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    Ok, since you put OR I assume you'd use only one of the two; and going in that direction, I can choose which one I like better :3
    So, here we go...
    *Matilda Sailor or Faye Matilda - ohhh, I like both of them! I always thought of Matilda as of a girl with messy hair, and big nerdy glasses with her head in the clouds. I like unusual Sailor (tho never been a fan of such names, it grown on me lately). I also like Faye a lot, it seems not to be so popular and is kind of refreshing in sound. FM - 9/10. MS - 7/10.
    *Sylvie Winifred or Simon Atlas - definitely Simon Atlas. Just recently discovered how lovely the name Simon is. An unusual name is ok, tho I'd make it a little bit longer as 5-5letter combo doesn't speak to me so much... I like Winifred, and I'm not a fan of Sylvie, tho it's not so bad. 7/10.
    *Atlas Dov or Alice Violetta - not sure about Dov thing, my vote goes to Alice Violetta. Alice is a little bland to me, but I used to love Alicia long time ago. Violetta Villas was a very popular singer, and so I cannot skip this association in my head. Combo gets only 3/10.
    *Lucien Wilde or Lucinda Jane - I really like Lucien and love Jane. Not a fan of Lucinda... So I go for Lucien Wilde. Both 5/10.
    *Jane Lucinda or Jack Mariner - love Jane and Jack. I'm stuck, as I dislike both Lucinda and Mariner... but I think Jack Mariner sounds a little bit better than Lucinda. 5/10
    *Marlowe Charles or Roscoe Thomas - here we go again - an established classic with some modern twist, which is not really my cup of tea I vote for Roscoe Thomas, let's be brave for once! ; ) Marlowe sounds a bit feminine to me, but both will get 6/10.
    *Charles ' Charlie' Wallace or Marigold 'Maggie' Wynn - I really like Marigold and Wallace! Perfect spots (first & middle). Slightly prefer Maggie. 8/10
    *Eloise Lily or Elliot Darwin - like Lily a lot, but prefer Elliot Darwin. Eloise Lily gets 6/10, Elliot Darwin - 7/10.
    *Iris Cordelia or Thea Marina - really like Iris & Marina... how about Iris Marina? No, seriously, very nice combos. 7/10 & 8/10.
    *Jasper Augustus or Juniper 'June' Lovelace - Jasper Augustus is a winner here, since I simply don't understand the Juniper's adoration. If it was a June Lovelace, it'd be a winner tho. 7/10 & 3/10.
    *Julian Felix or Judah 'Jude' Reeve - I find names like Julian or Felix very handsome and charming. Reeve is not so bad either, thought I just don't like the sound of Judah. Julian Felix is 10/10, Judah Reeve gets 4/10.

    Hope you enjoyed reading my comments
    For the next poster, you might consider Florentyna, Ernestyna, Celestyna, Hildegarda nn Hilda & Leonarda are all foreign spellings; plus, the first four are only very new crushes, so I have 'em in my signature to figure out if it's a true love or just a crush. Solstice & Melisent are my GP's tho. Looking forward to hear what you think!

    !!! Great I just realised how we all posted in like, similar time! Raevynstar, you got it first! Tho I refreshed the page to see if nobody already commented, and there was a 'green light', ha! So, idk what happens next... maybe the poster AFTER geeknamezyo gets to comment on both me and geeknamezyo? WDYT?
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    Mary - 5/10; it's NMS but I like seeing it around.
    Ophelia - 8.5/10. A popular choice here on NB that has all my favorite sounds in it.
    Lily - 6.5/10. A slightly bland but very pleasant name.
    Genevieve - 7/10. A very fun name, but confusing because of its varying pronunciations.
    Elsa - 7/10. I'm not especially a fan of Frozen, but I'm a semi-fan of this name.
    Agatha - 4/10. NMS, but I appreciate its boldness.
    Gwyneth - 4/10. So close to my own name that, as I've mentioned in previous posts, I've built up some ill will toward it!
    Blanche - 4/10. Same deal as Agatha.
    Kate - 8/10. Not the most interesting name ever, but it's solid, pretty, and fun.
    Florence - 4/10. Ditto Agatha and Blanche.
    Nessie - 8/10. I think it's best as a nickname, but I really like it. Very cute.
    Dylan - 6/10. I don't mind it on a girl, but I think there are better options out there.

    Finn - 9.5/10. Love it.
    Cove - 6/10. Kinda cool. I see it as a nature-y spin on Cole.
    Augustus - 8/10. I really like it, and the nn Gus, but prefer the slightly simpler August.
    Alfie - 6/10. I like it but don't see it aging all that well.
    Todd - 5/10. It's kind of a wallflower name, IMO.
    Harry - 8/10. Very likable.
    Dylan - 6/10. I feel almost the same about it on a boy as on a girl.
    Jericho - 6/10. Too overtly biblical for my own taste, but still kind of a cool name.
    Alistair - 9.5/10. Fantastic.
    Melchior - 8/10. Not super wearable, but pretty awesome.
    Wesley - 8/10. One of my favorites in the top 100.
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    Momo reminds me very much of the story by Michael Ende and therefore my childhood. I'm not a huge fan of names that only have two letters/sounds in total (Anna, Lily, etc.) but Momo is really interesting!
    Flora is one of my personal favourites and I absolutely love her. 8/10

    Dossie Roland is just not my style so I shouldn't rate it.
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    Raevyn Star beat me .
    Raevyn Star's signature:

    Mary: Perfection- 10/10
    Ophelia: Beautiful, but I cannot get past the Shakespearian connection. I prefer Ofelia for this reason. 8/10
    Lily: Lovely! Beautiful floral name: 8/10
    Genevieve: Beautiful, I love it. 9/10
    Elsa: Gorgeous vintage name. 8/10
    Agatha: Perfection: 10/10
    Gwyneth: NMS, but a fine name. 6/10
    Blanche: Something you do to almonds or what happens when the colour drains from your face. I can see the appeal, but it is too much like 'blanch.'
    Kate: Meh, I don't really have an opinion on Kate. 5/10
    Florence: Gorgeous! Utter perfection- 10/10
    Nessie: I like it, but there will be a lot of Loch Ness monster jokes- Nessa, Ness, Nellie, Bessie, Tessie or Essie would be more fool proof. 6/10
    Dylan: NMS, but it is a nice name (I don't care for it for boys either): 6/10

    Finn: Meh, I can see the appeal, but it doesn't do anything for me. 5/10
    Cove: LOVE! 10/10
    Augustus: Stunning name 10/10.
    Alfie: NMS, but still very spunky. 7/10
    Todd: I like it- I think Todd could make a comeback, along with Scott. 10/10
    Harry: I prefer Hal, Hale, Hank or Henry, but Harry is still great: 9/10.
    Dylan: NMS, but still a nice name. 6/10.
    Jericho: Cool way to update Jerry: 7/10
    Alistair: NMS, I know so many Alistair's that I am personally a bit tired of it. 5/10
    Melchior: It reminds me too much of the word melancholy. I can see the appeal though: 5/10
    Wesley: My mother's maiden name: I love it! 10/10
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    Please disregard this message if you're not @nooshi. I'm replying to that user and that user only, I don't want my names rated too many times!
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