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    Julien Miles - I like this combo a lot, it’s very handsome and I think it would grow nicely with someone
    Evander Laurence - This is a fun but not too out there combo that I also really enjoy, would love to meet someone named this
    Freddie Jacob - I knew a kid named Freddie growing up and have a fondness for it but I haven’t seen him since we were kids and think Frederick or something would age better, Jacob in the middle is very refreshing
    Isaac Abel - Love Isaac, I think it’s so handsome and sharp, Abel is a really interesting middle choice
    Jensen Reese: Jensen is nms but I see the appeal, I think due to the S in fn I would change the combo to Jensen Reeve for a little more variety though I do enjoy Reese overall
    Lance Aden - Lance is underused as both a name and a word which works in its favor for me, it’s readable and unique, not sure how Aden is pronounced but I think I like it here too
    Sebastian Mitchell - For me this combo would work nicely in either direction, I just met a little Mitchell recently so that’s sticking in my mind
    Travis Archer - this is a really nice combo, I like how unique Travis is and Archer is nice in the middle spot
    Wes Leon - I know brothers called Travis and Wes/ley so this makes a lot of sense to me, Wes is a bit short but I like it with Leon
    Robin Timber - I personally would break this combo up due to the sound of it “robbing timber”, I think Robin is nice and underused and Timber is exciting but would prefer them with non-word names

    Charlie Elsa - I like Charlie for a girl but I prefer Charlotte Elsa nn Charlie because I think it matches best with your style for girls names
    Delaney Eleanor - I love the liveliness of Delaney and Eleanor makes a great middle, a really pretty combo
    Penelope Isla - This is a combo I think I would like more with a last name, on its own I would personally prefer the flow of Isla Penelope
    Chloe Olive - A bit too short/too much L sound in this combo but I like both names for you overall
    Teagan Abigail - I would again split these due to sound (too much g in one place), Teagan Olive and Chloe Abigail sound great to me
    Tess Athena - Neither name is my style but wow is this a great combo, beautiful and streamlined and strong, love it
    Hannah Phaedra - I don’t care for Hannah personally but Phaedra is awesome!!
    Danica Lilac - I don’t love the repeated ca/ac sounds here but I think the combo is visually appealing and both names are pretty and strong
    Holly Bella - never liked Holly (probably because it’s too close to my name for comfort) but I like it for you, this combo isn’t half bad but I would probably mix up the syllable count with Holly Isabella or Gabriella
    Shiloh Eden: this combo is really pretty written down, I love Eden as well, I think it’s a great choice if slightly different from your other girl names

    Willa Cove - Violet Noor - Thea Wynn
    Reuben Jett - Oscar Ford - Calvin Tate

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    Thomas Domenico: They flow so nicely together!
    Isaac Alfonso: it's nms but it's a cute name
    Nicolas Vittorio: It's cute, although I might be saying the middle name wrong, sorry
    Celia Caterina: It doesn't really flow like your other names but it's still cute
    Verity Francesca: I think this is my favorite of all your names, it's cute and flows nicely together
    Willa Giuseppina: Another cute name

    You have so many cute and unique names on your list!
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    Virgil James, Hugo Alexander, Ronan Sirius, Wallace Orion, Linus Oliver, and Bartholomew Rhys

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    Opal Evangeline, Elizabeth Pearl, Luna Quinn, Theodosia Louise, Genevieve Amelia, Clementine Pandora

    Mother to furbaby named Chuck

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    Boy Today : Shepherd Wesley
    Girl Today : Leighton Isabel

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    ➸ Waverly Tess ➸ Jensen Daphne ➸ Hayes Lila ➸ Brett Caroline ➸
    ➸ Denver Kaitlyn ➸ Shiloh Autumn ➸ Merritt Amelia ➸ Quincy Annabel➸
    ➸ Penny Teagan ➸ Sterling Brianne ➸ Chandler Emma ➸ Lacey Eleanor ➸
    ➸ Ainsley Brooke ➸ Hallie Claire ➸ Neve Harper ➸ Clove Reese ➸
    ➸ Keziah Alice ➸ Henley Maya ➸ Brighton Ava ➸ Navy Gwyneth ➸

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    Duncan Ezekiel - Duncan was what my brother suggested I be named when my Mum was pregnant, there was a football player that played for the team he supported but my Dad supported the “rival” team so he refused, it’s kind of crazy to me to see it on someones list i’ve never actually heard it on a baby before only men, but I guess all names have a comeback. I love Ezekiel a true guilty pleasure for me.
    Ford Elias - I like Ford but don’t love it, I remember it having a little surge in popularity with YouTube Mums a few years ago and expected it to get really popular but I’ve only heard of a few since. Ford Elias makes a good combo.
    Tennyson Luke - I don’t think I would ever be brave enough to name a baby of my own Tennyson, but it is unusual I don’t think they would have another in their class. I really like Luke, it’s one of them names that I don’t think will ever go out of style.
    Sawyer Maxwell - I have a soft spot for Sawyer i’m not sure why it’s not nessesarily a name I would choose but I always love hearing it. I also love it paired with Maxwell makes a really handsome name.
    Hayes Andrew - Hayes is a name n my own long list, it used to be higher but just with time and changing styles it got lower still really love it though. I really wish more people used the name Andrew, a bit like Sawyer I have a soft spot for it and they really sound good together. Sawyer Maxwell & Hayes Andrew would make great names for brothers.
    Bishop Harrison - Bishop is not my style sorry, it’s too occupational and surnamey for me. I like Harrison though and do prefer Harrison Bishop.
    Townes Gideon - Townes is the same as Bishop for me sorry, just doesn’t seem usable to me. Gideon’s nice though a recognisable name that’s not heard a lot.
    Crew Daniel - Crew is nice just not my style either, I prefer Cruz personally. Daniel is another name that I don’t think will ever go out of style.
    Dexter Liam - Dexter is again a name that’s recognisable but not heard everyday. I like Liam as a middle name, I hear it all the time as a first name but rarely as a middle name.
    Koda Grey - Koda isn’t my favourite but I do kind of see it as more of a girls name for some reason. I love Grey for both genders though.
    Porter Simon - Porter isn’t my personal style either but thats just me, I like Simon though you don’t really hear of many baby Simon’s.
    Clayton Josiah - Again not necessarily my personal style but it works, the flow works well and just the general feel of the names flow well.

    Laramie Joan - I’ve never heard of Laramie so i’m not sure how to pronounce it, Joan’s a nice middle name again never really hear of it being used anymore the only Joan’s I know are old women.
    Tilly Georgia - This whole name just feels english to me this would have been very popular in England about 10 year ago not so much Georgia that hasn’t be overly popular before but due to it being my name I seem to hear loads, I went to school with about 5 others. The flow is a little off to me but I feel that in the UK there will be a lot of sisters named Tilly & Georgia.
    Saffron Isla - I like Saffron it always reminds me of Absolutely Fabulous which I love. I used to love the name Isla but it just became way to popular in the UK a few years ago.
    Nayeli Kaye - I’m not 100% sure how to pronounce Nayeli but it seems pretty. Kaye reminds me too much of a middle aged woman but it is a middle name so I don’t think it really matters.
    Bree Lucia - Bree is nice it reminds me of Chesapeake Shore. Lucia is a favourite of mine, it’s also a family name so I have a real soft spot for it.
    Whitley Charlotte - Whitley is not my style, I feel that Whitney became too popular in the 90’s when Whitney Houston was really big that I can’t really see past it.
    I love Charlotte though it’s always been a favourite of mine since I was a kid it’s what I always wanted to change my name too.
    Nori Joanna - Nori is nice, I much prefer Nora and it still sort of reminds me of Kim Kardashian’s daughter I think its what she planned North’s nickname to be. Joanna reminds me of Joanna Lumley another tie to Absolutely Fabulous.
    Sterling Lorelai - I am actually really liking this name at first glance I didn’t but the more i’ve looked at it and said it I actually too, again I don’t think I would use it myself but I like the idea of it, I like how Sterling is really unexpected especially on a girl and paired with feminine Lorelai it makes a great pair.
    Memphis Amelia - I like Memphis i’ve only really heard it a few time before but never actually met one and i’m sure that’ll be the case for most people.
    Arizona Louise - Arizona just immediately reminds me of Grey’s Anatomy but I do think it might remind some people of the drinks. Louise is a great classic name that seems to just really work as a middle name for most first names.
    Bea Katherine - I love Bea, I do prefer Beatrice nicknamed Bea but that’s just personal preference.
    Kendall Faith - Kendall has bad associations for me so the name is slightly tainted. I like Faith though not just for the meanings but it does sound pretty too.
    -Georgia Mia Isabella-

    Etta Valentine | Sylvie Augusta | Willa Magdalene | Violet Lucia
    Max Shepard | Hugo Blaire | Felix Wilder | Otto Alexander

    Emilio | Angelo | Arlo
    Graziella | Serafina | Gioia

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    Philomena Jane, Gwendolyn Frances, Alma Leonore,
    Luca Sullivan, Milo Robert, Jack Theodore, Magnus Leo, Sonny Lorenzo,
    Julian Luca, Rex Giovanni, Lorenzo Gianni

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    Georgia Mia Isabella - Is this your daughter's name? It's very sweet. I especially love the pairing of Mia Isabella

    Etta Valentine - I like Valentine a lot for a middle name but Etta isn't my favourite
    Sylvie Augusta - I have bad associations with the name Sylvie but Augusta is nice
    Willa Magdalene - I like the soft sound Willa has to it and paired with Magdalene is very nice
    Violet Lucia - I absolutely adore Violet, Lucia isn't my favourite but i think it would go nice with another Italian name.
    Max Shepard - Not my style
    Hugo Blaire - I like it a lot, I think Blaire as a middle name for a boy works really well
    Felix Wilder - Love it!
    Otto Alexander - Not a fan of Otto as it just reminds me of an otter but Alexander is such a beautiful strong name!

    Emilio - I love it!
    Angelo - I never used to like it but it's really growing on me
    Arlo - I personally prefer it for a girl but i think it's still a lovely name either way
    Graziella - It's a little bit too out there personally for me. Serafina - It's growing on me
    Gioia - It's not my favourite

    Greta Leonore - I love this! Leonore is one of my favourites and i think it goes very well with Greta
    Adelia Jane - Gorgeous!
    Flora Genevieve - Beautiful!
    Ramona Ivy - I have always had a soft spot for Ramona and i think it sounds beautiful paired with Ivy
    Martha Florence - I can't say i love the name Martha, but i think Florence goes really well with almost everything. I'd prefer Maeve Florence.
    Philomena Jane - Philomena is a little too out there for me. Gwendolyn Frances - It just sounds a little too old
    Alma Leonore - I personally don't think Alma has a very nice sound to it.
    Luca Sullivan - I love Luca but Sullivan isn't my style
    Milo Robert - Where i come from Milo is a popular drink and more commonly used for a dogs name.
    Jack Theodore - Love it!
    Magnus Leo - I think it would sound better switched
    Sonny Lorenzo - It's alright
    Julian Luca - I think it would sound better switched
    Rex Giovanni - Rex just makes me think of a dinosaur but Giovanni is very nice
    Lorenzo Gianni - A little bit too out there for me but i think if you have Italian heritage it's a very nice choice.
    ~ Alana Leah ~

    Adalie, Blair, Cove, Emma, Elsie, Evie, Gracie, Harlow, Ivy, Luna, Matilda, Saskia

    Harry, Louis, James, Leo, Charlie, Atticus, Flynn, Lincoln, Elliot, Carter

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    Adalie- I like Adalie! It's better than Adalyn/Adaline/Addison
    Blair- I just think of blare, which makes it sound sort of harsh. It is pretty though.
    Cove- Cove would be cool on a girl. For a while It was one of my favorite boy names.
    Emma- Emma is so awesome. I wish it wasn't so popular. It is fun and youthful, yet mature, which is always nice.
    Elsie-Elsie is so adorable! It's sounds lightly german which I like.
    Evie- Evie is cute, I do prefer Eva with the nickname though.
    Gracie-Again, really cute but I would prefer Grace or Gracelyn
    Harlow- Harlow is cool!
    Ivy- I love Ivy! She's one of my favorites.
    Luna- Luna is pretty. It just seems sort of bland to me. I prefer Stella.
    Matilda- It's a really pretty and interesting name, I'm just not a fan for some reason. I really disliked that book and movie as a kid.
    Saskia- Saskia is great! It's unique, yet easy to pronounce.

    Harry- I've never really liked Harry. It seems old.
    Louis- I really like Louis. I prefer the Louie pronunciation.
    James- Yay, James. This is my favorite boy's name.
    Leo- Leo is nice. I feel it fits nicely at any age.
    Charlie- It's okay. I prefer Charlie over Charles. I'm not a big fan of nickname names.
    Atticus- Atticus is pretty awesome. I like To Kill a Mockingbird.
    Flynn- I much prefer Finn. But Flynn is nice too.
    Lincoln- Linc is such a cute nickname. I've been thinking about Lincoln for awhile. I live in Illinois so the Abraham Lincoln association is pretty strong here. However it's probably not a problem where you live.
    Elliot- I like Elliot. It does sound sort of weak though.
    Carter- I love Carter!
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    Boys: James David, Finnian Walter, Sam Everett, Ian Atticus, Lachlan Pierce, Ronin Evander, Emmett Andre, Remus Ben, Kellen Daniel, Dashiell Caleb, Eli Joseph, Kieran Oslo, Henri James, Marko Ellison, Adlai Stephen

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    Charlotte Elysia: this combo has a great sound to it, I love the meaning of Elysia as well, both classic and bold, I like it a lot
    Amelie Elena: I don’t love Amelie with Elena for some reason but both are super pretty names and again love the meaning of mn
    Rowena Violet: This is a really beautiful, smart sounding combo, very nicely paired
    Vivienne Darcy: This combo is a great match of feminine and masculine for lack of better terms, I like th versatility here
    Isabel Amaryllis: This combo looks great, I am a bit thrown off by the starting in Is/ending in Is thing though
    Reina Hyacinth: Wow! This is a combo fit for a queen (pun intended!), sounds very regal and upper crust-y to me
    Mavis Rhiannon: This is a fun one, I could see it on a musician/artist as a stage name or on an engineer, very versatile, unexpected but not unheard of, love it for you
    Della Eris: I like Della but I think here Delia Eris sounds best as it breaks up the syllable count a bit
    Anneliese Ivy: As a combo without a surname I prefer Ivy Anneliese but with the right last name I think it works as you have it, my friends sister is an Annalise and it brings to mind a confident, funny girl
    Athena Celeste: I love what Athena stands for and Celeste has awesome vibes too, very cool combo

    James David: A bit simple but not bad, I love James and think he would be a good brother for Charlotte and/or Vivienne
    Finnian Walter: This is awesome, very handsome and you’ve again hit the uncommon but easy to say/spell mark, loving Walter too
    Sam Everett: Sam is a sturdy name that stands well on its own and Everett was my grandpa’s middle (and his father’s too) so I think of a strong, brave, down to earth guy
    Ian Atticus: This combo is very visually appealing to me, I like the flow a lot too
    Lachlan Pierce: This combo feels like one I -should- have seen before, the names just sound right together, another great choice
    Ronin Jax: This is a cool combo that works well, I personally would spell it Ronan, Jax is snappy in a zingy way that works well in the middle spot
    Emmett Andre: This is another familiar but unexpected pairing, I really like these names together despite not caring for either name individually
    Ben Remus: Your Ben and Sam would be great siblings
    Julius Kellen: I think Kellen Julius flows a bit better without a last name attached but could be another that works with the last name
    Caleb Dashiell: this is a really awesome combo, I think he would make a nice brother to Anneliese Ivy

    Willa Cove - Violet Noor - Thea Wynn
    Reuben Jett - Oscar Ford - Calvin Tate

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    Thomas Domenico - Wow, Domenico is so great! I haven't heard it before!
    Isaac Alfonso - Isaac isn't my favorite, but I like the flow of this.
    Nicolas Vittorio - it's another first name that I don't love, but love the unique middle!
    Celia Caterina - I like Celia! I don't typically like names with repeating or rhyming endings, so I don't love Caterina with it.
    Verity Francesca - this is a pair made in heaven!
    Willa Giuseppina - very unique and it hits all the normal points for me, but Guiseppina is just not my style. Love Willa though!
    married, just dreaming for now
    hoping to conceive 2020 or early 2021

    Auden Rena
    Clarke Aveline
    Tatum Cadence
    Delta Wren
    Margot Rhiannon
    Imogen Story

    Rory Hart
    Callum Avery
    Lowell Hayes
    Leland Ames
    Arlo Kit

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    Auden Rena - I like Auden, i’ve only ever heard of it once and twice and only ever on here, never in real life. I think it has a great sound, I’m not sure how to pronounce Rena though whether it’s Ree-na or Ray-na I think I prefer the latter when paired with Auden but either is nice.
    Clarke Aveline - I love Clarke for a girl, definitely unexpected I like it for a boy but there is definitely something special about a girl named Clarke. Aveline is so pretty I was someone that really loved Adaline before the craze started and it kind of broke my heart when it got so popular but Aveline is a great alternative. These names paired are just stunning you’ve got the masculine Clarke paired with feminine Aveline and already she sounds like a character in a book.
    Tatum Cadence - Tatum used to be on my own list, I still really like it but it just doesn’t fit with my other names. Cadence reminds me of a girl born in the 80s/90s, I can never really picture it on a baby born today but it is in the middle sport so it doesn’t matter anyway.
    Delta Wren - This is such a lovely pairing. I love Delta, i’d never really thought about it until Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard named their daughter it and immediately I loved it but even thought’s a ‘celeb baby name’ it still fells fresh and uncommon. Wren is a great middle for most names but it fits really well here.
    Margot Rhiannon - Margot has been on my list for years but with the Margo spelling I especially love it in the middle spot. I went to school with a few Rhiannon’s and they slightly tainted this name for me unfortunately but that is just personal to me.
    Imogen Story - Imogen is a name I either love or hate, i’m not sure where I am with it now, I do like the name and I think it was even on my own long list for a while, I think it’s really pretty I just know a few Imogen’s that are unfortunately brats and it’s seemed to really put me of it. I love Story though it is a real guilty pleasure favourite of mine, I always imagine a girl with the name Story or who has it in her name to be a real sort of magic believing, fairy loving girl.

    Rory Hart - This name just sounds like a real cool kid, I’ve only ever known one Rory he was the little brother of a girl in my class so he’s probably in his late teens now and he was a real nice kid so it reminds me of him, also a few book and tv show characters. It still sounds really fresh i’m glad people are starting to notice it. I love Hart as a first but don’t think i’d be brave enough to use it but I do think it makes a perfect middle name, though everyone can recognise the name it still feels really unique.
    Callum Avery - Callum feels a little dated to the 90’s/2000’s for me because there was one a few years older than me in school. I love Avery for a boy, I feel like I only ever hear/see it for girls but i’ve always preferred it on a boy.
    Lowell Hayes - Lowell isn’t my style sorry, it’s not a bad name just not one I love. I love Hayes though it used to be pretty high on my list but as my name style changed it felt a little to guilty pleasure for me but I adore hearing people using it.
    Leland Ames - Leland again isn’t really my style and I once had a teacher named Mrs Leland and although she was always nice to me I wouldn’t want to name my baby after her, but again that’s just personal to me. Ames is nice but it feels a little too nicknamey to me but its a middle so thats not a big deal.
    Arlo Kit - This is a really cute name. I love Arlo it’s cute for a baby, fun for a kid, cool for a teen & adult and I think it would make a great name for an older man it would make him sound really cool and young, plus I hate when I hear people say that names used today won’t suit them when they are old people, but they’re forgetting that when the babies are old they’re all going to have these once unusual names and they won’t feel unusual anymore, i’m sure some of the names we now consider “old fashioned” were once considered modern and unusual in their day. Kit is cute and suits Arlo well.

    My favourites of your names are Clarke Aveline, Delta Wren, Rory Hart & Arlo Kit.
    -Georgia Mia Isabella-

    Etta Valentine | Sylvie Augusta | Willa Magdalene | Violet Lucia
    Max Shepard | Hugo Blaire | Felix Wilder | Otto Alexander

    Emilio | Angelo | Arlo
    Graziella | Serafina | Gioia

    Greta Leonore, Adelia Jane, Flora Genevieve, Ramona Ivy, Martha Florence,
    Philomena Jane, Gwendolyn Frances, Alma Leonore,
    Luca Sullivan, Milo Robert, Jack Theodore, Magnus Leo, Sonny Lorenzo,
    Julian Luca, Rex Giovanni, Lorenzo Gianni

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    Greta Leonore - The flow is really good but I would prefer Greta with a softer name.
    Adelia Jane - I feel like Adelia is too close to Amelia to be usable nowadays but it is pretty with Jane.
    Flora Genevieve - It's a bit too frilly for my tastes but there's nothing wrong with it as a combo.
    Ramona Ivy - Super spunky and cute. I think it would make a great sister to Adelia Jane.
    Martha Florence - This combo immediately jumped out at me. It's so elegant and well balanced.
    Philomena Jane - I'd usually find Jane a bit plain (pun intended) but I think it balances Philomena out.
    Gwendolyn Frances - I'm not a fan of either name sorry.
    Alma Leonore - Alma is very warm and friendly which I love.

    Luca Sullivan - Despite the different vibes they compliment perfectly.
    Milo Robert and Jack Theodore - These two are very handsome and they'd make great brothers.
    Magnus Leo - I think it would flow better flipped.
    Sonny Lorenzo - Sonny is super cute and it sounds great with Lorenzo.
    Julian Luca - You wouldn't expect the flow to work on this one but it really does.
    Rex Giovanni - I'm on the fence about Rex. On the one hand it's spunky and short which I like on the other hand it does have a reputation for being a pets name and it's close to another word.
    Lorenzo Gianni - The flow and sound of combo are fabulous and I love the amount of nickname options.
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    Boy Today : Shepherd Wesley
    Girl Today : Leighton Isabel

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    ➸ Ainsley Brooke ➸ Hallie Claire ➸ Neve Harper ➸ Clove Reese ➸
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