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    Autumn - gorgeous name!! I've always loved this name.
    Willow - ^^^
    Raina - I prefer Reyna because of The Heroes of Olympus character but I don't mind this spelling. the character Reyna made me love this name. Tessa - prefer this as a nickname, the problem is I don't like the full names. It is a cute name that I used to like a lot.
    Hanna - a little overused but I still like it. I do wish you kept the h on the end.
    Willa - even better than Willow. The name is so simple but so beautiful.
    Adeline - I loved this name ever since I watched Barbie and the Twelve Dancing Princesses when I was younger. Everyone thought I was crazy! Calla - short and sweet, cute just not my style.
    Elowen - the pronunciation of the name bothers me. I prefer Elowyn with the emphasis on EL.
    Lucy - a sweet name but to me it is a bit overused and overrated.
    Hazel - beautiful! Another name that I came to love because of Heroes of Olympus. Something about this name just seems so mysterious, I probably sound weird. I can't really describe it other than mysterious.
    Noelle - stunning name, much better than Noel or Elle
    Harrison - and now a bad association. I cannot stand this name thanks to Psych, I shudder when I see it. Not the name's fault, the character, Harris Trout's. I probably would have liked the name otherwise.
    Cole - I don't like this name and I don't know why. The first time I heard it (Cole Sprouse) I instantly disliked it. It does make me think of cold and mold.
    Carter - this is growing on me, not too bad.
    Everett - I like this name, although I prefer Everest.
    Reid - I prefer the look of Reed. I love the sound of this though!!!
    Austin - never cared for this name, I do have good associations with the name.
    Milo - just an okay name in my opinion.
    Levi - no matter how popular this name may get, it will probably always be jeans.
    William - bad associations. I do like Will a lot...
    Arrow - my favorite of all of your names! Always off and on the signature.
    Henry - I honestly have tried very hard to see the appeal of this name, and I still haven't found it.
    Jack - this started growing on me a while ago, I like it.
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    Leo Fidelis- I like Leo, though it's become a bit meh to me recently because EVERYONE seems to love it, Fidelis is a great middle that gives Leo a bit more substance. 8/10

    Caspar Shannon- Love Caspar but Shannon is wayyyy too dated for me, it's a very middle-aged sounding name here in Aus. 6/10

    Darcy Tobias- Fabulous combo! How have I never noticed this before? Is it new? Darcy is one of my favourite boy names but I always find it hard to pair with a middle. 10/10

    Viggo Artemas- I've never understood the appeal of Viggo and Artemis is purely a girl name for me, despite the spelling. I think it's way too tied to the goddess and find it strange as a boys name. 5/10

    Magnus Bellamy- This combo keeps growing on me everytime I see it! I wasn't too fond of Bellamy in the beginning, but I like it here. 9/10

    Augustine Lake- Definitely nms, I don't really love Lake as a middle because it makes most combos sound like a tourist destination. I prefer plain August to Augustine. 6/10

    Shea Wolfgang- Interesting combo, I'm not sure how I feel about it... This flow is great but I think it's just nms. 8/10

    Regis Wilder 'Rex'- Not a fan of Regis or Rex! Sorry! (Though I do love Regulus, because of HP). 4/10

    Delphina Scout- Great combo! 10/10

    Arietta Daisy- Arietta seems a bit much to me (coming from someone who likes Artemisia ahaha) but it's very sweet with Daisy. 8/10

    Demetria Primrose- I don't love Demetria at all, seems a bit dated. The flow is off with Primrose for me because of the repeating r's (DemetRIa PRImrose). 6/10

    Susanna Tigerlily 'Sunny'- Very pretty combo, but I don't like Sunny as a nn for Susanna. 7/10

    Romana Seraphine- LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! 11/10

    Philomena Odette- I don't love Philomena that much but this combo is still very elegant. 8/10

    Azelie Piper- Very spunky combo though nms. 8/10

    Reverie Nightingale- I can't see Reverie as a first name, and paired with Nightingale it seems much too whimsical. 4/10 (sorry!)

    Alphonsus Reed 'Alphie'- Alphie is a adorable, the combo is cool but would be hard to wear in real life. 7/10

    Alexei Roman- Alexei is okay, I like Roman but I find it a bit trendy. 6/10

    Aurelian Gray- Really love this combo! 9/10

    Ariadne Vesper- These two names together seem a bit harsh when said outloud. 7/10

    Endellion Rue 'Della'- Endellion is one of my GP's too! Adorable combo 9/10

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    Atticus Henry {Kit}~ Flows well and the nickname Kit is adorable.
    Rowan Arthur~ Rowan is such a handsome name but Arthur is nms.
    Edmund Frey~ I don't particularly like either name but together they make a really beautiful combination.
    Caspian Elias~ Love, Love, Love this! I adore both names!

    Amelie Louisa~ Very pretty and I like Louisa as the middle.
    Ophelia Penelope~ Nms but they do sound good together.
    Marguerite Alice ~ I prefer Margot or Margaret but I do love Alice.
    Elizabeth Lorelei {Lily}~ Elizabeth is a bit boring but Lorelei is unique and I like the nick name lily.
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    Coralie Heron: I like Coralie but Heron sounds like Heroin.
    Estelle Quinn: I love it. It is quite quirky and cute.
    Ivy Elise: I like it.
    Vera Celeste: Neither name is really my fancy. Also Celeste feels very 2000 and Vera feels 1950's.
    Evageline Sage: It's really pretty. I really like it.
    Seren Louise: Serena Louise would be nicer.

    Elijah Rowan: I don't really like Elijah and I prefer Rowan for a girl.
    Alexander Cairo: They are very strong and powerful together.
    Caspian James: I like it. I usually don't like James on it's own.

    I didn't have time to do the rest sorry!
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    Aurelia Lane- Aurelia is gorgeous and Lane has a lovely charm as a middle
    Nolah June- Nolah is usual but kinda spunky. June is okay but doesn't wow me
    Gracelyn Ruth- not a fan of this one- Gracelyn feels made up and Ruth feels dated
    Everett Joy- Everett is all boy to me I'm afraid!
    Maven Rosalie- I love Rosalie and Maven makes an unusual but pretty first
    Albany-Grace- not my style at all
    Ezra Baxter- Ezra is charming and Baxter adds some spunk
    Elias Andrew- Elias is so sweet! Would love to meet a little boy with this name
    Noah Harold- I like Noah but I know a LOT of little ones. Harold is alright
    Nell- adore! Simply perfect
    Keegan-Rose- I like Rose as a stand alone first. Keegan isn't for me
    Brighton- this is a city near me and you would definitely not want to be named after it lol!
    Alessia- pretty
    Fern- feels somewhat dated to me
    Cassia- feminine yet strong
    Flora- I really like this but it is a brand of butter where I am which puts me off
    Liliana- gorgeous if not a little frilly
    Haven- I've always had a soft spot for this one
    Austen- way too preppy/masculine for me
    Sutton- ditto
    Amity- unexpected yet completely delightful
    Aspen- neutral. I really don't have any feelings about this one
    Juno- gorgeous and strong name. Love it.
    Oakley, Hunter, Brady, Beckett- I can see the charm but these ones are just far too preppy for me
    Ollie- prefer this as a nn for Oliver
    Alfie- again, sweet but prefer it as a nn
    Henley- I haven't heard this one before but it has a certain charm
    Asher- the sound is unattractive to me
    Lincoln- love! A very 'cool' name
    Berkeley- nice if pronounced bark-ly. Berk is an insult where I am so don't like the other pron.!
    Dexter- nice but very tied to the programme
    Lucca- how is this said? Not a fan
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