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    Penelope - 10/10: LOVE this name; sad that it's getting so popular It's been my favourite since the age of 6!
    Pearl - 7/10: gorgeously vintage.
    Estella - 7/10: I really like this: it's frilly without being over-the-top, and it makes me think of Great Expectations
    Marisol - 3/10: not a big fan I'm sorry - for some reason makes me think of cleaning agents.
    Golda - 2/10: bit too cutesy to be a name for me.
    Martha - 6/10: sweet but a bit clunky.
    Lilac - 7/10: love this! Probably a GP or mn contender for me.
    Daphne - 8/10: beautiful.
    Tabitha - 9/10: have long loved this. Beautifully quirky.
    Autumn - 5/10: it has nice imagery but it's a bit dated for me.

    Silas - 6/10: like it, but it's not quite my style.
    Henry - 7/10: love, but its popularity has made it slightly bland
    Arthur - 9/10: love love love! One of my favourites.
    Gabriel - 7/10: really like this, but worried it sounds too "feminine" in some accents.
    Eli - 7/10: bit nicknamey, but spunky.
    Patrick - 6/10: it's nice, but nothing special.
    Frederick - 9/10: love. I want to use it for my potential son
    Heath - 5/10: this is forever connected to Heath Ledger for me.
    Gilbert - 6/10: love the Anne of Green Gables feel, but not sure if it's ready for a comeback yet.
    Jonah - 7/10: like it; it's not really on my radar but a great name.
    Leo - 8/10: really love this! It's quite popular though.

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    Beatrix - I love this name, Beatrix reminds me of Final Fantasy. I don't like the nickname Trix, though.
    Clementine - This is not a name that I would use, but I do love this name.
    Penelope - Not my style.
    Seraphina - Not my style.

    Theodore - Love this name! One of my favorites.
    Hugo - Not my style.
    Caspian - Love this name. Reminds of Prince Caspian and the Caspian sea.
    Arthur - Like this name.
    Lysander - Like this name.

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    Joshua Theodore Lee - 8/10 - I think the Lee 2mn is a great nod to your FH name variation. very sweet. Overall I really like this combo and I like every name on the list... I just find Joshua a bit problematic... it’s handsome and strong, yet soft and historic.... I get it... however, Josh is THE easiest name to make sound whinny... I suggest trying it out. (Otherwise I really like Joshua... and the few that I know are oddly all doctors. lol.)
    Aleksander Gabriel Christian - 7/10 As an Alexandra I am always psyched to see a different spelling of the Alex- family... if you used this one I would automatically think you had eastern european heritage - linked with the two middle names I’d say Russian Orthodox Christians. (it’s just the combo of Gabriel and Christian together). I really like each and every name in this combo
    Shay Matthew Henry - 5/10 It got the lowest rating because it just doesn’t flow as well as the others and because after saying it a couple of times out loud I thought someone was saying “house of Matthew Henry”.

    Suggestion for your boys list: I’d just remix and match the great names you already have. Maybe Joshua Theodore Lee, Aleksander Gabriel Henry and Christian Matthew Shay would work as well... (oddly I now gave your boys a 2nd mn -ee ending sound theme... totally not on purpose -- also I really love Christian as a fn any boy with that name is bound to be super handsome.... I’m just saying Christan Bale, Christian Slater... and in actually every Christian I’ve meet in person.... it’s odd).

    Audrey Juliet Sophia - 8/10.... I have a love/hate relationship with Audrey so only 8 out of 10 but otherwise I really like this combo...actually Audrey Sophia Juliet would probably have gotten 9/10 - but I think that has to do with my personal inflection.

    Overall great list - you guys are going to have some really well named babes in the future!

    To the next poster... I clearly need help and your thoughts on my
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    Dexter - Felix - Gideon - Hendrik - Victor
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    Endora: 4/10. One of the main issues I have with it, is when I say "Endora" it makes me think of "enduring".. & to endure something.. seems negative. It also doesn't seem to have great nickname quality - Dora?
    Lorelei: 9/10. I love Lorelei. I think it is a perfect example of "classic with a twist." You could also go several directions for nicknames if you wanted: Lori, Lei, Rory (a la Gilmore Girls).
    Dexter: 9/10. I also enjoy the name Dexter. I find it to be fresh and spunky. I love names with an x as they always have a peppy sound to them.
    Victor: 2/10. It's just too old school for me. And it reminds me of things like "The hunchback of Notre Dame" (author was Victor Hugo).
    Gideon: 5/10. This is a name I really WANT to like, even for myself. But yet somehow, it is always lacking. I don't know if it's because I imagine it as a farm boys name or if the only nickname I can think of is Gid (rhymes with Kid)?
    Hendrik: 4/10. I find Hendrik just okay. For me, the D in the middle is uncomfortable to say.. it just doesn't flow.
    Oberon: 5/10. Points for originality.. but I just can't get behind it.
    Cedric: 8 /10. This is my second favorite on the list. I love the "stately" style mixed with an earthy vibe that it gives me (because of its connection to cedar)
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    Girls: Maud 9/10, Ellis 9/10, Fable 8/10
    Boys: Atlas 10/10, Ender 0/10, Britin 5/10

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