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    Rosalba Ellis- very sweet. I like the way that Ellis balances out the girl was of Rosalba
    Laurel Maeve- I'm fairly neutral on this- it's okay
    Linden Elliott- this has boyish charm!
    Edmund Otis- sooo handsome, and classic yet still unique and unexpected
    Cassiopeia- also a GP of mine- very cool
    Orleanna- I haven't heard this before, I certainly unusual but pretty
    Sterling- I like this for a boy, especially in the middle spot
    Bruno Atlas Donahue 'Bo' ~ Wesley August Caledon 'Wes'
    Otto Hamish Crosby ~ Riordan Barnaby Axel 'Rory' ~ Magnus Orwell Fyfe 'Gus'
    Konrad Jude Callahan 'Kit' ~ Otis Rafferty Finbarr
    Orson Rauri Hawk 'Sonny' ~ Fergus Leland Crusoe 'Fergie'

    Saskia Pomeline Briar 'Sadie' ~ Delilah Aisling Sparrow 'Della'
    Geneva Leonie Saffron 'Nevie' ~ Isadora Margot Birdie 'Zadie'
    Calliope Tessa Primrose 'Poppy' ~ Lorelei Astrid Caoimhe 'Lula'
    Hermione Starling Eloise 'Marnie'

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    Hermione Astrid Moon - I love this! My only quip is Moon, but I suppose it gives the name a fantasy feel.
    Persephone Luna Fable - This is cute!
    Astoria Lilac Aire - Not a fain of Aire, because I think Astoria Lilac is lovey enough without it.
    Isadora Signe Lux - Not big on Isadora, but Signe Lux would make a cute name!
    Indira - Love Indy, not so sure on Indira.
    Genevieve - LOVE!
    Aurelia - Another love! I'd love to use Aurelia as a middle name...just a matter of finding the perfect first name.
    Eudora - I can't get behind this. It just feels so old and frumpy to me.
    Ariadne - I think this would be cute on an artsy girl.

    Oberon Atlas Grey - Not a fan of Oberson, but Atlas Grey would make a cute combo.
    Evander Loki Phelan - Evander is great, Loki isn't for me, and Phelan has always reminded me of phlegm.
    Atticus - I love Atticus, but not sure if I would ever use it for myself.
    Ferdinand - Such a grand name! I don't like the nickname, but I'm curious to know what kind of middle name you would use.
    Taddeus - This looks a little odd to me, since I'm used to seeing Thaddeus.
    Artemas - I just think of the goddess Artemis.
    (updated 9/1/17)

    ♀ ~ Catherina Violet ~ Ivy Seraphina ~

    ♂ ~ Leo Alexander ~ Nathaniel Henry ~

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    Alice Cordelia - two names I love! They sound great together! My favorite combo on your signature
    Aurora Seraphina - same as above except I would choose Seraphine instead I don't care for both ending in a
    Cassia Elizabeth - I love Cassia (this pronunciation) Elizabeth is OK
    Genevieve Astrid - beautiful combo I love this
    Juliet Sunniva - amazing!
    Benjamin Axel - nms but looks cool
    Jack Sebastian - Jack has been growing on me and I used to adore Sebastian but now it's in the mn spot. I love it
    Ronan Oliver - although I don't care for Oliver I had Rowan Oliver on my list for a while so I love this!
    Jacqueline Florence/Ava - I don't care for any of these names but I like Jacqueline Ava better
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    ~ Gloria Lark ~ Azelie/Eulalie Piper ~ Piper Amelie ~ Seraphine Daisy ~
    Odilia Ingrid ~ Cordelia Joy ~ Delphina Rue
    ~ Luna ~ Magdalena ~

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    Bellamy: gorgeous name! So handsome!
    Caspar: I love this one. It's so cute and sweet!
    Augustus: more uncommon than August, which I like. Not much of a fan, though.
    River: I love this name! So handsome.
    Leo: nms, sorry.
    Wolf: awesome!!!
    Rowan: amazing for a boy!
    Verity: very pretty name.
    Luna: same as above.
    Juniper: I love how uncommon this name is!
    Constance: nms, sorry.
    Lilo: I've never seen this name before but it's adorable!
    Joy: so sweet.
    Arden: naf, sorry.
    Fiora:beautiful name.
    Cordelia (Coral): I don't like Coral but Cordelia is just stunning.
    Journey: a beautiful, meaningful name.
    Remy: nms, sorry.
    Magnus: very cute!
    Olive Jane, Wren Annabella, Fable Charlotte, Faye Coraline, Ruby Serenity, Reverie Autumn, Aria Josephine, True Arabella, Rowan Evangeline, Willow Aria, Lilia Story, Meadow Juliet, Aria Josephine, and Harbor Alouette, and Pearl Rosemary.

    Sawyer Penn, Sage Rowen, Pax Jameson, Callum Vaughn, Milo Everett, Ezekiel Ford, Oakley Emmett, Stellan Emrys, Shepherd Finley, Jude Emerson, Caspian Thomas, and Archer Noah.

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    Wren Evangeline - Love this sweet little name so much! Wren is on my list and flows wonderfully with Evangeline
    Lilia Story - Spunky and pretty!
    Arabella Ivy - Gracefull name! I picture a shy little blonde girl who loves to read!
    Iyla Harmony - not sure how to pronounce Iyla, but it sounds pretty in my head. Not in love with Harmony but its not a bad name at all
    Fable Charlotte - Cute! I love how Charlotte is in the middle and the unusual cool name is first
    Bliss Everly - I cant say I like Bliss, it sounds like she would be sisters with Nevaeh... (eep!) But I adore everly. What about Everly Blythe?
    Reverie Quinn - Strong and indepent name! Love!
    Zadie Isabel - Prefer Sadie to Zadie, really like Isabel or Isobel
    Glory Grace - This one is ok, I prefer Gloria nn Glory

    Tobias Lane - Cute
    Arlo Brooks - Unique and Fun! Very distinguished sounding
    Shepherd Isaiah - Really like Shephard
    Orion Joseph- Sounds a bit trendy but thats probably just where I live
    Sage Rowen - My favorite of your boy names. Sage is so sweet
    Abram Michael - A nice take on Abraham, I wouldnt use it but not bad
    Tennessee James - Didnt Reese Witherspoon name her kid this? Or Nashville or something?
    Gabriel Reece -Handsome!
    Samuel Jude - I like these two together
    Ada Wildflower . Carys Winter . Sylvie Rose . Saoirse Wren . Iris Therese . Adelaide Winter
    Rowan Finch . River Jude . Alden Lewis . Forrest William . Ransom Jude . Foxen Mateo

    <3 emerso.n & wilde.r <3

    Sylvie Rose or Alden Lewis

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