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    Philomena Wendy Marika- Philomena and Wendy sound very old-fashioned to me, and I'm not a huge fan of old fashioned names. I do love Marika, though!
    Magenta Olivet Malou- I like the French feel to this one, especially with the color name.
    Lavender Ottaline Beeja- I love Lavender Ottaline, and the sound of Beeja is okay. I don't like double letters in names, so the look is definitely not ideal.
    Beatrix Chamomile Liselotte- I really hate the name Beatrice, and Beatrix is only slightly better. Chamomile is a little out there, but I think it works in the middle. I love Liselotte!
    Malachite Amadeus Quimby- Malachite reminds me of parasites, but I might be alone on that. Amadeus would take some getting used to, but it is by no means bad. Quimby is okay, but I much prefer Quincy.
    Finola Myrtle- I don't know why, but to me it sounds like one of the parents in Finding Nemo. I am slightly obsessed with Disney, so I'm not sure you would have to worry about that otherwise.
    Lilika Poet- A lit of i's in the first name, but overall I like this name a lot.
    Juniper Elsbeth- Juniper has always sounded like a version of Jennifer to me, but I don't really have anything bad to say about it. I love Elsbeth!
    Franka June- I'm not a huge fan of adding an "a" to a traditionally masculine name to make it more feminine (besides Erika), but Franka isn't the worst one ever. June is a great name, though!
    Britta Audacity- Britta reminds me of the filter brand. I don't really like virtue names, and Audacity isn't an exception. It does work in the middle spot, though.
    Clarence Gennaro- Clarence was the name of my first bunny I got when I was seven. So this name is very special to me.
    Linus Spade- Linus reminds me of the character from Charlie Brown, Spade is okay. I prefer Ace.
    Mordecai Pullox- Mordecai sounds like a dog name to me, but Pullox is cool.
    Pinchas Januaro- When I heard this name, it made me think of a person wearing a poncho in January.

    I'm sorry if I was too harsh on any of these, I most certainly didn't mean to be.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vincentadultman View Post
    Adelina Joy - very pretty, although Joy is a bit two much of a common one syllable middle name for my liking
    Magdalena Elisabeth - I love Magdalena, again with the common middle name for Elisabeth. But this is beautiful
    Elysia Rose - nms, every second girl on the planet has the middle name Rose and I don't like the spund of Elysia
    Ophelia Maeve - beautiful!!

    Leo Xavier - doesn't flow well imo
    Alexander George - i like this, this is very prim and proper
    Isaac Peregrine - lovely!
    Harry Lysander - prefer Lysander Harry
    Jasper Ellis Theodore - nice!!

    Odette - this was considered for my name 14 years ago and I am very glad my parents went with Eloise...nms
    Zinnia - sounds like Zapp Brannigan genderbent
    Nell - pretty!
    Zacharias - this has to be my least favourite of the Zach- names, but I'm not fond of any of them because I know an awful boy named Zach. this one sounds a little awkward
    Pablo - I like this!

    Parthenia - i've never been a fan of names with a th sound in them
    Piper - meh
    Adina - without a middle name, sounds like it needs an extra syllable or two
    Gustav - um, nms
    Latimer - this one's growing on me
    Loïc - I like this...
    Rose may be the middle name of many girls but it's in that particular spot for a reason. It was the name of my late grandmother whom I've never met as she died 9 years before I was born, though I've heard many lovely stories about her and she sounds like a wonderful person, so I would like to honour her one day. My cousin's middle name is also Rose so I thought it would be nice to continue the pattern.

    I have never heard of Zapp Brannigan genderbent before.

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    Alishia Payton- I do not love either name in this combo but they do flow together.
    Camille Blue- Camille is cute but I prefer it as a middle name and I love blue but it just doesn't work for me in this combo.
    Caoimhe Maeve- I always forget the right way to pronounce Caoimhe but I am sure it sounds lovely with Maeve. My only concern would be pronunciation.
    Jacqueline Ember- Has a nice ring to it Jacqueline is okay but I love Ember.
    Ainsley Amelia- I don't like the alliteration in this combo.
    Francesca Brooklyn-Francesca has never been my favorite but i like it with the middle name Brooklyn.
    Ambrosia Amory- Anther case where i don't like the alliteration
    Ashlyn Nessa- I dislike Ashlyn and I think Nessa is cute but only as a nickname for Vanessa.
    Fifer Cecile-Fifer for some reason sounds masculine to me but does go nicely with Cecile.
    Nalani Mele- The flow sounds a bit off but they sound like beautiful names.
    Avila Sky- They go together perfectly!
    Maia November- I like both names by themselves.
    Vixen Marine- I Love this.
    Dylan Calypso- A strange pairing of first and middle name but they work. I also Love Dylan as a girls name.
    Anastasia Magnolia- Even though they both end in 'a' it works.
    Leona Lyric- The alliteration it better here but not my favorite.
    Zanna Clover- NMS.

    Jason William- Too plain compared to your girls.
    David Connor-Connor is cute.
    Orion Denver- flows well but i dislike Denver.
    Milo Neal-Sort of runs together to create one name "Miloneal"
    Jordan Flynn- AN okay name.
    Jamison Cole- I actually really like this.
    Nico Hudson- Nico is so cute!
    Luca Monroe- Love Luca and Monroe makes a great middle name.
    Cameron Felix- Handsome!
    Corey Nicholas- I like Corey but it doesn't flow with Nicholas.
    Coby Griffin-LOVE this.
    Anthony James- A bit plain.
    Ian Andrew- nms.
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    Eliana Sage - I'm not a huge fan of either name but they sound lovely together
    Annabelle Quinn - Annabelle is beautiful, Quinn works well with it
    Alessia/Alesia Faith - Alessia isn't a name I'm too fond of but I definitely prefer this spelling, Faith isn't my style
    Rafaella Jade - the combo sounds lovely
    Cassia Ivy - gorgeous combo
    Nova Elise - Elise is beautiful, Nova isn't for me but they sound really great together
    Emmeline Ivy - another great combo

    Elijah Rowan - lovely combination
    Alexander Julian - very handsome
    Dylan Everett - not a fan of either name but they flow well together
    Micah James - I love James, Micah is nice though I personally prefer the mee-kah pronunciation
    Noah Bentley - Noah is handsome, Bentley just reminds me of the car
    Nathaniel Thomas - another great combo

    India - not a huge fan of it personally but it sounds very pretty
    Aspen - not my style
    Azula - not my style either but I like it on other people's children
    Aviana - same as Azula
    Saskia - as above
    Cairo - not my style
    Caspian - very handsome
    Oakley - not my style
    Dorian - handsome and interesting
    Valor - nice

    England 1900s

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    Ada - I love the name Ada! I think it's beautiful, and so playful sounding.
    Alice - Alice is one of my favourites for sure. It's so pretty and timeless, but I also love Alicia (Ah-liss-ee-ah).
    Flora - Flora's very pretty, and I'm still a little unsure as to whether or not I prefer Florence or Flora (Some days I think Florence, but others, I feel a little tired of it). I think Flora's lovely, and I'd love to see it get some more usage.
    Rose - Rose is beautiful, though I do prefer Rosie. It's nice seeing it have some recognition now as a first though. I think it's lovely, and your whole girl's list sounds like a beautiful little sibling set, haha.

    Arthur - It hasn't fully shaken the lovable cartoon aardvark image for me yet, but I think Arthur's nice. It's handsome, very regal sounding, and classy.
    Edgar - I think Edgar has potential, but it's not my favourite Ed- name. I do love the literary connection though, and for what it's worth - Edgar and Alice would make for one smashing sibling set!
    Edmund - I like Edmund, and it makes me think of Narnia, but I slightly prefer the Gaelic/Irish form, Eamon(n).
    Elliott - I think Elliott is one of those names, like Alice, where I can genuinely picture you having an Elliott (I can picture the birth announcement for it, anyway!). I actually connect the name with you now, weirdly enough, but I love the name, and think it's an excellent choice.
    George - I think George is one of my favourites from your list, it's so dashing, and handsome, classy, elegant, etc. I adore it! I also really like the nn Georgie
    Henry - This has to be tied with George for my favourite, Henry is literally perfect. I love it.
    Hugo - I think I've said before how this is one I love but can't imagine myself using? I actually encountered a little toddler named Hugo the other day, and I just about swooned (His siblings are Ava and Sebastian), it really is a lovely name.
    Oscar - I always go back and forth on whether or not I'd use Oscar, but I do really like it. I think it fits your list really well.

    Rose Lavinia Charlotte - LOVE! I know I commented before on this one, but Rose Lavinia Charlotte is perhaps the most perfectly balanced combination I've ever encountered.
    Flora Elizabeth Matilda - I really love Flora Elizabeth, Flora Matilda, and even Elizabeth Matilda, but the three together don't seem to mesh as well for me.
    Ada Rosalind Pearl - I love Ada Rosalind Pearl, it's a beautiful choice!

    Elliott Victor Frederick - I quite like Elliott Victor Frederick, but it is a little long for my tastes. It's still lovely though!
    Arthur George - Arthur George is rather nice, but it's a little R heavy for me. :/
    Henry Edmund - I LOVE Henry Edmund, so handsome!
    Edgar Felix - Not a terribly big fan of either of these names, I'm afraid. :/
    Edmund Louis - Edmund Louis is gorgeous. I love the Lou-ee pronunciation, and with Edmund, it's perfect.

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