genevieve Eliza - I love all three of these names and I think they pair wonderfully together. My only complaint is I would flip flop Eliza and Alice, so it would be Eliza Genevieve Alice. 8/10
    Rosemary Abigail Macha - I'm not sure if Macha is pronounced like Mac-ah or Matcha or something else, but I think it's an interesting name. Every way I try pronouncing it I think it flows well with the other two names, so overall I like the combo! - 8.5/10
    Dolores Belva Sadhbh - I'm not the biggest fan of Dolores, I find it very dated. I like Belva, and I googled how to pronounce Sadhbh. I think it works well with Belva, but the Dolores is still throwing me off. - 5/10
    Inez Susannah Paschalle - Inez and Susannah are both names that I find dated. I like Paschalle but would prefer to see it with different names - 4/10
    Winifred Dorothy Muireann - I like Winifred, it's an older name but comes with some cute nicknames like Winnie or Winn. I think this combo works well together, although all three are somewhat dated - 7/10

    Lena - 9/10
    Alice - 10/10
    Rosie - I like as a nickname but not on it's own, 5/10
    Lora - 5/10
    Inez - 3/10
    Wynne - 8/10
    25 ~ Jewish ~ Name enthusiast

    Aliza Ruby ~ Dahlia Eden ~ Hadley Ariel ~ Hannah Sage ~ Leah Dove ~ Liora Emerson ~ Maia Wren ~ Naomi Arden ~ Noa Winter ~ Serenity Ruth ~ Shira Maeve ~ Yael Ivy

    Aliza = Uh-lee-zuh ~ Leah = Lay-uh ~ Shira = She-ruh

    Asher Grey ~ Elijah Sorrell ~ Ezra Forrest ~ Jonah Emmett ~ Jonathan Wolf ~ Judah Fox ~ Micah Alexander ~ Nathaniel Louis ~ Noam August ~ Raphael Stone ~ Rowan Zev ~ Samson Bennett

    Louis = Lewis Noam = No-uhm

    updated 2.5.20

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    Aliza Ruby-9/10-the names match so well! I love the z and spelling of Aliza.
    Dahlia Eden-7/10-I really like this! The ds complement eachother well. I would prefer Daphne, but this is your signature!
    Hadley Ariel-5/10-sorry, I would not pair these names together. The h and r don't sound pleasing to me personally.
    Hannah Sage-7/10-nice, classic and modern!
    Leah Dove-9/10-beatiful!
    Liora Emerson-10/10 as a name, both are similar styles and sound great! Modern sounding names are not my personal style, though, but that's just me!
    Maia Wren-10/10-adorable combo! I love how you use the popular Maia with the lesser known Wren.
    Naomi Arden-10/10-I have no idea why but this is great! I have always adored Arden!
    Noa Winter-8/10-I love the pairing, and I LOVE Winter, but Noa just sounds more like a boy to me, sorry.
    Serenity Ruth-9/10-so sophisticated and pretty! I love Ruth with Serenity.
    Shira Maeve-7/10-Shira is okay in my opinion, Maeve is great.
    Yael Ivy-6/10-sorry, neither of these names really move me, sorry!

    Asher Grey-10/10-handsome pair!
    Elijah Sorrell-10/10-Elijah is great, and Sorrell really brings it out.
    Ezra Forest-8/10-love both these names, but the pairing is just meh, sorry.
    Jonathan Wolf-7/10-cool, but Jonathan doesn't really help Wolf. maybe different combo?
    Judah Fox-10/10-Judah is underused, and Fox sounds great with it! Handsome pair for any age!
    Micah Alexander-10/10-words cannot express how much I love this!!!
    Nathaniel Louis-10/10
    Noam August-8/10
    Raphael Stone-5/10
    Rowan Zev-10/10
    Samson Bennett-9/10
    Alondra Mae_Genevieve Scout_Silvia Lark_Sabre Viviana_Willow Grace Reverie_Avalon Callista_Hallie Faye_Elowen Meadow__Seraphina Moon_Calliope Wren_Clarissa Lune_Rosella Glade_Tiernan Lake

    Evander Sparrow_Robin Kit_Avan Dexter_Varian Winter_Auden Gray_Zedekiah Blue_Rodney Fable_Elyan Lyric_Percival Soren_Ewan Cobalt_Emrys Mickey_Nat Fable

    River Quinn_Rowan Fable_Atlantis River_Aidan Night_Avery Zenith_Sparrow Lyric_London Blue_River Quinn

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    Avalon Callista_ This sounds so pretty. They go so well together. 10/10
    Calliope Blue_ Callie is such a cute nm. but overall not my favorite. 6/10
    Elara Meadow_ So sweet. 10/10
    Clare Eilonwy_ This is a very nice combo. 9/10
    Elowen Spring_ This sounds like the sweet sister to Elara Meadow! 10/10
    Seraphina Moon_ So whimsical! 9/10
    Willow Grace Reverie_ This flows so nicely 1/10
    Cressida Nyx_ I don't really like the negative meaning behind Nyx, but still kinda cute. 6/10
    Sabre Viviana_ Sabre is kinda harsh but Viviana seems to balance is out. 6/10
    Emmeline Clare_ Love this. 10/10
    Larkin Sky_ I surprised myself by really liking this combo! 10/10
    Meredith Hero_ Not my favorite one but still sounds really cool. 6/10
    Genevieve Alondra - This is a great combo! 9/10
    Evander Sparrow_ I love Evander! 10/10
    Robin Ambrose_Most Robins I know are girls, but I know an adorable toddler named Ambrose! 7/10
    Percival Soren_ haha I named a Cardinal Percival as a kid. I love Soren 7/10
    Alexander Cove_ THese sound grat together! 10/10
    Albion Emrys_ Never heard Albion before! It is a very cool name. Love Emrys. 9/10
    Avan Dexter_ I love Avan, and it goes well with Dexter. 9/10
    Cedric Rune_ Love this one 10/10
    River Quinn_ This is so cute. 9/10
    Cobalt "Coby" Ewan_ - This is neat. 8/10
    Zedekiah Blue_ Love nm Zed! I don't know my thoughts on Blue... 7/10
    Benedict "Ned" Stellan_
    Auden Gray - I really like this one. It is one of my favorites from your boy combos! 10/10

    Tiernan Lake_ For a boy 10/10
    Atlantis Indigo_ Probably for a girl. Sounds really neat. 8/10
    London Blue_ Blue is not really my style but London is super cool. 7/10
    Rowan Fable_Nice combo. I usually think of Rowan on a boy and Fable on a girl tho.
    Rhian Night_ I like this for a boy. 9/10
    Avery Zenith_ I love this for a boy or girl!!! 10/10
    Willoughby Zephyr_ Willoughby took me a while to figure out how to pronounce it, but I love Zephyr 8/10

    All of these sames are amazing!!! I love them!

    *edited because I accidently missed one of the names.
    ~Lassies~ Sierra Lorenna Joy ~ Everly Aurora Elise ~ Natalie Cecilia May ~ Hadassah Elmira Faith ~ Cassia Elyssia Linnea ~ Tirzah Rosalie Sky ~ Destry Cora Sapphire ~ Cecily Aliyah Rose ~ Zipporah Elizabeth Shalom ~

    -Laddies- - Caspian Excalibur Milo - Wesley Michael Kent - Zephan Emory Luis - Beniah Lorenzo Evron - Ezra Levi Xavrin - Adrian Castiel Rowan - Ender Grey

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    Sierra Lorenna Joy - Sierra is a beautiful name. It rolls off the tongue nicely and pairing it right next to Lorenna--even though I'm not one for repeating syllables in any combo-- feels magical. Joy isn't my style but it suits the happy feel of this combo and acts as a nice topping to complete the cake. Sierra Lorenna sounds like a high fashion brand name which I like the idea of.

    Everly Aurora Elise - I was never one to hop on the Everly bandwagon but I've never had anything against the name either. Aurora is a name with some of the most beautiful imagery there is which I certainly appreciate despite being slightly difficult to pronounce and Elise has really been on my radar lately! This is a lovely use of all three names and I will definitely be taking inspiration from your bold pairings.

    Natalie Cecilia May - Compare to your first two, this one feels a little lackluster to me. Natalie and May being so simple, they feel very generic to me sitting next to such extravagant names as Aurora, Havilah, Elyssia, etc. I adore the use of Cecilia here! I very much appreciate the flow and rhythm of this combo.

    Havilah Liyana Aaralyn - I'm unfamiliar with these names, though I have seen Havilah on here at least once or twice. Liyana I don't mind the look of but I'm not absolutely sold on its sound. Aaralyn is entirely new to me and I do really like the idea and sound of it but the spelling seems somehow off to me. This combo as a whole feels like a mouthful.

    Hadassah Elmira Faith - Hadassah is gorgeous, as are Elmira and Faith. I love Faith as a second middle option and would love to incorporate it into a combo myself. It is my dogs name and, in my opinion, the most lovely virtue name there is. The flow altogether is a tad choppy but I do like the rhythm and strong syllable count a lot.

    Cassia Elyssia Linnea - I love all the names here and together they sound very regal and feminine. I'm usually not one for similar consecutive endings in combos but somehow you've done it so well here... I don't mind it at all. This is actually one of my favourites from you!

    Tirzah Amber Lynne - Tirzah is unique, I've not heard of it anywhere before. Amber Lynne feels very 90s pop diva but it certainly adds more character to the combo as a whole. I like Lynne with an e a lot.

    Dessa/Destry Cora Sapphire - I prefer Destry in this case but only because Cora follows. Dessa is what I'd choose if I had to pick between singles. Cora Sapphire gives me lovely bright imagery. I like the flow!

    Cicely Aliyah Rose - I like Cicely a lot thought I strongly prefer the Cecily or Cecilie variants. Aaliyah isn't my personal favourite, nor is Rose. I do like this as a combo despite the repetitive sounds between the first two names.

    Zipporah Elizabeth Shalom - Zipporah has always seemed rather harsh to me so I've always very much preferred Sephora though I understand the connotations and how many might not be comfortable with them. I love Elizabeth despite its popularity, as a middle name especially, but much like Cecilia I think it is a strong feminine classic that will remain relevant for a long time. Shalom is pretty, I think it finishes this combo off strong. Over all this combo is very powerful.

    Caspian Excalibur Milo - I love this. All of it is so my taste right down to the rhythm and syllable/letter count. No complaints here.

    William Quinlon Bravery
    - William is very bare for me but I've probably met over a hundred of them in my lifetime. The name bores me, unfortunately. Quinlon is cool but the spelling isn't quite the most appealing to me. I like Bravery here as it adds something extra to this otherwise classical pairing.

    Wesley Michael Kent - Love Wesley with all my heart. I feel the same about Michael as I do about William and it is such a shame because the names are so solid and powerful. Kent tops it off with a bang. I like the flow here.

    Zephan Emory Lewis - Zephan is interesting, new to me. I love Emory though the Emre or Emery variants have my heart. Lewis is one that I don't think about very much, it just sits there for me. I do love te way these names work in tandem with each other though.

    Beniah Lorenzo Evron - This combo sounds very fantasy which is totally what I try to go for with my own so I love that aspect of it. Beniah is new to me, creative even. Lorenzo is handsome though not my style and I love the idea and feeling of Evron.

    Ezra Levi Xavrin - I love the consonant sounds in this one. I think this is all tied together rather nicely!

    Adrian Castiel Rowan - I love each individual name here with passion. I'm unsure about the flow here but I can look past it because I love the aura so much.

    Ender Grey - Ender is very strong and powerful, especially paired with a short name like Grey as a middle. This combo has wonderful elements to it.
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    Astoria Guinevere Lark | Avalon Wisteria Moon
    Elowen Viola Snow | Juliet Aurelia Dawn
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    Acadia Rosalind Faye - I like Acadia, though it does remind me a bit of the word arcade, but I think it sounds really elegant. I also like Rosalind, though I usually prefer Rosalie, but I think as a middle to Acadia, Rosalind is perfect. Faye is nice, and I like that its simpler than the other two names, it helps balance it out so that the name doesn't sound too grand. 7/10.
    Adaline Fiona Dove - I like Adaline, but I don't love it. Fiona is a great name, and I think it pairs well with Adaline, but I find Dove to be a bit too cutesy. 6/10
    Adelaide Cecilia Wren - I love Adelaide, which is helped by the fact that every Adelaide I've met has been a lovely person. Cecilia is one of my favourite names, and I think they work really well together. I'm not a fan of Wren (maybe just not into bird names, to be honest). 7/10
    Aeris Meridia Fawn - I've never been a fan of Aeris, it just sounds a bit weird to me. Meridia is cute but I prefer Merida, and Fawn is okay. 4/10
    Amarantha Margot Dawn - Amarantha is a bit elaborate for me. I love Amara and I like Samantha, but the two sounds together just don't work for me. Margot is a lovely middle, and I like Dawn. 5/10
    Astoria Guinevere Lark - Astoria is a nice name, and I love Guinevere... I kind of feel like I'd prefer this name inverted ie. Guinevere Astoria. Lark is again, not for me, but this anti-bird name thing seems to be a very personal bias so don't take me too seriously on that! 6/10
    Avalon Wisteria Moon - Avalon is cute, and I think it works really well in a modern context whilst still having historical meaning. I love Wisteria. I like the meaning of Moon as a middle, but I feel like I'd prefer it if it was just a name that meant moon e.g. Selene. Then again, maybe that is personal bias - my middle name means moon. 7/10

    cultural names:

    Ilias Mahdi (Il-e-yas) ~ Sufian Iskandar ~ Idris Azan

    Noora Yasmina ~ Hira Amani ~ Lana Safiya

    Zia (Zee-uh) | Haroun | Isa (Ee-suh) | Musa | Younus | Yusuf

    Anah | Isra | Nahla | Saffah | Safina | Sakina | Sana

    names i admire from other cultures:
    Caspian | Julian | Josefine | Soren | Tziporah

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    Isa Mika'il: Quite pleasant and simplistic to me.
    Sufian Iskandar: I love all of the rough sounds.
    Ilias Mahdi: Again, really nice.

    Noora Yasmina: Beautiful!
    Hira Imani: Seems quirky to me, but in a good way. I don't mean to be insultive.
    Lana Safiya: Seems very nice and I'd love to see it on an actual girl.

    Musa, Zaki, Yusuf, & Rafi: None are particularly my style, but they seem like very good boy names.
    Ibrahim: Absolutely lovely.
    Yunus: Very nice, though I wouldn't use it myself.

    Tziporah: I'm not a huge fan of this name, but I actually think it works quite well for you.
    Talia: Simple and lovely.
    Anah, Nahla, & Saffah: I love all of them, though for Anah and Saffah I think they'd be better without the H.
    Inara: Simply wonderful!
    Sakina & Safina: These are both beautiful!
    All names are intended for characters, not real children.

    Agatha Athena Aurelia Bea Cassiopeia Connemara Divina Esperanza Eden Fortunata Gaia Gloria Indira Juliette Katarina Lorelei Magdalena Olympia Opal Pomeline Primavera Quilla Tatiana Theodora Uma Venus Victoria Winona Xiomara Zaria

    Atlas Atticus Augustus Aurelius Cirrus Cairo Evander Giovanni Kylian Magastomo Oscar Peregrine Quest Rhydian Solomon Theodore Ulysses Vesuvio Viridius Vladimir Wylder Yossarian

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    Andromeda - Lovely name with lots of good nicknames. 9/10
    Athena - I like it but it's not my favorite 6/10
    Aurelia - Beautiful name! 8/10
    Brianna - I like it but not my favorite. 6/10
    Callista - I love Callista so much! 10/10
    Cassandra - I like Cassandra. Has some cute nicknames too! 9/10
    Diantha - This feels like you missed Diana and Samantha together. It's an interesting name. 4/10
    Esperanza - While Esperanza is not my style I can't deny it's a beautiful name. 8/10
    Frostine - Very much nms. 3/10
    Gloria - NMS but a good, solid name 6/10
    Guinevere - I love Guinevere so much! 9/10
    Indira - NMS but a loveley name 7/10
    Juliette - Beautiful name. 8/10
    Katarina - Reminds me of the Hurricane unfortunately, but it's a beautiful name other than that connotation 6/10 Lorelei - Pretty name 7/10
    Magdalena - Beautiful name 8/10
    Olympia - NMS but a decent name 5/10
    Orinthia - eh... not into it sorry 2/10
    Primavera - Reminds me of pasta... sorry 1/10
    Quintessa - I don't love Quintessa but it has some cute nicknames 6/10
    Roxanne - Roxanne feels dated a bit 4/10
    Theodora - I like Theodora! Cute nickname could be Theo 6/10
    Uma - I've never loved Uma but it's a decent name 5/10
    Verity - A little dated but cute 5/10
    Victoria - A lovely classic name 7/10
    Winona - I love Winona!!! 10/10
    Xiomara - Interesting name, but I like it 8/10
    Zinnia - Cute name! 7/10

    Atlas - NMS but cute 6/10
    Atticus - A GP name of mine 9/10
    Augustus - I prefer August but its still a nice name 8/10
    Aurelius - Eh... NMS 4/10
    Cirrus - Is this pronouns like See-rus or Cyrus? 5/10
    Cairo - I think it's nice but not my fave 6/10
    Evander - Evander has been growing on me 6/10
    Giovanni - NMS but a solid name 7/10
    Kylian - I think it's very modern but cute 9/10
    Magastomo - Just don't like it, sorry. 2/10
    Oscar - Reminds me of Sesame Street but cute name 7/10
    Peregrine - I love Peregrine, another GP name - 9/10
    Quest - I think Quest is a nice name! 8/10
    Rhydian - It's an interesting name but I think I like it 7/10
    Solomon - I love the name Solomon 10/10
    Theodore - Theodore is a handsome name - 9/10
    Ulysses - Feels very dated to me 4/10
    Vesuvio - Reminds me of Mt. Vesuvius... 2/10
    Viridius - Very much NMS but a cool name 5/10
    Vladimir - Interesting name 5/10
    Yossarian - Never heard of this name but I think with a good middle would be a nice name 6/10
    25 ~ Jewish ~ Name enthusiast

    Aliza Ruby ~ Dahlia Eden ~ Hadley Ariel ~ Hannah Sage ~ Leah Dove ~ Liora Emerson ~ Maia Wren ~ Naomi Arden ~ Noa Winter ~ Serenity Ruth ~ Shira Maeve ~ Yael Ivy

    Aliza = Uh-lee-zuh ~ Leah = Lay-uh ~ Shira = She-ruh

    Asher Grey ~ Elijah Sorrell ~ Ezra Forrest ~ Jonah Emmett ~ Jonathan Wolf ~ Judah Fox ~ Micah Alexander ~ Nathaniel Louis ~ Noam August ~ Raphael Stone ~ Rowan Zev ~ Samson Bennett

    Louis = Lewis Noam = No-uhm

    updated 2.5.20

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    Aliza Ruby ~ 9/10 I don’t think I have seen this first name, but I like it!
    Dahlia Eden ~ 9/10 I love Eden! Sweet pairing.
    Hadley Ariel ~ 8/10 I love Hadley, but not sure on the pair. I kinda like it though.
    Hannah Sage ~ 10/10 Such a cool pair!
    Leah Dove ~ 10/10 So sweet and simple, but yet dove gives it an uncommon felling.
    Liora Emerson ~ 7/10 They kinda seem to run into each other too much, but I love the names on their own.
    Maia Wren ~ 10/10 These fit so well together
    Naomi Arden ~ 10/10 Beautiful combo I love this!
    Noa Winter ~ 8/10 I love the pair but Noa is a boy’s name for me.
    Serenity Ruth ~ 9/10 This is so pretty!
    Shira Maeve ~ 8/10 Not my favorite names but still cute.
    Yael Ivy~ 7/10 I love Ivy but I don’t love the combo…

    Asher Grey ~ 10/10 I LOVE this one! So handsome!
    Elijah Sorrell ~ 10/10 I love how these two really complement each other
    Ezra Forrest ~ 10/10 I love both of these names!
    Jonah Emmett ~ 8/10This is very nice but I don’t love how the names seem to run in to each other.
    Jonathan Wolf ~ 10/10 This sounds cool.
    Judah Fox ~ 10/10 So handsome! I love the pairing
    Micah Alexander ~ 9/10 These fit so well together!
    Nathaniel Louis ~ 10/10
    Noam August ~ 7/10 I don’t love this one as much as some of you others.
    Raphael Stone ~ 9/10 I like this!
    Rowan Zev ~ 9/10 So cool!
    Samson Bennett~ 7/10 I like how the n sounds bring them together, but Bennett is not my cup of tea.

    You signature is LOVELY!!! You have such a cool style.
    ~Lassies~ Sierra Lorenna Joy ~ Everly Aurora Elise ~ Natalie Cecilia May ~ Hadassah Elmira Faith ~ Cassia Elyssia Linnea ~ Tirzah Rosalie Sky ~ Destry Cora Sapphire ~ Cecily Aliyah Rose ~ Zipporah Elizabeth Shalom ~

    -Laddies- - Caspian Excalibur Milo - Wesley Michael Kent - Zephan Emory Luis - Beniah Lorenzo Evron - Ezra Levi Xavrin - Adrian Castiel Rowan - Ender Grey

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    Sierra Lorenna Joy: 5/10 Sierra seems a bit too dated starting since the late 80's ~ Everly Aurora Elise 10/10 Beautiful! ~ Natalie Cecilia May 9/10 Nice name! ~ Havilah Liyana Aaralyn-7/10 nice unusual name, but just chaotic on paper ~ Hadassah Elmira Faith: 4/10 Just not a fan of this name but it sounds balanced. ~ Cassia Elyssia Linnea- 10/9 kind of a mouthful, but I do like it!
    ~ Tirzah Amber Lynne 6/10 Like Tirzah, just do not care for the middles ~ Destry Cora Sapphire 9/10 Like Destry and Sapphire but the Cora sounds abrupt between.
    ~ Cecily Aliyah Rose:10/10 Beautiful name
    ~ Zipporah Elizabeth Shalom 9/10 nice name, a bit different but is growing on me!
    ~ Dessa Saphron 4/10 this sounds like two different names, do not really care for either.

    Caspian Excalibur Milo:10/10 brave name sounds like he will be a Military General -
    William Quinlon Bravery: 5/10 Like the first two names together although they're quite common, but think Bravery is a bit too much to live up to! -
    Wesley Michael Kent -10/10 Great balanced Kent!
    Zephan Emory Lewis: 8/10- like Zephan Emory but do not care for Lewis although it doesn't have a nice flow -
    Beniah Lorenzo Evron: 9/10 Great manly names, have a bit of a pause with Beniah...maybe will grow on me LOL -
    Ezra Levi Xavrin 9/10 Not a fan of Ezra so much but actually love this combo - Adrian Castiel Rowan 2/10 this entire name doesn't really seem to go together. - Ender Grey: 8/10 Nice easy name!
    *Ronan Malachite* Vander Lynx (NN Van) * Sauron Jude * Atticus Lycos * Felix Legend * Thaddeus Wilder "Tad" * Xavier Lyons * Thane Wallace

    ~ Joey Rose ~ Kelby Anise ~ Everest Lenore ~ Antonia Juliette ~ Calista Maeve ~ ~ Ellery Chrysalis (means before a Butterfly nn Cricket)

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