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    Ottoline Pearl or Vespertine Pearl?

    I've asked a few times about names for my daughter being born soon. For awhile I've been looking at Wren or Ottoline, but the more I think about Wren the more I feel it will become too popular for me. I think it may go the way of Willow in 5-10 years. So, Vesper has always been a favorite of mine and my husbands, but since my son is named Kaspar we thought it might be too similar. Anyway, I've been looking at Vespertine in the last day or so, and it may be a good alternative to Vesper. What do you all think of those 2 choices? Ottoline or Vespertine? They both have meanings that we love and go well with the chosen family name for the middle. Thanks again for your thoughts! Xo
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    I adore Vespertine.

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    Definitely Ottoline, for me, though Wren would be my top pick.

    Vespertine sounds like some kind of medicine to me. Not sure what it is about it, exactly, but it sounds like a brand name for something. It's not really a big deal, but I disagree that Vespertine goes well with the chosen middle. I don't like the repeated "per" sound in Vespertine Pearl (The middle name is practically already in the first name).

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    Totally Ottoline!! I love Wren, also.

    Just a quick question, though. Are you pronouncing it Otto-line or Otto-leen?

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    Ottoline Pearl gets my vote, it has a nice flow. Not sure about Vespertine, as another poster said, it sounds like a kind of medicine to me.
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