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    Delivering in Less Than 4 Weeks, NEED Name!

    I know, I know, lots of babies come home from the hospital without a name and it's no reflection on how loved the baby is, but it is really bothering me how far away I am from having this little guy's name sorted out. His sister was named a few months before she was born, and THAT ended up being a fiasco that I also came here for help with (I ended up changing MN when she was well over 6 months old. ). So my naming confidence is shot.

    Adding to the challenges are these facts: I struggled with infertility and we had our baby girl Ryleigh in 2012 after 12 years of trying! During that time, close friends and family all slowly ended up using the names I had lovingly cultivated over the years. :-| Then, just to make things a little more challenging, I have a very large and close-knit extended family with an unusual tradition - NO re-used names. The only exception is down through father-son or mother-daughter lines. But I have cousins named Benjamin, Damon, Andrew, William and Jamie, and brothers named Daniel and Stephen... none of those and countless others can be used!

    So, here's the basic criteria then:

    1. Has to be fairly original, possibly trendy (although that's not really my style, his sister Ryleigh ended up being trendy {but also has a story** to it}, so it might be okay).

    2. Would be good if it could be a Western or Southern or cowboy type name that would flow well with "Ryleigh", but of course, not Wyatt or Wilder (two of my favourites) because it ends up being a tongue twister when you say them together.

    3. MNs being considered are Donald and Tyler, for my Dad and best friend, respectively.

    Helpful hints:
    - I love "J" names and Jack was an early favourite but seems too casual for a first name and Jackson is too popular. I know, I'm impossible.
    - Colton was an early favourite and is still very much in the running, but it's just not THE name, I think
    - my best friend loves the name Tucker and has been trying to sell it to me... I do like the name, but I am not sure about the "uck" sound. As the mother of a toddler, I am realizing I say her name a LOT and it seems like a harsh-sounding name with unpleasant rhyming associations - thoughts?
    - My biggest hurdle is that I'm afraid if I don't ABSOLUTELY LOVE the name I pick, I'll end up back in the registrar's office changing his name just like I did his sister and I am STILL not 100% comfortable with her name because like I said earlier, it's really NMS and I think she would have done better with an ultra feminine name that I adored.

    So there you have it, Nameberries! Hopefully a challenge that you will enjoy and that will help my sweet little boy get his name before he's born, or at least before the deadline of 30 days after!! If you have read this far, thank you, and thank you even more if you take the time to give me some ideas!

    **I love my last name and refused to give it up when I got married. Ryleigh is actually named after her father, who actually changed his last name to mine the year she was born so that we would all have the same family name. His last name was Riley and he wanted a girly spelling, so... Ryleigh.

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    Wow. I see your frustration. Congratulations on having not one but two LOs after such a struggle! :-) And I applaud your husband from changing HIS name to yours! What a beautiful story for your daughter's name.

    Some J names:
    Ryleigh & Jordan (maybe a nn like Jordy or Jojo?)
    Ryleigh & Joseph (nn Joss)
    Ryleigh & Jericho

    Western name:
    Ryleigh & Heath
    Ryleigh & Clayton (nn Clay)
    Ryleigh & Boone (love this)

    Tucker is cute. I know an adult Tucker. I won't taint your opinion by telling you what I think of him, but I will say it sounded very cutesy when I first met him and didn't improve. Plus the rhyming with a certain word is less than ideal. Unless he ends up being one ;-) I do agree you have to love the name you choose because you will be saying it and thinking it a thousand times a day.
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    We also have a lot of family members with names we just can't use!

    Here are the ones I like with a bit of a cowboy feel:

    Ryleigh and:
    grace . praying for patience .
    my top 8

    Mae Evelyn / Ella Hadley / Iris Abigail / Lena Camille / Ada Claire / Liv Eleanor / Liora Jane / Eliza Winter

    Reid Elijah / Owen Archer / Benjamin Abel / Jonah Matthew / Jack Ezra / Levi William / Ronan Isaac / Silas Archer

    my other loves
    Octavia. Adeline. Nora. Eve. Millie Adelaide.
    Liam Harvey. Milo Edward. River Jude. Kai Shepherd

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    That is so sweet that your husband changed his name to yours. I love the story behind your daughters name!
    Its hard to narrow things down and find what you're looking for that's just perfect out of so so many names! Your going to do just fine. Let's see. Jackson, Colton & Tucker. I see why they might not be perfect but I love the idea of a western style type name, Donald & Tyler are both great middle names and give a lot of options for first names, you could use any ending but D or on sounds really with Donald and with Tyler anything but t or r. I would say try and focus on names not beginning with R or containing the I sound in the first syllable as you already noted. And avoid Lee names as well.., there are so many great ones , Tyler is enough like tucker that I think you're probably set on that type sound... Another consideration is to use Donald Tyler as a middle name combination and use them both with a fn you love, so you remove the possibility of regrets for which you choose.
    The one that pops out most for you in my mind is
    Holden Tyler
    I think that is similar to Colton but softer and honestly more Western since while Colt or Holt or Jack both sound western to me Colton sounds southern and Jackson is well its millennial... Other similar names could be Sutton or Statton, Stetson, John... You could call him jack and I like it
    Sutton Tyler
    Statton Tyler
    Stetson Tyler
    John Tyler?
    Jasper Donald
    Holt Tyler
    Abraham Donand Tyler
    I'm confident most of the good names have been suggested already so I won't bombard you with a long list but ryleigh may ballance out nicely with a biblical name, common in the old west, Daniel being an example. Hope this helps, congratulations on your second child!

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