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    Yikes, these posts are piling up on top of each other. Since no one's done senseandsensibility yet, I'll go back and do hers here, and the next person can do Opheliaflora's? I don't mind if mine get skipped.

    Aria - 8/10. Pretty, and I like it better than the Arya version.
    Cecilia - 9/10. Classic and lovely.
    Francesca - 6.5/10 - NMS, but I see the appeal; it has a lot of substance.
    Marianne - 6/10. You really did like Sense and Sensibility, huh? A nice smoosh name, but not especially interesting.
    Bernadette - 8/10. Such great clunk.
    Yasmine - 7.5/10. I like its sleekness.
    Elizabella - 7/10. Elizabel is one of my biggest GPs, so I like this one in spite of myself.
    Gia - 8/10. Love its simplicity and strength.
    Sage - 7/10. One of the more pleasant and accessible nature names. I like it best on a girl.
    Mae - 9/10. I prefer the May spelling, but love this name, especially in the FN spot.
    Amalie - 9/10. Pretty and sophisticated.
    Vega - 5.5/10. Interesting. NMS, but I can see it totally working.
    Lenore - 8.5/10. On my own MN list!
    Lavender - 7.5/10. Likable, but with a slight doormat vibe.
    Georgiana - 7.5/10. Cool in an Austen-esque way, but I'm not incredibly crazy about it.
    Solstice - 5/10. Definitely bold. I don't know about the first name spot, but it makes an intriguing middle.
    Melisent - 6/10. Nicer than Millicent. It almost feels like a toned-down Maleficent? I can't tell whether I like it or not.
    Celestyna - 6/10. I'm not all that big on Celeste variations, but it's pretty.
    Hildegarda - 3/10. Verrrry NMS.
    Valentina - 7.5/10. Valentine and Valentina are really growing on me lately, mostly thanks to The Count of Monte Cristo.
    Ernestyna - 5.5/10. I like this one more than I expected to.
    Leonarda - 4.5/10. I love Leo- names on girls, but dislike how this one is just Leonard with an A.
    Florentyna - 6/10. Kinda cool.

    Louis - 6/10. NMS but I see the appeal.
    Noel - 7/10. There's something pleasantly edgy about it.
    Frederick - 7/10. I like it.
    Bernard - 5.5/10. Nice, but not super wearable these days.
    Edgar - 7/10. Very cute and clunky a la Hugo.
    Tristan - 6/10. One of those names I feel like I should like more than I do.
    Logan - 5/10. NMS, but objectively fine.
    Edward - 5.5/10. Kinda cool, but less usable in the wake of Twilight.
    John - 4/10. Classic, but a bit yawn-inducing.
    Maximilian - 9/10. Love it. Again, thanks to Count of Monte Cristo.
    Milton - 6/10. Nice, but it feels a little more suited to a pet than a person.
    Edmund - 7/10. I prefer this to Edward.
    Heathcliff - 4/10. A little too on-the-nose.
    Claude - 5/10. Same deal as Logan, but opposite vibe.
    Keats - 5.5/10. I like it better in the MN spot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by geeknamezyo View Post
    Mary - 5/10; it's NMS but I like seeing it around.
    Ophelia - 8.5/10. A popular choice here on NB that has all my favorite sounds in it.
    Lily - 6.5/10. A slightly bland but very pleasant name.
    Genevieve - 7/10. A very fun name, but confusing because of its varying pronunciations.
    Elsa - 7/10. I'm not especially a fan of Frozen, but I'm a semi-fan of this name.
    Agatha - 4/10. NMS, but I appreciate its boldness.
    Gwyneth - 4/10. So close to my own name that, as I've mentioned in previous posts, I've built up some ill will toward it!
    Blanche - 4/10. Same deal as Agatha.
    Kate - 8/10. Not the most interesting name ever, but it's solid, pretty, and fun.
    Florence - 4/10. Ditto Agatha and Blanche.
    Nessie - 8/10. I think it's best as a nickname, but I really like it. Very cute.
    Dylan - 6/10. I don't mind it on a girl, but I think there are better options out there.

    Finn - 9.5/10. Love it.
    Cove - 6/10. Kinda cool. I see it as a nature-y spin on Cole.
    Augustus - 8/10. I really like it, and the nn Gus, but prefer the slightly simpler August.
    Alfie - 6/10. I like it but don't see it aging all that well.
    Todd - 5/10. It's kind of a wallflower name, IMO.
    Harry - 8/10. Very likable.
    Dylan - 6/10. I feel almost the same about it on a boy as on a girl.
    Jericho - 6/10. Too overtly biblical for my own taste, but still kind of a cool name.
    Alistair - 9.5/10. Fantastic.
    Melchior - 8/10. Not super wearable, but pretty awesome.
    Wesley - 8/10. One of my favorites in the top 100.

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    Ok so I comment on geeknamezyo! Got it first this time lol!

    Prosper • Finn • August • Malcolm • Zephyr - I enjoy every single boy's pick of yours! But I'd use Prosper and Zephyr only in the middle spot, as I am probably not brave enough.
    I love how short and spunky Finn is. 10/10
    August - love it's traditional sound, the month association, everything. 10/10
    Malcolm - seems like a good boy to me. 9/10
    Prosper - like the meaning. 7/10
    Zephyr - 9/10.

    Belphoebe • Cosima • Sybella • Ailsa • Celia - I must admit I am not a fan of vast majority of girls choices.
    Belphoebe - this is very unique and mostly unheard of, but I can see it's potential. 6/10
    Cosima - dislike this name a lot... not my cup of tea. 2/10
    Sybella - never heard of such name, to be honest. But I like it. I only heard of Sybilla. I have a friend named Sybil, and she's Turkish. I like Sybil a lot, so Sybella gets 7/10.
    Ailsa - never heard of that one as well. Hard to pronounce for me, so it gets 4/10.
    Celia - me myself love Cecilia, which has some similarities to Celia. Adorable name. 9/10.
    Hope you enjoy my comments!
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    I'm confused as to who's signature I'm meant to comment on now! :P

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    @lawsonhaley: do opheliaflora's names!
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