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    @Dominika, oh wow! Thanks for filling me in. Yeah, I was speaking from my admittedly limited American point of view, so I'm glad you took the time to tell me about all of your lovely Polish names! I have definitely changed my mind about a lot of them. I think I've derailed the thread enough, haha sorry, sorry.
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    Isobel: 4/10
    Eloise: 7/10
    Matilda: 7/10
    Alice: 9/10
    Eleanor: 8/10
    Amelia: 6/10
    Elena: 7/10
    Mirabel: 3/10
    Felicity: 5/10
    Phoebe: 6/10
    Eilidh: 6/10 (love the pronunciation, but the spelling would be difficult in the US)
    Rosalia: 6/10 (prefer Rosalie)
    Roisin: 4/10
    Azalea: 6/10
    Elsa: 5/10 (prefer Ella)
    Arabella: 5/10
    Genevieve: 5/10
    Elodie: 6/10
    Ruby: 7/10
    Charlotte: 8/10

    Eamon: 4/10
    Tiago: 3/10
    Cooper: 6/10
    Jack: 6/10
    Jago: 3/10
    Flynn: 6/10 (prefer Finn)
    Archer: 6/10
    Lincoln: 7/10
    Asher: 8/10
    Alfie: 2/10
    Taylor: 5/10 (I have more experience with this as a girl name)
    Baxter: 4/10
    Finnian: 7/10
    Lawson: 6/10
    Jasper: 7/10
    Deacon: 5/10
    Lewis: 7/10
    Oscar: 6/10
    Fletcher: 5/10
    Caspian: 8/10
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    Oh, yay I got a fun one! Your style is charming, oiseau.

    Twila Posey: posey isn't my favorite, but I've always been intrigued by Twila and the two go really well together. It reminds me of roses in moonlight.

    Odette Francesca: the flow is awesome and I adore Francesca. Odette isn't a name I'm into, it sounds clunky and reminds me too much of "debt". But I'd be delighted to meet someone named this.

    Orlaith Glimmer: glimmer is an awesome middle name, I considered it once but worried it sounded too hunger games-esque. I've never heard Orlaith, but it doesn't immediately appeal to me. Maybe if I knew more about it it would strike more of a chord.

    Fianna Ruby: so cute! Fianna sounds so fresh and spunky, and I'm a sucker for Ruby, especially in the middle.

    Poet Cadenza: not a fan. Poet seems like too blunt a word to give a little girl (what if she doesn't like poetry?) and though Cadenza is neat, it's too much with Poet for me.

    Indie Nell: a BIG yes to Indie, Nell just isn't what I would put with it.

    Ouen Amos: Amos is cool, but I don't understand Ouen. Is it like Owen?

    Cillian Ambrose: I love this assuming you pronounce Cillian like Killian. The soft C doesn't wow me as much.

    Oswin Maverick: this is totally great. Never heard Oswin, but it sounds nice. And Maverick, though a little trendy, is also on my list.

    Casimir Orlando: I love both names, especially Orlando (a dear love of mine) and Casimir is handsome and elegant yet adventurous. I just wonder if he would get Cassie for short...

    Oscar Phineas: wow, our styles really are similar. Though Oscar admittedly still reminds me of the. Sesame Street grouch, Ozzie would be an awesome nickname. Phineas is my number one boys names, so I give him five thumbs up, haha.

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    Oooh, I wanna rate Larissa's...give me a minute.

    also @Ebony, don't worry about it; I hate your names too. (Kidding. Actually I don't at all but I get that mine are not everyone's cup of tea. Don't feel bad.)

    Amaryllis Joy - 8.5/10. Love Amaryllis, neutral about Joy. Overall, a pretty good combo.
    Savannah Mayfair - 7/10. Usually I don't like Savannah, but it's kinda cool with Mayfair.
    Bellamy June - 5/10. Bellamy is NMS; June is cute. The combo flows well.
    Isla Reverie - 6.5/10. The opposite of above--I like Isla, dislike Reverie. But again, good flow.
    Holiday Elise - 8/10. Really nice, and very wearable. Sounds like the name of a really kind person.
    Cordelia Maple - 8/10. Not a fan of Maple, but Cordelia is great.
    Sage Aurora - 9.5/10. Oooohh, I love it! So well balanced and subtly mysterious. Awesome combo.
    Madeline Story - 6/10. Nothing wrong with this one, it's just a bit cutesy for my taste.

    Laszlo Oliver - 8.5/10. Love it! One of those rare instances where back-to-back letters work just fine.
    Darwin Blake - 9/10. Love this one, too! There's something very cute and endearing about Darwin.
    Gideon Levi - 5/10. A bit too much bible in one combo for my taste.
    Fisher Gray - 6/10. Interesting. Normally I'm not a fan of double word names, but this one works.
    Jasper Elias - 8/10. Cute in a curmudgeonly way. I like it.
    Simon Apollo - 10/10. LOVE THIS ONE. So excellent and perfectly balanced! Simon Apollo and Sage Aurora would be good matching-initial twin names.
    Orlando Archer - 10/10. Ditto Simon Apollo. I adore Orlando.
    Phineas Jack - 9.5/10. I just love all your boys' names!

    Saylor Adeline - 5/10. Saylor is NMS but I see the appeal of this combo.
    Siri Genevieve - 8/10. Siri is ridiculously cute and I wish it weren't a phone thing.
    Penrose Elizabeth - 5.5/10. Penrose is NMS but again, I see the appeal. Elizabeth balances it out well.
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    Belphoebe - Interesting Name 7/10
    Cosima - Sorry not my type. Doesn't seem very name-ish to me.
    Sybella - same as above
    Ailsa - Is this something like Elsa? 6/10
    Celia - 3/10 reminds me of Cilia which is some sort of hair

    Prosper - Not one of the word names I would use but it'll be a unique one
    Finn - I like this! In fact I like it more as a name than a nickname. 9/10
    August - Great name with nn Gus 8/10
    Malcolm - Rather underrated name but I'm neutral towards this
    Zephyr - This strikes me as more of a girl name but if I'm not wrong this is another word for a breeze? But its cool! 7/10
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