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    Ada - a lovely classic!
    Asena - pretty name
    Bengi - to similar to Benji, so feels masculine to me
    Borla - I love Orla, so I want to love this but I can't get past the "bor" syllable, because it sounds so negative, like "bore" or "boring" or like "boar"
    Erdenay - sounds like alcohol, it reminds me of Chardonnay which when used as a name is incredibly tacky
    Erendiz - I like the similarity to Erin, it's cute
    Gediz - not a fan, I don't like the hard "g" sound
    Ilkim - nms
    Suna - adorable
    Toygar - nms
    Iris Alara - pretty combo

    Atilla - strong and handsome name
    Aybars - sounds too like "high bars", the gymnastic equipment
    Balamir - handsome
    Berk - look up the meaning of this
    Erem - I like this
    Hakan - nms
    Ilhan - don't like the "ill" syllable
    Karain - strong sounding name
    Oktay - too much like Okay
    Yavuz - nms
    Evren Teo - Teo is adorable! nice combo

    Briar-Rose Alexandrine + Capucine Fairuza + Chiara Euphrasie + Eirini Kerensa

    Amos Endymion + Bellamy Calixto + Emrys Vivaldo + Henry Corentin

    Pasqualina Mary + Sabela Sixtine + Saffron Maristela + Tuppence Odilia

    Leo Serafim + Magnus Carnelian + Milo Iskandar + Xavier Absalom

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    Edmund Indiana - This is rather cute, I wouldn't have expected to see Indiana in a boys combo, but I like it.
    Tobias Emerson Brave - I'm not a fan of Tobias or Brave, but Emerson does fit rather nicely between the two. As a whole - they work really well together.
    Raphael Cyprian Luca - I think Raphael is so handsome, but I'm not keen on Luca, and I'm unsure how to pronounce Cyprian.
    Ezra Quentin Ptolemy - Though I strongly dislike Ptolemy, I can't help but love Ezra Quentin! I think, with or without Ptolemy on the end, this combination's likely my favourite.
    Caspian Valentino - I like the two together, but I dislike the flow of this. I prefer Valentino Caspian or Caspian Valentine.

    Lily Bohemia - Bohemia isn't my style, but I think this is beautiful. It sounds very unexpected and fresh, but also very on trend.
    Beatrix Luna Tigerlily - I'm not keen on this combination, the names don't really fit together for me, but I think Beatrix Tigerlily is really nice.
    Isadora Velvet Lumina - None of these are names that I happen to adore, but they work really nicely together. I think it's a very pretty combo.
    Cordelia Suki Bijou - This is the same as Beatrix Luna Tigerlily for me - the names just don't quite fit for me.
    Iris Olympia - This is definitely my favourite - it's absolutely perfect, and I love the Greek connections.

    Hugo - Lovely name, it's one that I can't imagine myself using, but I would love to meet a child named Hugo.
    Theo - Same as Hugo really - Theo's very handsome, and rather uncommon, but I'd love to meet one.
    Felix - I've never seen the appeal to this one, unfortunately.
    Ivo - I'm not sure how I feel about this one, I can see the appeal, but I don't think I like it, haha.
    Brooks - I've never really seen Brooks used before, but I think it has potential. With Harrison, Emerson, Avery, etc working for boys, why not Brooks?
    Emrys - Definitely my favourite Welsh boys name - Emrys is delightful.
    Addison - This is on my own list, I absolutely adore Addison on a boy.
    Fox - Same as Felix, I've never understood the appeal.
    Freddy - I love Freddy, but I prefer Freddie. Regardless, it's one of my favourites.

    Emilia - Emilia is so so pretty! My only hesitation with it is that it can be so easily confused with Amelia.
    Edie - I love the name Edie, it's so unexpected nowadays, but it's fresh, yet vintage. I think it's very pretty.
    Electra - I'm not a fan, thanks to Oedipus Rex and the Electra complex.
    Liberty - Beautiful name - Liberty is gorgeous (especially with the nn Libby!)
    Tallulah - This is like Hugo and Theo for me, I absolutely adore Tallulah, but can't seem to picture myself with one.
    Kitty - I love the name Kitty so much - it's sweet, and a bit regal (thanks to Lady Kitty Spencer), and I love the Pride and Prejudice connection.
    Isobel - Isobel is gorgeous, and this is definitely my favourite spelling. I love seeing Isobel get some attention on here!
    Bliss - I'm rather picky with word names, and this one just doesn't feel very name like to me, unfortunately.
    Azura - I believe this is also the Spanish word for blue? Regardless, it's actually rather cute. I think I could learn to love Azura.

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    Olivia - pretty but overused
    Eleanor - beautiful! Love it!
    Lucie/Lucy - the Lucy spelling is much better it's pretty although I prefer Lucia or Luciana
    Scarlett - love this name!
    Maisie - nms at all it's cute but I don't think it ages well
    Alice - beautiful classic
    Daisie - if you use this please spell it Daisy... I love Daisy but Daisie looks very weird
    Georgia - I love George so this sounds too masculine for me I'm one of those rare people on Nameberry that doesn't like this name
    Poppy - SO CUTE!!!
    Evie - I love it as a nn it's OK as a full name
    Louisa - I don't really like it just like Georgia I like Lewis
    Mia - same as Olivia I prefer Tia or Kia
    Florence - I don't see the appeal to this name at all
    Hayley - I like any other spelling of this name more than this but this name is only OK
    Lily - overused as a full name it's pretty but needs a full name
    Ella - ^^
    Ruby - LOVE this!!
    Imogen - beautiful name!
    Charlotte - this is OK I love the nn Charlie though
    Elouise - I don't know if this is a typo or not but this really needs to be Louise or Eloise not both Eloise used to be a favorite
    Darcey - (I prefer Darcy spelling) I love this!!
    Grace - pretty
    Chloe - overused never liked it
    Phoebe - I don't see the appeal I don't like the sound
    Millie - this is just a nn to me
    Kayleigh - I dislike ever variation of this name especially this one
    Jack - LOVE this!
    Charlie - ^^
    Thomas - ^^
    Henry - sounds boring to me just OK
    James - ^^
    Christopher - my brother's name so I'm a little biased I never cared for the sound but it brings good memories
    Patrick - just OK
    Finley - used to be a favorite I like it
    William - I know a really obnoxious William so I don't see the appeal I LOVE the nn Will so much though
    Alfie - LOVE this!!!
    Joshua - I know so many so it's kind of boring to me
    Ollie - LOVE this! I don't like Oliver though so I felt like I could never use it for anything
    Freddie - LOVE this but I like Frederick as a full name
    Daniel - see Joshua
    Callum - one of my favorites!
    Teddy - honestly this would not age well it is a cute nn for a baby boy but a teenager would hate it
    Louis - like it but I prefer Lewis
    Albert - one of those names I made fun of as a little kid... I know an Albert though who goes by Al I like that
    George - LOVE this!
    Andrew - I know SOOO many...
    Ernest - this is just OK
    Declan - cute I really like it
    Matthew - a little boring imo I prefer Matthias
    Cian - cool I like it
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    I've done your names a few times, so I'll just do the new ones and then love/like/dislike
    Reuel - I'd never heard/seen this before, so I had to google it. It has a lovely meaning, but I have no idea how to pronounce it. I think I prefer Raoul
    Lazuli - very pretty and unique but I think I'd only use it as a middle

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    Like: Blaise, Viggo, Everest, Asa // Azelie, Lark, Lazuli, Ingrid
    Lose: Edgar, Alaric, Reuel, Wolfgang // Evangeline, Lilo

    Briar-Rose Alexandrine + Capucine Fairuza + Chiara Euphrasie + Eirini Kerensa

    Amos Endymion + Bellamy Calixto + Emrys Vivaldo + Henry Corentin

    Pasqualina Mary + Sabela Sixtine + Saffron Maristela + Tuppence Odilia

    Leo Serafim + Magnus Carnelian + Milo Iskandar + Xavier Absalom

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    I've already done yours so I'll choose the ones I love the most!

    I love Tobias Emerson Brave and Lily Bohemia - both names are sweet, brave and amazing! I imagine two cute little kids with these names!

    I also love Theo, Felix, Brooks, Fox and Azura - these names are short, simple but they sound great!

    Edmund Indiana is also great! Indiana is surprising in a boys combo but it makes me think of Indiana Jones, which is a great association! Beatrix Luna Tigerlily is cute and pretty even though I'm not a big fan of Tigerlily!

    You have some great combos!
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