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    Elodie - 7 not sure how to pronounce it (Ella-DEE? ee-LOW-dee?) I want to know more!
    Willa - 8 love it!
    Imogen - 5 not a favorite/reminds me of comedienne Imogene Coca (not sure of spelling)
    Isadora - 5
    Adira - 6 I like it! (Uh-DEAR-uh?)
    Lyra - 3 not a Lyric better.
    Emmeline - 7 Really like it!
    Aya - 2 not enough "umph" to it!
    Delaney - 9 Love many surnames used as first and middle names!
    Alexandra - 8 while I love the is somewhat overused in my area.

    Lachlan - 9 love it!
    Callum - 8.5 love it!
    Breccan - 8.5 love it, but the spelling bothers me. I think the spelling could grow on me. I like the sound of the name!
    Torin - 8.5 love the name, but for me it is a girl's name.
    Rafferty -8.8 love the name...maybe Raff or Rafi for a nn?
    Calder - 9.5 love the strength of this name
    Tavish - 7.5 like it pretty well, but for me it sounds like the "Mc/Mac" has been forgotten.
    Finnian - 8 I do like it, but think I prefer just "Finn"...Finnian is a little too flowery.
    Archer - 9.5 LOVE it! Strong name.
    Paxton - 9.3 Really love this name...Pax (Peace) for a nn?
    Cathy Corinne
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    Grammie to: Christian Joseph, Mia Catherine Cora, Jacob David

    Bronwyn, Willow, Brielle nn Bree, Wren, Lyric, Honor, Briar, Siobhan, Sparrow, Laurel, Piper, Rhiannon, Meadow, Scout, Reverie, Tansy

    Ridge, Ledger, Hendrix, Brigham, Truett, Trigg, Cooper, Weston

    EITHER GENDER (to me anyway!)
    Winter, Greer, Zane, Roman

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    Bronwyn - 5/10 - not a fan but don't hate it.
    Willow - 8/10 - recently becoming more in like with this name but it is becoming more and more popular.
    Brielle nn Bree - 7/10 - pretty neutral on this name.
    Wren - 4/10
    Lyric - 10/10 - one of my top names as well!
    Honor - 10/10 - love it! No ton my list but still love it!
    Briar - 3/10
    Siobhan - 8/10 - really like this name but couldn't use it myself (know a few ppl with this name already).
    Sparrow - 7/10 - I like it!
    Laurel - 3/10
    Piper - 8/10 - I like it!
    Rhiannon - 6/10 - it's okay but I am always reminded of Rihanna the singer with this name.
    Meadow - 9/10!
    Scout - 5/10 - neutral about it
    Reverie - 5/10 - never heard of this name, so I like that it is different but don't really know how to pronounce it.

    Ridge - 4/10 - not a fan
    Ledger - 6/10 its okay
    Hendrix - 10/10 - one of my favorite names! BUT my DH totally shut it down.
    Brigham - 7/10 - its a unique name I like
    Truett - 3/10 - sounds a little feminine to me.
    Trigg - 8/10 - sounds cool
    Cooper - 4/10 - reminds me of a dog's name
    Weston - 9/10 - really like this name. used to be on my list.

    Winter - 7/10 - the only season name I like
    Greer - 3/10 - not a fan
    Zane - 8/10 - I like this name. it sounds cool, different but not crazy different.
    Roman - 10/10 - one of my favorite names for a boy.
    Not expecting...yet! Just love names!
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    Lyric - I'm not much into word names personally, but this does have a nice sound to it. I also like the nn Lyra 6.5/10
    Maisie - I think this is super sweet. I think it can definitely be a stand-alone name. I know a little Maisie and she rocks this name. 7.5/10
    Fianna - I've never heard of Fianna! It's cute and elegant. I do like Gianna better, but the nn Fi is adorable. 7/10
    Seraphina - My niece's name! They call her Fina, which is just the cutest. 8.5/10
    Ophelia - So beautiful. It's not a name I'd ever use, but I think it's so elegant and stately sounding. 9/10
    Delilah - A lot of people can't get over this biblical association, but I like it. You can sing "Hey there Delilah.." to her 8/10
    Journey - Another word name that I unfortunately can't get behind. I know a little Journee (at least yours is spelled correctly!). She's sweet and absolutely stunning but I always think her name doesn't fit her. 5/10
    Sloane - This is such a neat name. It sounds sleek and new-age-y to me. I'm definitely a fan. 8.5/10
    Delaney - I know a college student with this name. While she was growing up I always thought it was so cool and unique! I have heard it more often now so it's a bit more expected, but still a great name. I like Laney and Lane as nn's. 8/10

    River - Ok, ok, I know I'm contradicting myself but I can totally get behind this word name. River is so cool. I think of an earthy, charismatic handsome hippie guy. Riv is a really cool nickname. 9/10
    Ace - I love this! a nickname. I think it needs a more substantial full name, in my opinion. 6/10
    Jasper - Very vintage cool. 8/10
    Lincoln - This makes me think of Abe so much that it's hard for me to get over that, but I REALLY like the nn Link. 7.5/10
    Silas - I really like this and it makes me sad that it is getting so "popular" (I know of 2 under 2 yrs old) 8/10
    Duncan - Hmm, very unexpected! But I like it, actually. Not my favorite, but definitely a name a child can make cool. 7.5/10
    Jett - This is really neat. I think of a cool-as-a-cucumber, not-trying-to-impress-anyone kind of guy. A little short for my liking but I think it stands on its own more than Ace 7/10
    Fergus - Makes me think of the whiny, scheming, know-it-all brother Ferguson on "Clarissa Explains it All" (that's showing my age). I do like Fergus better than Ferguson and the nn Gus is great. 7/10
    Cian - Definitely unique and unexpected but I think you might get pronunciation issues (at least where I live) 7/10

    You have great taste, @jamjam!! That was fun!
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    Wilhelmina- Love!! Such a gorgeous name and too many nicknames to list! Overall perfection. {10/10}

    Louisa- So sweet and dainty but powerful at the same time. A dancer and lawyer all in one. {9/10}

    Rosalie- Kinda bland compared to the other ones on your list but still pretty. {7.5/10}

    Hildie- I feel like give me a couple months and I'll like it but right now too old and abrupt. But coming from someone who likes Helga that might change. {5.5/10}

    Frieda- Same with Hildie but I can't see the appeal at all. {3/10}

    Hugo- I just can't get behind this name, guess just not my style. {2/10}

    Kai- Cool and modern, definitely misplaced with your other names but I love it. {8/10}

    Alaric- Very powerful name and goes perfectly with Konrad! {7\10}

    Otto- such a cool name, I slightly prefer Otis for the old man vibe but that's neither here nor there haha. {8/10}

    Killian- Love it though prefer the Cillian spelling, but with your other names this spelling fits perfectly. {8/10}

    Desmond- Definite favorite from your boys! I've recently out of nowhere (ok maybe Assassins Creed had something to do with it) fallen for this sweet but strong name. {10/10}
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    Aella Dorothy: it's pretty. I'd give it a 7/10. It's my favorite name on your list. I've never heard Aella before.

    Judah Elisabetta: I'm not a fan of Judah for a girl. I don't mind it for a boy though. Elisabetta is pretty cute though. 4/10

    Snow Amalijah: I like nature names. I think this flows well together. Amalijah is interesting. 6.5/10

    Aubrey jermaine: I really don't like the name Aubrey. And I especially don't like it for a boy. I don't like jermaine either. 3/10

    Eden Trust: if this name was for a girl, I'd think it was really pretty. I love the name Eden, but not on a boy. 3/10 ...for a girl 9/10

    Amias Calico: it's ok. NMS. It's the only one in your list that sounds like a boys name to me though. 4/10
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