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    I'm doing jackal's!

    Emil- I would be pleasantly surprised to meet someone named Emil. Currently I think of the fat rat from Ratatouille(spelling?)
    Ingimar- Strange... I love the unique quality of this though
    Kjartan- Not sure how to say...
    Matthias- I really love this. I use it quite often as a middle name, as you can tell from my signature
    Oskar- I've never been able to fully get behind Oscar or any variants because all I think of is the green grouch from Sesame Street. Starting to like it more now
    Robert- A little old for me since it's my great-grandfather's and great-uncle's names. I would love to use it in the middle slot

    Elisabet- I'm not a huge fan of Elizabeth. It and its variants are way overdone to me
    Elva- Lovely! I may add this to my list!
    Rosa- Simple and sweet! I love it
    Solveig- I don't love it, but for some reason I feel inspired to make it a middle name
    Svala- Very beautiful! If I'm saying it right, that is...
    Ylfa- Any way I say this, I sound like I have a terrible Southern accent. It sounds lovely in my head! Just not when I say it out loud.
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    To dearest sparkling ninja:

    Adair Elowen: LIKE! Great flow. Adair is such a great name.
    Adalyn Faith: Okay. I like Adalyn but not this spelling.
    Iris Magdelen: Beautiful name!
    Lila Romilly: Not my type.. too many Ls?
    Leonor Violet: Unique name!
    Maeve Tallulah: Not a fan of either names. My least favourite.
    Sadie Caroline: Okay
    Thea Rowan: Great name!

    Archer Murray: Okay
    Carter James: Good flow
    Jasper: One of my favourite names
    Nolan Christopher: LOVE this! My favourite!
    Ronan August: Both are great names but they don't flow well
    Ryder/Torin Matthias: I prefer Torin. Much more unique and goes along well with Matthias.
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    Adair Elowen - Adair sounds very grand, it reminds me of old Hollywood movies à la Casablanca; I'm not a huge fan of Elowen's pronunciation but it goes nicely with Adair
    Adalyn Faith - I like just Ada but am not a fan of the -lyn part
    Iris Magdelen - Iris is lovely, Magdelen is not my style
    Lila Romilly - Lila is very quirky, I like it, Romilly is not my favourite
    Leonor Violet - I adore Leonor, she's gorgeous, Violet is beautiful too
    Maeve Tallulah - Maeve is great, Tallulah is fun to say; nice combo
    Sadie Caroline - neither if them is really my cup of tea but they're fantastic together
    Thea Rowan - I don't like either name very much

    Archer Murray, Carter James Nolan Christopher, Ronan August, Ryder Matthias, Torin Matthias - my favourite combo is Ronan August as I love love love August and Ronan is nice, too, the others are nice names just not my style. I do like Archer and Christopher though.
    Jasper - I love Jasper, it's a gorgeous name

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    I'll rate both signatures, since they aren't very big!


    Della: It's not really my style, but it's a perfectly nice name. I like its vintage feel and I like it even more as a nn to Adelaide. 7/10.
    Bronwyn: I like this one. I know some berries would complain that the "y" makes it masculine, but it doesn't bother me. It's a lovely name. I also like Briony, which has a similar feel to me. 8/10.
    Esme: Love Esme! It's a new name crush, though, I only started to like it a while ago. I love its vintage feel, its simplicity and its elegance! I would love to meet a little Esme! 10/10
    Christian: It's not my style due to the religious implications, but my mother's name is Cristiane (the portuguese variation of Christianne), so I can't help but like it a little bit. I really like the nn Chris, because of one favourite character. 8/10.
    Gabriel: I love it! It's on my own list. I love that it's biblical and that it is truly timeless. Also love the nicknames. 10/10.
    Rhys: I also really like it, lol. It's a name I've used on a fictional character of mine, and a name that I would use in a heartbeat if I were from an english speaking country.


    Ophelia: I've grown to like it a lot recently. It's now one of my favourite middle names. There's a poster here who is going to name her daughter Catherine Ophelia, and I just really love the combo, and how Cato can be a nn possibility - so cool. I like that it's classic and elegant without being too frilly. The O start gives it a lot of spunk. Strangely enough, it reminds me more of The Pan's Labyrinth's Ofelia than the shakespearean character. 9/10.
    Leonor: Love it. It's regal, timeless, serious, but also spunky and with a "hipster" vibe. Leonor and Leonora are always trading heir places in my own list - can't decide which I like the most. 10/10.
    Penelope: My only issue with Penelope is the nickname Penny, which I really dislike. I like all the other nns and I really like it without a nn. I also love Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds. 8/10.
    August: I like this one and understand its appeal. It seems very cool and yet very proper to me. Love the nn Gus. 9/10.
    Caspar: I like the nn Cas. It's a nice name, but it doesn't sound good when I say it out lod. It's lovely in my head though. 6/10.
    Elliott: It reminds me a lot of Elliott Smith, which is both a good and a bad association at the same time. I really like the sound of it. I slightly prefer the Elliot spelling, though. 8/10.
    Oscar: I would love to meet a little Oscar. It's very cool and hipsterish to me, yet it would age perfectly well. 9/10.
    Theo: I like it a lot! Very simple and elegant. I think it works well as a standalone name. 9/10
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    Thanks Caroline for your ratings! I'm glad someone approves of my list!
    I'm so relieved that I'm not the only one who likes Bronwyn with the 'y'. In fact I think it feels more feminine.

    Clara - I'm neutral towards this. It's not bad a name but I like Claire better. 7/10
    Beatriz - My first time seeing such a spelling of Beatrice/Beatrix! Interesting. 6/10
    Cecilia - Not my type.
    Antonia - Not my type.
    Marina - Nice name. I like this. 7/10
    Luísa - I'm not sure whether that tick thing on the 'i' means but I'm not a fan of Louisa. 6/10
    Leonora - LOVE! My favourite name of yours. Flows well, unique and awesome. 9/10

    Tomás - once again not sure about the tick on 'a'. I'm neutral towards Thomas/Tomas.
    Raul - great name. Really like this. 8/10
    Bento - cute name! Isn't it a word for a Japanese lunch box? :P 7/10
    Francisco - Not my type.
    Vicente - Interesting spelling. O.o Sorry but is this a variation of Vincent? o: I'm neutral yet intrigued by this haha.
    Renato - neutral
    Gabriel - LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! My favourite all time name. It's just so perfect in every way. I would give this a 100 but 10/10
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