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    West Midlands, UK
    I am Esme Elizabeth Evans, I work as a police officer; while my husband, Leo Griffin Hart, is a politician.

    We have five beautiful children, four of whom are still at home here:

    S: Sebastian Henry Hart - Seb is the spitting image of me with lots of messy dark brown hair, he's lazy like me too though he hasn't grown out of it yet like I had had to by the time I was his age. The only way Seb shifts his backside is to go to the beach - which he absolutely adores - and has done since he was a baby. Despite this major flaw, my oldest son is considerate to the end, he's thoughtful and loves his little siblings though he's not the first to get up and play with the youngest. Seb isn't at university but he works as a lifeguard both at the local centre and at the beach.

    S: Isaac Xen Hart - Just like me and his oldest brother, Isaac has dark brown hair, only unlike Seb he keeps his precise and neat (with the help of a lot of gel). Isaac is a sweet boy but from a young age it was clear that he has a problem with greed, he always wants more and this used to cause tantrums up to puberty when he couldn't get his own way. Now though Isaac's found a passion in fashion and is doing a degree at university to pursue this vocation.

    D: Rachel Maxine Hart - it's typical that my only daughter looks just like her dad, she even has his specific bright, strawberry blonde hair colour. 11 year old Rae loves to goof around and is labelled goofy by all who know her - especially her teachers who don't use it as a compliment - but with this goofiness comes my little girl's naivety, she is very gullible and always seems to get herself wrapped in knots with the stories that Seb and Isaac spin her. She's interested in fashion and wants to follow in Isaac's footsteps and do a fashion degree.

    S: Tennyson Jeremy Hart - Tenny was definitely a girl until he popped out a boy! My third son is considerate but naïve, he likes to spend time with Seb but has a lot more energy than my oldest does, still he drinks in all of the stories that his two oldest siblings spin, just like his only sister. Strangely Tennyson is into romance, he likes rom-com movies and love songs, he gets teased by his oldest brothers but Tenny isn't perturbed.

    S: Atticus Cade Hart - Atticus might only be a toddler, and still mastering walking and talking, but already he is showing some mannerisms that make him into a nerdy old-fashioned little boy. He likes to sit and read, but also like most little boys he loves adventure, he loves watching adventure cartoons and reading stories about pirates and knights, his siblings are brilliant at making up games with him from cardboard boxes, tubes, anything that is lying around the house or garden. Attie is the apple of everybody's eye, even if he was a tiny bit of a surprise.

    Esme (41) and Leo (41) with: Seb (20), Isaac (19), Rae (11), Tenny (8), and Attie (2).
    Britberry * Trainee Teacher
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    DW: Cassidy Mae Hudson. Doctor
    DH: Nathaniel Rhys Hudson. Police officer

    DS: Gabriel Kai Hudson (11)
    - Gabe is athletic and slightly rebellious. He might sometimes come forward as rude. He likes collecting. He has auburn hair and gray eyes, just like his dad.

    DS: Hugo Sebastian Hudson (9)
    - Hugo is a gentle little soul. He is very considerate and sometimes very naive. He likes to be outdoors. He has blonde hair and blue eyes, like his mom.

    DS: Jude Desmond Hudson (8)
    - Jude is a mix of his older brothers. He is very considerate, but might be unintentionally rude sometimes. He likes to go to the beach. He has blonde hair (like mom) and gray eyes (like dad).

    DD: Molly Alexandria Hudson (1)
    - Molly is the baby of the family. She's smart and has a lot of energy! She likes to watch disney movies and looks just like Jude.
    Mama to Laura Emilia ♥

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    DW: Evie Anita Thornton (Carter) — teacher
    DH: Andrew Samuel Thornton — police officer

    S1: Hunter Joe [19] (Personality: respectful, old-fashioned, high-energy. Interests: nature. Dark hair.)
    S2: Ringo Blake [17] (Personality: considerate, quiet, lazy. Interests: sports. Blonde hair.)
    D1: Sugar Allison [16] (Personality: goofy, respectful, naive. Interests: Disney. Blonde hair.)
    S3: Legend Noah [11] (Personality: smart, old-fashioned, lazy. Interests: television. Dark hair.)

    Evie & Andrew Thornton with Joe, Blake, Allie, and Noah.
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    my name is Amelia Elisabeth Fitzgerald (a doctor) and my husband's name is Harry Joseph Fitzgerald (a police officer)
    we have 5 children; b, b, b, g, g

    1. Quinn Atticus [16]
    - considerate, loves the outdoors, gullible and loves romance
    - has dad's hair

    2. Sebastian Jonah [13]
    - old fashioned, respectful, lazy, loves collecting
    - has dad's hair

    3. Arlo Harry [9]
    - smart, ambitious, push over, loves adventure
    - has dad's hair

    4. Tallulah Astrid [9]
    - athletic, well-mannered, high energy and loves the beach
    - has mum's hair

    5. Iris Beatrix [6]
    - sweet, quiet, a pushover, loves Disney
    - has dad's hair
    Nina + Owen
    Maeve Eleanor [12-04-09]
    Rose Evangeline [01-07-12]
    Gus Edward [06-10-14]

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    Audrey | Nora | Olive | Clara | Adeline | Fleur | Stella

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    Amelia Eleanor Tucker (wedding planner)
    Kieran Samuel Mason (lawyer)
    -Dorian Fitzgerald Mason - 14 - Rebellious/Commitment Issues/Loves Books - Brown hair and brown eyes
    -Wyatt Malcolm Mason - 11 - Sweet/Never Serious/Loves Romance - Brown hair and blue eyes
    -Alice Annabelle Mason - 10 - Well-Mannered/Nerdy/Loves Books - Brown hair and brown eyes
    -Theo Edmund Mason - 3 - Smart/Gullible/Loves Sports - Brown hair and brown eyes
    Abhla | Alice | Audrey | Beatrice | Cecilia | Constance | Cordelia | Eilís | Genevieve | Gráinne | Harriet | Helena | Honora | Iris | Isolde | Ivy | Juno | Louise | Maud | Moira | Orla | Rosalind | Síomha | Tuathla | Veronica

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