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    Hazel: I really like this one. Initially, I think of an old lady, but then I picture a boisterous, happy little girl. I like that to me it doesn't feel stuck to a certain age group/generation -- 10/10
    Luna: I like that it's short and sweet. I associate the name with one of the cats from Sailor Moon, but I don't think it's a bad association. -- 7/10
    Daphne: I'm very neutral -- 5/10
    Seraphina: It's pretty, but I just can't seem to like it -- 4/10
    Gwendolyn: Very pretty name. I can see it on a very girly girl or a tomboy type -- 9/10
    Charlotte: NMS, but I like that it's so classic --8/10

    Gabriel: One of my favorites for a long time! --10/10
    August: NMS, but I think it's another one of those names I can see on all ages -- 6/10
    Nathaniel: I love the way this sounds! I much prefer the full name over Nathan --9/10
    Felix- Short, sweet, and spunky. The cat association doesn't really bother me. --8/10
    Christopher: Great name, but there were so many when I was growing up that it lost that spark for me -- 7/10
    Theodore: Nice, classic name! I could never use it because I associate it too much with the chipmunk, but it's a great name with great nn potential. -- 10/10
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    Colette - I like this alternative to Cosette! It's on my GP list too 8/10
    Felicity - Sounds nice 6/10
    Natalie - Not bad a name with nn Nat. Pretty common around my area so I probably wouldn't use it myself 7/10
    Vivienne - I think this names looks a little strange to me. Lots of similar letters being duplicated in the name. I would prefer Vivien. 4/10
    Ottilie - NMS. Generally not a fan on O-names for girls but more for boys.
    Audrey - Love this! 9/10

    Alistair - Not my style.
    Anders - I wouldn't use this for a first name, probably a middle. I don't see the appeal. 4/10
    Erik - I have no idea whether I prefer this or Eric haha. But definitely more unique. 6/10
    Damian - Badass name. I like it. 7/10
    Bram - I like this! It's so cute and adorable but might not wear well for a grown up. Perhaps it could be a nickname to Brandon? But nevertheless I really like this name! 8/10
    Dimitri - Hmm I think this is kinda overrated name mainly due to some popular book series but it isn't an easy name to wear! 5/10
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    Bronwyn - I really like Bronwen, though not so much a fan of the spelling. The 'y' just seems rather masculine to me :P (8)

    Della - ooh, I really like Della! I haven't really thought about it before, but it's lovely! (8)

    Esme - reminds me of a calm, lovely old lady - but I don't think that's a bad thing in the slightest! (9)

    Kristian/Christian - Christian is on my list, so of course I love it, though not a fan of the 'K' spelling (10)

    Gabriel - I adore Gabriel. (10)

    Rhys - never been much of a fan of Rhys. Don't like how it sounds in my accent, sorry! But it is a fine, well established name.(5)

    Will - I like William, butI don't like Will by itself (sorry). (5)


    Devon - never liked this till I met a Devon, but it's been growing on me (6)

    January - not going to lie, this is such a big GP of mine. (7)

    Kirsi - interesting, though I'm unsure on it's pronunciation. (4)

    November - again, like January. But I absolutely adore the NN Nova. Even Ember. (9)

    Valencia - not a fan, sorry! It just doesn't sit right to me. (3)

    Aries - it's okay, but it's also a star sign. (3)

    Callen - not a fan, sorry! (2)

    Castor - eh... sorry. (1)

    Eli - well established, strong name. Love it. (9)

    Griffin - this took me a while to get use to, but berries have converted me to liking it. (6)

    Jun - I prefer just June... on a girl. But definitely see the appeal. (4)

    Lars - not a fan, sorry! (1)

    Renier - not a fan, sorry! (1)

    Sage - Great. (8)

    Shylor - looks made up to me, sorry. (1)

    Theodore - love it! (10)

    J. 20. Designer.

    Edith Primrose. Eira Rosemary. Poppy Matilda. Sylvie Primrose. Vera Forentina.
    Elliot Christian. Julian Theodore. Vincent Orion. Walter Edmund.

    also considering...
    Anna Soleil. Jane Leonora. Rose Evangeline.
    Annevieve Claire Claudia Cressida Evangeline Guinevere Gwyneira Leora Marguerite Susan
    Atlas August Darcy Donovan Edmund Jasper Jude Loren Theoden Vaughn Willem Winston

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    Oh Kiris is pronounced like 'kirsy or kirzy'

    Anna - Not bad a name. (5)
    Astrid - Not my style, I don't really see the appeal sorry! (2)
    Edith - My least favourite. Seems like an old lady name to me. (1)
    Evangeline - I think is pretty good! (7)
    Greta - Same as Edith (1)
    Gwendolen - Prefer Gwendolyn to this. The 'len' ending is a little to abrupt for me (4)
    Jane - too plain for me. Plus negative associations with someone I know (1)
    Ophelia - I like the name, its beautiful sounding (8)
    Poppy - Cute and lovely name, my favourite! (10)
    Victoria - Not bad a name. (7)

    Augustus - Oh wow, Hazel and Augustus :P Augustus is a mouthful so I would prefer August (4)
    Cassian - Not my style. I would prefer Caspian. The double 's' looks out of place sorry! (1)
    Christian - Favourite! Perfect name (10)
    Donovan - Cool dark name, I like the nickname Don/Dov/Dove (7)
    Edmund - Not too big a fan of Ed-names like Edward (2)
    Elliot - Not sure how to pronounce this, sounds weird when I say it but it looks cute! (6)
    Julian - Oh I love J-names in general like Julius and Julien. Sweet name (9)
    Theodore - on my list too, love it! (10)
    Vincent - charming name (7.5)
    Ladies: Della § Esme § Kirsi
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    GPs: November § Aubrey § Septimus
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    Bronwyn 7/10 ~ A lovely and quite vintage welsh name, Really nice also like Branwen/Wyn
    Della 4/10~ not so taken on this name, NMS. But it is a nice name maybe a middle name?
    Esme 9/10~ A fave of mine. A really nice name.
    Kristian/Christian 6/10~ gunna give this a 6 as i like it but i associate it with someone so im not too much of a fan.
    Gabriel 7/10~ I like it with Gave as a nickname.
    Rhys 4/10~ Im not a fan of this spelling io do happen to like this spelling 'Reese' i think that it is easier to spell than rhys..
    Will - 3/10- I think it has to be the full name.

    Devon 10/10~ My brothers middle name and i love it.
    January 5/10- not so keen on it really as NMS
    Kirsi- 5/10- Different..
    November (Nova/Ember) 7/10- Love the nicknames but im not sure if i woudl ever be able to use the hole as a name.. be to scared..
    Valencia 4/10- NMS
    Aries - 5/10-As a middle would be nice,.
    Callen 6/10- I like this as i think it is a more better version of callum.. and it has a better ring to it IMO.
    Castor 1/10- no no defo no.. Castor Oil comes to mind
    Eli - 7/10- Now i liek eli and i liek it as a name on its own and also for the nickname to elijah,
    Griffin 6/10- Like it alot , but liek phoenix that lil bit more.
    Jun (pronounced: June) - As a middle nice, but i think ppl might get confused and want to add the e on the end.
    Lars- 5/10- Differnt. A name that comes up alot in gaming i find. Its a nice name very old timey i think. a bit vintage.
    Renier/Ren - 4/10 - Nice but NMS
    Sage - NMS but nice a s a middle i think. 6/10
    Shylor - shy-lor?? Hrmm... Seems like a smush of skylor and shiloh but with a y. dont think im a fan really.. 2.5/10
    Theodore 8/10- I like the name but i think i prefer theo on its own.

    hope i didnt offend, i expect my sig will get slaughtered now :S xx

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