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    Sep 2013
    Northern Germany
    Lochlan Finlay (Lochie) - neither name is for me but the names for great together, Lochie is cute
    Reuben Alexander - great combo
    William Robert(Bobbie) - William is great, Robert isn't for me but a classic; not a fan of Bobbie
    Jacob-Henri - Jacob is nice, I really like Henri (though prefer Henry in the English speaking world), I'm not a fan of hyphens
    Benjamin-Eli - both names are nice, they're a bit long together though
    Cairdan Isaac ( pronounced Care Den) - neither is for me but the flow is nice

    Emerson Jade (Emee) - Emerson is a boys name to me, Jade isn't my style but they do work togeher
    Everly Opal (Evee) - Everly is sweet, Opal isn't for me, Evee is cute
    Arwynn - not my style, I like Arwen, though

    Harrison & Maxton & Oakley - all nice names but not my style
    Lucas - lovely name

    Helaina (Nellie) - Helena is great, Helaina feels like an awfully unnecessary spelling, Nellie is lovely
    Eden - not my style
    Madeleine - sweet name
    Gabriella - not for me but still a nice name

    Kaisienna Josephine (Kaisie~Jo) - Josephine is gorgeous, Kaisienna seems very complicated, I think Kaisa or Kai-Sienna would work better


    Arthur, Hugo, Flora, Henrietta
    Mabel, Rose, Theodore, Charlie

    name blog

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    Copenhagen, Denmark
    Edmund Louis: So dapper! The two names go so beautifully together and the combination looks amazing as well. 10/10.
    Henry Frederick: Henry is my all-time favourite boys name and Frederick complements it very well. 08/10.
    Arthur: Dashing and regal. 08/10.
    Charles: I adore Charles. I never know what to pair it with but it's so dashing. 10/10.
    Hugo: And, surprise, surprise, I love Hugo as well 08/10. (And a random sidenote: I've actually got Charles-Hugo on my own list of favourite names).

    Alice Cordelia: This is a lovely combination. Both names are very feminine but also very spry and bright and they complement each other beautifully. 08/10.
    Flora: Not a personal favourite of mine but definitely not a bad name either. 05/10.
    Rose Lavinia Charlotte: First of all, I love, love, love Rose as a first name. It's so overused as a middle name that it always makes me happy to see it used as a first. Lavinia isn't really my style but the combination flows so beautifully that I don't mind it. 08/10.
    Ada Rosalind: I love it. Both Rosalind and Rosamund are made for being paired with a relatively short first name. It flows beautifully, it's visually alluring and the names just complement each other so ridiculously well. 10/10.
    Eleanor: A beautiful classic. You can never go wrong with Eleanor. 08/10.

    Auguste: I really like this one. I like August as well but it has a slightly unpolished feel to it, methinks. I think the E makes it a whole lot more aesthetically pleasing. Auguste a girls name in Denmark, actually, but the E is very pronounced so it sounds different. 07/10.
    Augustin: I actually really like this one as well but for the life of me, I can't say it out loud without singing "Ach, du lieber Augustin" to myself But I do think it's a very beautiful name. 08/10.
    Edgar: So dapper and sophisticated, I love it. 08/10.
    Felix: I've always loved how Felix is both elegant but also slightly unpredictable. A great name. 07/10.
    George: Hasn't always been a name I digged (mainly because it sounds horrendous in Danish) but Prince George has made me come about to it, I think. 07/10.
    Oscar: Great, strong name – and, as evident by my own signature, also one of my own favourites. 10/10.
    Theodore: Another very dapper name. 09/10.
    Yves: Not really my style, I'm afraid. 03/10. (It was very shocking to me to find that there was one of the 25 names in your signature that I wasn't fond of, haha ).

    Clara: This name will always be dear to me because it makes me think of Christmas and The Nutcracker. Again, a classic and lovely name that you can't go wrong with. 08/10.
    Edith: I've always really liked Edith (and especially with the nickname Edie). 08/10.
    Henrietta: Henrietta is such a regal name, I love it! 08/10.
    Matilda: Again, one of my own personal favourites. You can't go wrong with Matilda, it's eternally alluring. 10/10.
    Nell: One of my favourite nicknames for e.g. Eleanor. 10/10 (as a nickname, I'm not fond of it as a stand-alone name).
    Ophelia: I love it although I do think it's one of those names you have to be careful not to oversweeten, if you get what I'm saying. But riveting nevertheless, very fairytale princess-like. 09/10.
    Wilhelmina: Like Ophelia, I think it depends a lot on what it's paired with. I like the name itself but it can easily become really clunky when paired with the wrong first/middle name. 06/10.
    Zelia • 20s • Exporting names from Greenland & Inuit mythology
    Alexander Adelin Lórien "Sasha" • Henry Bjørnstjerne Ivik • Eden Valdemar Dziga • Julian Ásgeirr Bertil "Jules" • Nor Endymion Inigo

    Vilde Ivalo Zenobia • Asta Cléo Lúthien • Olga Ingrid Aviaaja • Léa Vicky Galadriel • Aviaaja Saga Cosima "Avi"

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    Northern Germany
    @shvibziks I don't have time to rate your signature right now but if no one has gotten to it tomorrow (today), I'll edit this post.
    I actually have Hugo Charles or Hugo _ Charles on my list of combo ideas, I just think they're dashing together!
    Auguste is a girls' name here as well, however, while I adore both Auguste and Augustin, I'd only use them as middle names and only if I'd live in France (or their father was French).
    George in German would be Georg which I'd put in the "my father's generation"-dated category, my little sister actually has a Georg in her class and it still seems odd to me (his brother's name is Heinrich).
    I just think George with an English accent is the most adorable name and Prince George definitely helps!
    Yves is a name I don't think I'd ever use but I find it very interesting, especially the look I find intruiging.
    I absolutely agree with you on Matilda; it's my little sister's name (though spelled Mathilda which is slightly more common here) and I'd still absolutely love to use myself.
    Thank you for the comments on all the names, I appreciate it

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    Ok, so kind of new here so hope this is alright!

    I love your overall style. I'm writing a set of historical novels sit in 19th century Finland and Russia so might even get some character name inspiration.

    As for ratings:

    Henry Ásgeirr Lórien - I love the flow. Ásgeirr is appealing to my ear and works well alongside the more common Henry

    Alexander Adelin Pemba "Sasha" - love Sasha as a nn for Alexander, but not a fan of the middles, sorry

    Atticus Aksel Ivik - not a fan of Atticus, but love Aksel spelt that way. The two As in a row are quite harsh

    Oscar Llŷr Igaluk - Not sure how you would pronounce the middle but I like the look. The combo does feel like a bit of a mouthful. Oscar is one of my all-time favourites though.

    Cosima Ingrid Zenobia "Mimi" - love Mimi and like the flow of this all together

    Asta Ivalo (EE-vah-lu) Galadriel - Love the first two names, lovely but Galadriel is too much for my taste

    Aviaaja Catherine Françoise "Avi" - nice, really like the nn but I think Françoise feels out of place in that combo

    Evelyn Alvaret Cleopatra "Elví" - Again love the first two names and nn but feel Cleopatra doesn't flow
    Nor Valdemar Oisín - love Oisín but not a fan of the first two
    Bertil Cosimo Edmund - like the flow
    Olga Agnes Lúthien - love this - I think Agnes in particular could be due for a comeback
    Alva Madicken Héloïse - love Alva, but not sure about Madicken.

    Tessa / Maya / Hannah / Juliet / Holly / Hazel / Jasmine / Laurel / Josie / Harriet / Bridget / Livia / Lottie / Harriet / Maisie / Aurelia / Gemma

    Max / Samuel / Oscar / Oliver / Elliot / Leo / Jeremy

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    Tessa: very pretty and underused. Wonderful name.
    Maya: nms, but I love Maya Angelou, so I far from dislike it.
    Hannah: a bit too 90s and early 2000s, although it is a very pretty name.
    Juliet: stunning name.
    Holly: nms, sorry.
    Hazel: LOVE!
    Jasmine: very sweet and beautiful.
    Laurel: not a fan, sorry.
    Josie: I adore this name!
    Harriet: love the nn Hattie with this!
    Bridget: very cool and old fashioned.
    Livia: prefer Lavinia or something of the like, with this as a nn.
    Lottie: lovely!
    Maisie: I love this, especially as a middle name!
    Aurelia: wonderful, golden meaning. Beautiful name.
    Gemma: very sweet.
    Max: a bit popular, although I do adore The Book Thief.
    Samuel: lovely, classic name.
    Oscar: this is a very sweet name not many people use.
    Oliver: I love this name!
    Elliot: very handsome.
    Leo: love the meaning of "Lion". Very nice name.
    Jeremy: this reminds me of the kid's book "Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life" so even though I am not such a fan of the name, I do appreciate it.

    We do have a very different taste in names altogether, but I definitely appreciate your naming style!
    Something old, something new.

    Adia Violet ~ Cora Josephine ~ Rosalie Ruth

    Shepherd John ~ Thomas Ford ~ Levi Bryn

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