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    Your kids & their personalities.

    your name:
    husband’s name:

    career: (roll once for you, once for your husband)
    one. lawyer
    two. police officer
    three. politician
    four. wedding planner
    five. teacher
    six. doctor

    how many kids will you have?:
    then roll again for the gender; odd = boy, girl = even

    roll for their ages: (choose twenty)

    girl names: (roll once for first, another for middle)

    boys names: (roll once for first, another for middle)

    personality: (roll for two for each child)
    one. considerate
    two. quiet
    three. well-mannered
    four. athletic
    five. smart
    six. goofy
    seven. loves the outdoors
    eight. sweet
    nine. respectful
    ten. rebellious
    eleven. old fashioned
    twelve. ambitious

    personality pt. two: (roll for one for each child)
    one. too honest
    two. rude
    three. greedy
    four. never serious
    five. high-energy
    six. nerdy
    seven. lazy
    eight. naive
    nine. commitment issues
    ten. push over
    eleven. gullible
    twelve. bossy

    one. beach
    two. adventure
    three. romance
    four. books
    five. movies
    six. television
    seven. fashion
    eight. sports
    nine. outdoors
    ten. Disney
    eleven. collecting
    twelve. nature

    hair color:
    one-three. mom’s hair
    four-six. dad’s hair

    if you had one-three children: (three bedroom)
    if you had four-six children: (six bedroom)
    if you had seven- nine children: (seven bedroom)
    it you had ten-twelve children: (ten bedroom)
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    your name: Ashlyn Claire Benson, police officer
    husband’s name: Connor Rylan Benson, lawyer

    & their twelve kids:

    Jeremy Caleb Benson (20)
    Jeremy is athletic and rebellious. He was named prom king of his year, and is one of Alison & Connor’s most difficult children. He is now playing football in college, but he’s very lazy and has to step it up soon to keep his spot. He has a soft spot for television and hopes to one day be a screenwriter, which he is currently studying to be.

    Cara Ianthe Benson & Lucille Belle BensonLucie” (16)
    Cara loves being outdoors and is a very quiet person. She’s introverted and is very close with her siblings, and one close friend named Danielle. She has a crush on a guy from a far. Cara is very gullible and many of her brothers pull pranks on her. Her main interest is romance, and helps brother Jeremy with his writing, with her expertise.
    Lucie is similar to older brother Jeremy in that she’s also rebellious. She doesn’t compare to the difficulty of raising Jeremy, but she ranks pretty high out of the twelve children. However, she’s a very smart girl, loves learning, and has a constant 4.0 GPA. However, she’s a pushover, and everyone knows that it’s easy to get what they want from her. This isn’t the best quality to accompany her love for fashion, but hopefully her rebellious innovation will get her there.
    C: L:

    Elijah Jude BensonEli” (14)
    Eli is considerate and sweet. He’s always the one that everyone goes to for advice or when they are feeling down. He has had the same girlfriend since third grade, named Alana Marlie Colton. However, many people wouldn’t expect him to be soft, because he is very high energy and always loud. He’s always outdoors, whether it be sports (getting out all that energy), or just hiking with his friends or girlfriend.

    Levi Ace Benson (13)
    Levi grew up wanting to be just like older brother Eli, leading him to be respectful and well-mannered, and thankfully not taking after older brother Jeremy, a loved but troublesome child. In school, people know them as brothers with southern manners and they’re very popular. Levi can be off putting sometimes because he can be too honest, but most people overlook it because of his overall sweet personality. Levi’s main interest is the beach; specifically surfing. He is ranked very high for his division, and every one is very proud of him.

    Eliot Kai Benson & Sawyer Rune Benson (10)
    Eliot is a quiet kid, like sister Cara, but when he does feel comfortable enough to speak up, he’s very goofy. He’s been voted class clown in his elementary school. But, Eliot seems to have commitment issues. To this day he has quit three basketball teams and one baseball team mid season. Like older brother Levi, Eliot loves the beach & to surf. He’s not as good as Levi, but he’s also ranked.
    Sawyer is also a trouble child and a rebel Benson. He’s already comparing to older brother Jeremy and he’s only ten. Sawyer is extremely ambitious, which motivates him in his dream to experience and adventure through the world. Deep down, he is secretly very nerdy. Sawyer loves science fiction based stories, including Doctor Who & Star Wars.
    E: S:

    Alexa Rachel BensonLex” (9)
    Lex has two best friends at school, Charlotte & Miranda, who are just like her: smart & old fashioned. She loves traditional ideas and loves to study culture of the fifties. She’s been the smartest kid in her class since they were in first grade. She’s currently in fourth grade, but travels to the middle school after school to take seventh grade math. One thing about Lex that her friends and siblings must get over is that she can get very greedy, which makes for uncomfortable situations especially for too nice brothers, Eli & Levi. Alexa’s main hobby is her dance team, and she’s hoping to make captain by next competition season.

    Rogue Joan Benson “RJ” (8)
    Rogue is well mannered, but definitely follows in the footsteps of Jeremy, Lucie, and Sawyer; definitely rebellious. She listens to no one but herself, and if she feels it’s right, it’ll be done. She’d make a perfect vigilante. She loves being a polite girl though, so maybe she’s trying to find her way. RJ is also very lazy and hates to exercise, refusing to enroll in any sports teams… except for Lex’s dance when she was younger… which failed. RJ is a collector, she loves to find weird items on the road and one day, she’ll make a collage out of them.

    Allison Porsche BensonAllie” (6)
    Allie is a goofy child and is very ambitious. She loves to be silly, but when she sets her mind to something, she’s very determined to get it done. Allie loves Disney and says one day, she’ll work for them; as a princess… obviously.... Sometimes, she can be bossy, but her silly nature balances her out. As the youngest Benson currently in school, Allie has a lot of focus and is ambitious to be the smartest Benson.

    Austen Colt Benson & Ace Dexter Benson (3)
    Austen is very considerate, and makes a lot of drawings for his friends and family. However, I hope the Benson’s didn’t think it was going to be easy for them after RJ, because this kid is just as rebellious as almost half of his other siblings (Jeremy, Lucie, Sawyer, RJ). It takes a lot to have Austen calm down and to be serious, which he never is. He loves to go to the beach and tag along with Levi & Eli, the surfers.
    Ace is the complete opposite of Austen, and is quiet and respectful to everyone and everything around him, most taking after of older brothers Levi & Eli. But sometimes, when it gets to his twin, or things not going his way, Ace gets very bossy and upsets a lot of the Benson team. Ace also tags along with Levi & Eli as much as possible, because he loves the outdoors. His with his older sister Cara a good majority of the time.
    A & A:

    bailey axton // jack banning // wesley reid
    mia ashlyn // halle brooke // bellamy prescott

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    Rhode Island
    Christian James Ritchens (a politician) & Annabelle Elanor Ritchens (a wedding planner) (CJ & Anna)

    Doris Noah Ritchens (19): athletic, rebellious & greedy. interested in sports. brown hair.
    Cade Emerson Ritchens (13): ambitious, goofy & too honest. interested in movies. brown hair.
    Elijah Xen Ritchens (5): well mannered, rebellious & high-energy. interested in collecting. brown hair.
    Aurora Fae Ritchens (2): old fashioned, smart & bossy. interested in sports. blonde hair.

    CJ & Anna: Doris, Cade, Eli & Rory

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    DH&DW: Noah & Evelyn Buchanan (doctor & wedding planner)

    DS: Lawrence Jude (18)
    Law is very considerate and likes to spend his time outside exploring. He is a great big brother and loves watching movies with his younger siblings. Even though he's very outdoors-y and has played sports all his life he's (not so) secretly a nerd. He's very close with his younger sister, Isabel, and his brother, Hudson.

    DD: Isabel Cruise (16)
    Isa is very smart, making A's in all her classes. She's very athletic and would love to be a professional skier. The only thing holding her back is her issues with commitment and sticking to things. She's jumped around from many different sports and hobbies but skiing has seemed to stick. She's very adventurous and loves exploring with her big brother, Law, little brother, Beckett, and baby sister, Ara.

    DS: Hudson Isaiah (15)
    Hudson is very ambitious in everything he does- from being class president to getting straight A's- whatever he does he's all in. He's very sweet & kind to everyone he meets. He loves to read and once a week in the summer he reads to toddlers at the local library. His high energy makes it hard for him to sit still.

    DS: Beckett Trace
    Beckett is the more rebellious twin, which gets him into trouble at times, but he's too sweet for anyone to stay mad. He, like his older, has trouble sticking to things. He loves to go on adventures with his sisters, Isa & Ara.

    DD: Petra Storm (13)
    Petra is a natural-born leader. The younger kids love goofing off with her and she's always there for her older sisters. She loves to read and is very close with her sister Artemis.

    DD: Artemis Flynn (12)
    Artemis loves to be outside. She loves to joke around and is brutally honest. Her and Petra are as thick as thieves and never apart. She started a hiking club at her school and is taking up archery, like her namesake.

    DS: Theo Rigby (10; respectful, sweet; gullible; movies)
    Theo is such a sweet and caring soul- he's always helping someone. He is very respectful and is all of his teachers favorite. He seems older than he is, but he's still a bit naive and gullible. He's very close with his oldest brother, Law, and loves to watch and discuss movies with him.

    DD: Althea Joan (Ali; 10)
    Ali could not be more different from her twin brother- she's independent and sharp as a whip; nothing gets by her. She has a large collection of vintage books. Althea is a leader and fiercely protective of her siblings, especially Theo.

    DS: Samson Cade (Sammy; 7)
    Sammy is constantly bouncing off the walls. Even though he gets lots of notices sent home for not paying attention he makes almost perfect grades. He's a sweet heart and always tries to keep up with his older brothers.

    DD: Arabella Wild (Ara; 4)
    Ara is the baby of the family and is used to getting her way. She's always up to something and loves playing with her older siblings.
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    DW: Paige Eleanor
    DH: Thomas James

    DS: William Cade [15]
    -athletic, push-over, loves the beach
    DS: Riley Bandit [13]
    -sweet, nerdy, loves the outdoors
    DD: Imogen Satchel [12]
    -quiet, bossy, loves adventure
    DS: Hugo Beckett [10]
    -loves the outdoors, greedy, loves collecting
    DD: Lorelai Poppy [8]
    -goofy, has commitment issues, loves sports
    DD: Annabel Beatrix [6]
    -considerate, naive, loves movies
    DS: Brooks Theo [5]
    -ambitious, too honest, loves romance
    DD: Noah Indigo [4]
    -smart, lazy, loves fashion
    DD: Serena Rachel [3]
    -rebellious, never serious, loves television

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