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    lacysue was skipped

    Sadie Belle - Not my style. But it does flow well.
    Corinne Emilia - Like
    Audrey Aspen - I love Audrey, but Aspen is not my style.

    Collin Reed - I like Reed, but Collin is a name that I was never fond of.
    Dylan Cooper - Not my style.
    Preston Lewis - Not a fan of Preston, but I love Lewis.
    Ryland James - Love this name.

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    Another one for lacysue since being skipped stinks!

    Sadie Belle: This name isn't my style.. I think I like a more formal legal first name than Sadie, but the Hebrew meaning of "Princess" is a nice quality. 4/10
    Corinne Emilia: I love this. So timeless, and not super trendy. 9/10
    Audrey Aspen: this is a nice, again Audrey has that timeless feel imo. I'm not a big fan of alliteration so the double A names don't work for me. 7/10

    Collin Reed: Collin is a fine name, but it's not one of my favorites. I do like the name Reed! 6/10
    Dylan Cooper: I think Dylan is a super cute baby boy name and also one baby can grow into. Very nice. 8/10.
    Preston Lewis: Preston makes me think of the guy from The Real World (New Orleans) I think. Nice guy, but I wouldn't want to name a kid after him. As a whole, 'Preston Lewis' comes off as more dated than your other choices imo. 5/10
    Ryland James: I think this is my second favorite. It is nice, with a bit of new-age trend. 6.5/10
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    Maud - a bit too old-fashioned for me still, but I like it much more than Mabel! I am not sure I can see it on a little girl, but it's still nice. I like it much better than Matilda, too, which is hot right now.
    Ellis - it has a nice sound, but I just can't see it on a girl. I like it much better for boys!
    Fable - too GPish for me, but it's a nice name.

    Atlas - I find it hard to imagine on a child, and I think it'd just be hard to bear, anyhow, but I do think it's quite cool.
    Ender - again, too GPish for me, but it's okay. I think Alexander nn Ender would be pretty cool.
    Britin - not keen on the spelling, but I've always loved Brittan/Britton for a boy! I really adore it.

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    Joshua Aaron Lee -- I really like this combination, its very cool. On their own, the names don't really do it for me, but together I'm really enjoying them! 8/10

    Aleksander Gabriel Henry -- I prefer the spelling, Alexander. Gabriel is a name I've never been able to get behind, it just isn't for me. Henry is just ok, its one that I like, but find a little boring. 6/10

    Avery Ian George -- The flow is off, for me, in this combination. 6/10

    Audrey Sophia Juliet -- I really like this, I enjoy all three names individually and I like them arranged together as well. 8/10

    Matthew Elliot -- For me, this is kind of boring, Matthew/Matt was such a common name amongst my peers, growing up. Elliot is ok, but not for me. 4/10
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    Love Leo Sebastian (swoon!) and Ronan Alexander. Sebastian and Alexander are among my personal favorites.

    Felix - 4/10 - I adore Felicity, but I've never really cared for Felix for some reason.
    Finn - 7/10 - My favorite of your boys' names, although I like it more as a nickname for something longer. It works on its own, though.
    Moss - 5/10 - Not really my style, but makes an okay nature name.
    Heath - 6/10 - Again, I'm not really into nature names, but I do think Heath is kinda cool.

    Fern - 4/10 - Not my style. I think there are prettier nature names out there for girls.
    Veda - 7/10 - Hmm, I'm never really sure how I feel about this name. I do like that it begins with a V, and it has a pretty sound, but something keeps me from loving it.
    Tui - 2/10 - Never heard of it before. Makes me think of the words "patootie" and "phooey".
    Blythe - 9/10 - Love! I'm not a huge fan of one-syllable names, but Blythe is an exception. Lovely meaning, too.
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