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    Fun! I'll do @lawsonhaley!

    First of all, love the quote!

    From your girl names I love Lillian. It's so feminine and strong and Lily is a fun, cute nn. Phoebe, Violet, Elsie and Eleanor are close runners-up. I also think Minnie is adorable, but don't think it can stand alone. Minnie as a nn for something is just wonderful though. The name Maude is growing on me, but I see it was more of an "older" name, along with Doris, Myrtle, Edna and Agatha. They're all nice, but not my cup of tea. Ida is a nice surprise though! I feel like Ida is a name that will sneak up on us and all of a sudden become super popular!

    I love your selection of boy names!! Many have a classic feel, like Matthew, Joshua, Adam, James and Andrew, but if it ain't broke, don't fix it! They're all great names. Winston, Walter and Stanley are so classic they feel fresh to me now, is that weird? Matthew Winston, the name at the bottom of your signature, is perfect to me.
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    Jumping in-- I"ll do opheliaflora's names

    Ophelia-- 4/10-- I like the history behind the name, I just have a negative association with it.
    Leonor--4/10-- I can't get behind any of the Eleanor/Leonore/Elinor names for some reason.
    Penelope--5/10-- My favorite from your list, but the Kardashian influence in the US bothers me

    August-- 7/10--Love August as a nickname for Augustus
    Caspar-- 4/10-- As much as I want to like this name, I can't get over Caspar the friendly ghost. I prefer Caspian or Casimir
    Elliott--7/10 I like Elliott.
    Oscar--4/10 Just not a name I'm very fond of for no particular reason
    Theo-- 8/10 My favorite fromt he list. Short, sweet, and to the point. It makes me think of somebody intellectual. I love it.
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    I will do senseandsensibility's since I believe she was the last person to rate:

    Aria- 7, I like this but it reminds me of the hotel in Los Vegas
    Cecilia- 9, This is very pretty. I also like the nn CeCe
    Francesca- 7 I like this but something about it feels a little fussy (not sure why)
    Marianne - 7 I like this but it feels a little plain compared to your other names
    Bernadette - 6 The nn Bernie turns me off to this one
    Yasmine - 6 The nickname Yas turns me off to this (a popular birth control pill that caused blood clots)
    Elizabella - 6 I prefer Isabella. I think because it is my first time seeing this name, I feel like it is made up (even though it isn't)
    Gia - 7 I think this, but even more so as a nn
    Sage - 9 One of my favorite unisex names
    Mae - Great for a middle, but doesn't stand out as much as your others
    Amalie - 9 Love this and the movie
    Vega - 8 I like this, its very strong sounding
    Lenore - 6 I prefer Leonora
    Lavender - 6 Would be a great middle
    Georgiana - 9 love this and the nn Georgie
    Solstice - 5 This does not sound like a name to me, because I think, "summer solstice".
    Melisent - 5 For some reason an evil villain comes to mind
    Celestyna - 8 I like that it comes with the nn Celest
    Hildegarda - 5 Not sure why, but I get a very vivid image an over weight woman with blonde braids
    Valentina - 8 Pretty and unexpected
    Ernestyna - 6 I love Ernest on a boy and for this reason don't like it as much for a girl
    Leonarda - 6 Not my favorite "Leo" girl name
    Florentyna -7 I prefer just "Flora."

    Noel 6- Something about this name feels more feminine to me
    Frederick - 8 I like this and "Freddy"
    Bernard - 9 "Bernie" is a cute nn and Bernard is very handsome
    Edgar - I knew a very evil person by this name so I am too biased to rate
    Tristan - 6 Something about this feels more feminine to me
    Logan - 7 Not a huge fan of the "Log" beginning
    Edward - 8 Solid/Classic name
    John - 7 Solid name but not as stand out as your others
    Maximilian - 7 solid name but not as stand out as your others. He would most likely end up being called the popular "Max"
    Milton - 7 Something about the "mil" sounds unappealing to me
    Edmund -9 solid and clunky in a good way
    Heathcliff -7 Like this but love Heath (Heath would get a 10) Heathcliff is very tied to a single character to me.
    Claude Keats - 8 Love Claude as a first

    This was a long list so someone may have already posted before I got the chance to. I tried to be fast

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    Harrison . Henry
    James . Michael

    Margaret . Magnolia
    Mae . Jane
    Etta . Winifred

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    I'll do gipro2003

    Luke Edward Sebastian - Very nice! Two middle names is a bit too much for me personally, but these are all great names. Luke is such a friendly, cool name, I think it would suit any boy/man!
    Amias - I've never heard this before. I'm not quite sure what to make of it
    Asa - I've always wanted to like this, but I can't quite do it - I'm not sure why, it's a sweet, short name with a lot of character.
    Florian - Wow! I love this name.
    Emil - Also on my shortlist The things I love about Emil are the strength and simplicity of it, the international character. It's just gorgeous, it's definitely in my top 5 for a son. Quite popular in Iceland!
    Emmerich - This has sounds that I enjoy (rich and em) but together it's not quite working for me. It's an interesting choice, though.
    Gulliver - I always wanted to name a dog Gulliver. And I don't mean that in a disparaging way, I mean that it's an awesome name but one which is a little too much for me on a person. I think Gully would be so cute.
    Lachlan - Pure Scottish class, very nice.
    Leopold - The 'pol' bit puts me off, but this is certainly a very cool name.
    Maximilian - The only 'Max name' that I like. It's extremely handsome!
    Sascha - So sweet, I would love to meet a boy named Sascha!

    Amalia Thisbe Diane - Quite a lot of name there! I recently met someone named Amalia and I'd never heard the name before. It's quite nice, a fun twist on the popular Amelia. The middle names are not really my cup of tea.
    Araminta - A very fun name. It's not my favourite, but I like it.
    Bellatrix - Hmm I can't get over the HP association, but there's no denying that objectively this name sounds awesome, like a cross between the 'bella' names and Beatrix. I do prefer Beatrix, though.
    Dagny - One of the names that's in my 'second tier'. I like it, it's probably my second favourite 'ný' name. Ultimately, though, I know how English people would pronounce it and that puts me off too much.
    Emiliana - I like simplicity in a name, so this isn't quite doing it for me.
    Liesl - So much character in such a short name! Really cool.
    Linnea - I wish this was an Icelandic name as well, because it's so beautiful. Probably my favourite off your girls' list.
    Luna - I like it but I can't help thinking of loony.
    Lydia - Extremely classy. I like this a lot.
    Maelys - I wasn't familiar with this so I looked it up, and while I think it would be a bit too much of a challenge to actually use, in my personal opinion, it is very appealing. [Edit: It just occurred to me it reminds me a lot of the word malice, though!]
    Saskia - This name is just not my thing, I used to like it a few years ago but I went off it completely, not sure why really.
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    This is for lillian85

    Dean- one of my all-time favorites, just a super solid name. It sounds warm and friendly to me. - 9
    Ernest- not huge on this name but I can see the appeal. Ernie is an adorable nn too. - 6
    Harrison- I love this name, and I've always liked -son's. It's handsome but approachable. -8
    Jude- Another lovely name, with a great sound to it. Short but sweet! -7
    Samson- One of my favorite -son's! And I love Sam (hence it is in my signature) - 8
    Theodore- Oh where do I begin! This name is everywhere in my family so I'm biased, but the nn potential is huge. Theo, Teddy, even T - 9

    Dahlia- Exotic, not sure what I would do with it, but it sounds pretty- 6
    Georgia- A kind name, sturdy but feminine enough to work. I like the repeating juh-juh sound.- 7
    Jane- Classic, and sadly underused today. I think it could make a real comeback. It deserves to, anyway. -8
    Leona- Pretty and prim. I like Leo, or even Lea as a nn. -7
    Ramona- Another pretty and classic name. It sounds modern enough to fit in, yet is unusual enough to be unique.-7
    Violet- I LOVE THIS NAME! (Another one in my signature) Just everything about it is perfect.- 9
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    I'm doing jackal's!

    Emil- I would be pleasantly surprised to meet someone named Emil. Currently I think of the fat rat from Ratatouille(spelling?)
    Ingimar- Strange... I love the unique quality of this though
    Kjartan- Not sure how to say...
    Matthias- I really love this. I use it quite often as a middle name, as you can tell from my signature
    Oskar- I've never been able to fully get behind Oscar or any variants because all I think of is the green grouch from Sesame Street. Starting to like it more now
    Robert- A little old for me since it's my great-grandfather's and great-uncle's names. I would love to use it in the middle slot

    Elisabet- I'm not a huge fan of Elizabeth. It and its variants are way overdone to me
    Elva- Lovely! I may add this to my list!
    Rosa- Simple and sweet! I love it
    Solveig- I don't love it, but for some reason I feel inspired to make it a middle name
    Svala- Very beautiful! If I'm saying it right, that is...
    Ylfa- Any way I say this, I sound like I have a terrible Southern accent. It sounds lovely in my head! Just not when I say it out loud.
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    To dearest sparkling ninja:

    Adair Elowen: LIKE! Great flow. Adair is such a great name.
    Adalyn Faith: Okay. I like Adalyn but not this spelling.
    Iris Magdelen: Beautiful name!
    Lila Romilly: Not my type.. too many Ls?
    Leonor Violet: Unique name!
    Maeve Tallulah: Not a fan of either names. My least favourite.
    Sadie Caroline: Okay
    Thea Rowan: Great name!

    Archer Murray: Okay
    Carter James: Good flow
    Jasper: One of my favourite names
    Nolan Christopher: LOVE this! My favourite!
    Ronan August: Both are great names but they don't flow well
    Ryder/Torin Matthias: I prefer Torin. Much more unique and goes along well with Matthias.
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    Adair Elowen - Adair sounds very grand, it reminds me of old Hollywood movies à la Casablanca; I'm not a huge fan of Elowen's pronunciation but it goes nicely with Adair
    Adalyn Faith - I like just Ada but am not a fan of the -lyn part
    Iris Magdelen - Iris is lovely, Magdelen is not my style
    Lila Romilly - Lila is very quirky, I like it, Romilly is not my favourite
    Leonor Violet - I adore Leonor, she's gorgeous, Violet is beautiful too
    Maeve Tallulah - Maeve is great, Tallulah is fun to say; nice combo
    Sadie Caroline - neither if them is really my cup of tea but they're fantastic together
    Thea Rowan - I don't like either name very much

    Archer Murray, Carter James Nolan Christopher, Ronan August, Ryder Matthias, Torin Matthias - my favourite combo is Ronan August as I love love love August and Ronan is nice, too, the others are nice names just not my style. I do like Archer and Christopher though.
    Jasper - I love Jasper, it's a gorgeous name

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    I'll rate both signatures, since they aren't very big!


    Della: It's not really my style, but it's a perfectly nice name. I like its vintage feel and I like it even more as a nn to Adelaide. 7/10.
    Bronwyn: I like this one. I know some berries would complain that the "y" makes it masculine, but it doesn't bother me. It's a lovely name. I also like Briony, which has a similar feel to me. 8/10.
    Esme: Love Esme! It's a new name crush, though, I only started to like it a while ago. I love its vintage feel, its simplicity and its elegance! I would love to meet a little Esme! 10/10
    Christian: It's not my style due to the religious implications, but my mother's name is Cristiane (the portuguese variation of Christianne), so I can't help but like it a little bit. I really like the nn Chris, because of one favourite character. 8/10.
    Gabriel: I love it! It's on my own list. I love that it's biblical and that it is truly timeless. Also love the nicknames. 10/10.
    Rhys: I also really like it, lol. It's a name I've used on a fictional character of mine, and a name that I would use in a heartbeat if I were from an english speaking country.


    Ophelia: I've grown to like it a lot recently. It's now one of my favourite middle names. There's a poster here who is going to name her daughter Catherine Ophelia, and I just really love the combo, and how Cato can be a nn possibility - so cool. I like that it's classic and elegant without being too frilly. The O start gives it a lot of spunk. Strangely enough, it reminds me more of The Pan's Labyrinth's Ofelia than the shakespearean character. 9/10.
    Leonor: Love it. It's regal, timeless, serious, but also spunky and with a "hipster" vibe. Leonor and Leonora are always trading heir places in my own list - can't decide which I like the most. 10/10.
    Penelope: My only issue with Penelope is the nickname Penny, which I really dislike. I like all the other nns and I really like it without a nn. I also love Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds. 8/10.
    August: I like this one and understand its appeal. It seems very cool and yet very proper to me. Love the nn Gus. 9/10.
    Caspar: I like the nn Cas. It's a nice name, but it doesn't sound good when I say it out lod. It's lovely in my head though. 6/10.
    Elliott: It reminds me a lot of Elliott Smith, which is both a good and a bad association at the same time. I really like the sound of it. I slightly prefer the Elliot spelling, though. 8/10.
    Oscar: I would love to meet a little Oscar. It's very cool and hipsterish to me, yet it would age perfectly well. 9/10.
    Theo: I like it a lot! Very simple and elegant. I think it works well as a standalone name. 9/10
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    Thanks Caroline for your ratings! I'm glad someone approves of my list!
    I'm so relieved that I'm not the only one who likes Bronwyn with the 'y'. In fact I think it feels more feminine.

    Clara - I'm neutral towards this. It's not bad a name but I like Claire better. 7/10
    Beatriz - My first time seeing such a spelling of Beatrice/Beatrix! Interesting. 6/10
    Cecilia - Not my type.
    Antonia - Not my type.
    Marina - Nice name. I like this. 7/10
    Luísa - I'm not sure whether that tick thing on the 'i' means but I'm not a fan of Louisa. 6/10
    Leonora - LOVE! My favourite name of yours. Flows well, unique and awesome. 9/10

    Tomás - once again not sure about the tick on 'a'. I'm neutral towards Thomas/Tomas.
    Raul - great name. Really like this. 8/10
    Bento - cute name! Isn't it a word for a Japanese lunch box? :P 7/10
    Francisco - Not my type.
    Vicente - Interesting spelling. O.o Sorry but is this a variation of Vincent? o: I'm neutral yet intrigued by this haha.
    Renato - neutral
    Gabriel - LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! My favourite all time name. It's just so perfect in every way. I would give this a 100 but 10/10
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