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    Edmund Louis- I love it! Edmund is one of my favorites because it's so handsome and sounds self-assured. The French Louis in the middle is a charming surprise.

    Henry- I always thought that Henry is a little effeminate, but it has an appealing sound and is well-liked. I do like the nickname Hank

    Arthur George-both very fine names! A very strong combination, and many good namesakes for Arthur.

    Hugo-I'm fond of Hugo because it reminds me of Victor Hugo, and I think any name that reminds one of a gifted author is a plus. Hugo is also really fun to say.

    Rose Lavinia Charlotte- Rose is a beautiful classic that will never go out of style, nor become very popular, so it is perfect. The middles compliment the first very well. The entire combination feels distinguished, but also grounded.

    Flora- Flora has not grown on me yet, but it has a cute sound and good, earthy meaning.

    Alice Cordelia Pearl- I really like Alice! Like your Rose combo, this combination is unique but not at all over the top. I would be intrigued to see this name on a girl.

    Very handsome names overall!
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    First I just wanted to say I like your name!
    Robin- Robin is growing on me. It's classic and handsome.
    Linus- I love Linus
    Phillip- All I think of is my best friends husband. But I love the name itself.
    Stephen- personal connection makes me not like this name
    Clark- I love this one
    Conan- nms
    Joel- my cousins name, so I love it being loved on
    Terence- nms
    Arthur- love it
    Finn- love it
    Alfred- nms but its nice
    Gregory- It's nice
    Malcolm- love this name since I was about 8.
    Parker- Love this name as well
    Jensen- Jensen ackles makes me love this name
    Beckett- I love this name
    Zelda-nms personally but its nice
    Fiona- love this
    Elise- Love this
    Angela- nms
    Miriam- I like it. Different, and nice.
    Josephine- nms but its a nice name
    Bethany- I love the biblical ties here to this name.
    Florence- I likethis name
    Joelle- Like this one
    Beatrix- Love it
    Eliza- personally nms also have a bad connection to it.
    Gwen- its just okay.
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    Aubree Navayah- Aubree is cute with the nickname Bree and it flows well with Navayah but it isn't my favourite.
    Elleanora Ruth Allean- I would spell Eleanora with one 'L' but I prefer Eleanor without the 'A'. I dislike the name Ruth and Allean looks too much like Allen
    Arya Rose- these names sound lovely together but both are a bit too popular.
    Thea Lux- I like this much better than Arya Rose because it feels like it has more personality and I love Thea!
    Freya Ann Kathleen- Freya is cute and I like it with Kathleen but I don't think Ann works well.

    Anthony Michael- A bit plain.
    Niklaus Robert- I prefer just Nico or Niko over Nicolas or Niklaus and Robert is nms.
    Xavier Ryan- I adore Xavier!!
    Abel James- I dislike Abel but I do like James as the middle.
    Declan Matthew- Love this!

    Dahlia Novelle- Beautiful, I completely love this.
    Adira Vivian- I prefer Amira and Vivienne over Vivian.
    Beatrix Genevieve- Flows well but I don't love either name.
    Cedric Varro-Cedric is cute and I have never heard of Varro but it works well.
    Alaric Ever Jude- Alaric is nms, ever i associate with females but I do like Jude alot.
    Edith Arla- Edie is a cute nickname but Arla dosen't feel like a complete name.
    Rosalind Eden- Lovely.....
    Rosalie Sparrow- I love Rose names!
    Walter Hawthorne Atlas- Walter is a bit old fashioned for me, I like Hawthorne but only as a middle and I think Atlas is very handsome.
    Annavieve Flora- Annavieve is a great spin on Genevieve and I love Flora as the middle.
    Emerly Hudson- This sounds a bit too feminine to me.
    Violet Day- Violet is beautiful and so is Day.
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    Eliana Sage: The combo sounds pretty. Eliana is nice, but nms. Sage is great.
    Annabelle Quinn: I don't like Annabelle, but Quinn is super cute.
    Alessia Faith: I think Faith is a great mn, Alessia is okay.
    Rafaella Jade: I really don't like Rafaella. Sorry. It just looks and sounds too much like Rafael, which is too masculine. Jade is great though!
    Cassia Ivy: Cassie is really pretty and Ivy is nice.
    Nova Elise: I prefer Nova as a mn. I like Elise!
    Emmeline Ivy: I like this combo.

    Elijah Rowan: I have always really liked Elijah, though it has gotten really popular. I like Rowan a lot too.
    Alexander Julian: Alexander is overused in my opinion I think this would be better as Julian Alexander.
    Dylan Everett: I think Dylan is super cute despite the popularity. Everett is great, I have it on my list.
    Micah James: Micah is nms. James is fine as a mn.
    Noah Bentley: I like Noah. I don't like Bentley. It is way to trendy and not in a good way.
    Nathaniel Thomas: These are nms.

    India: It's ok
    Aspen: Ehh maybe as a mn
    Azula: nms
    Aviana: nms
    Saskia: nms
    Cairo: Maybe as a mn
    Caspian: I like
    Oakley: Don't like. Unless youre trying to name after the brand.
    Dorian: It's okay
    Valor: I think this would make a nice mn.
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    Bennett. Otto. Felix. Penn.

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    Eliana Sage- I dislike Eliana, but I love the nn Ellie. I adore Sage. 8/10
    Annabelle Quinn- Two of my favorites. 10/10
    Alessia Faith- Alessia is okay, but I love Faith.
    Rafaella Jade- Not a fan of Rafaella. I love Jade though. 6/10
    Cassia Ivy- Love Cassia, and Ivy is okay. 8/10
    Nova Elise- Not a big fan of Nova. 4/10
    Emmaline- I LOVE Emmaline and I absolutely adore the nn Emma. 9/10

    Elijah Rowan- I have always loved Elijah and nn Eli. I love Rowan for a girl, but I'm not a big fan of it for a boy. 7/10
    Alexander Julian- I love all Alex names. 9/10
    Dylan Everett- I love both names. 10/10
    Micah James- I don't like Micah, but James is nice. 5/10
    Noah Bentley- Not my favorite. 2/10
    Nathaniel Thomas (Nate)- Love Nickname Nate) 10/10

    India- 1/10
    Aspen- 8/10
    Aviana- 2/10
    Saskia- 3/10

    Cairo- 0/10
    Caspian- 10/10
    Oakley- I love this name, but like it better for a girl, 8/10
    Dorian- 4/10
    Valor- 0/10
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