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    What Are Your Thoughts on Sybil?

    I've recently started watching Downton Abbey, and, as predicted, I've fallen in love with the show, and, as also predicted, I've fallen in love with the names on the show.

    I've always been kind of, on the fence with Sybil, but, since watching the first season, I'm starting to love the character of Lady Sybil - her personality is a big drawing factor, and, it's allowing me to put a face to the name (something I often need to do before I can grow to love/dislike a name).

    However, I'm still a bit questionable of it. I love the idea of Sybbie as a nickname, which is what they end up calling Sybil's daughter on the show, and I definitely prefer the Sybil spelling.

    What are your thoughts on the name Sybil?

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    I never gave much thought to it until I started watching Downton Abbey and since then I like it. Like you, I loved the character of Lady Sybil. I think it's an old-fashioned name but I think it's also spunky (probably due to my association with Lady Sybil).
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    I've not seen the show so I've not got the associations, but I just find Sybil to be so very dated and heavy and cannot imagine it on a modern child. Sybella, yeah, maybe, but Sybil, I just cannot get on board with.

    I think the nickname of Billie would give it a slightly more contemporary vibe...

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    I'm not sure if I like it or not. It really sounds like civil when I hear it, and the only association I have is Sybil Vane from The Picture of Dorian Gray, which isn't great. I'd probably need just a bit of a push to really like it (such as Dowtown Abbey), but I must admit, I almost fell in love when someone said it in a French accent (I'm assuming the spelling's the same); Si-beel just sounded a lot nicer than Si-buhl.
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    I'm not completely sure about Sybil, too. I love the sound and look of it, but it feels very cold, like steel, while other names I like tend to give warm and happy/cheerful vibes. These associations are really important to me when it comes to names, I couldn't genuinely love a name if I didn't like its feeling. Sybella feels completely different, though, that's why it's much higher on my list than Sybil. If I were to judge by sound only, I would say I like them equally.

    Anyway, I think Sybil is ready for restoration; a very strong, yet sophisticated name. As a nickname, Sybbie has grown on me recently (probably because of Downton Abbey baby Sybbie), but Billie is still my favorite.
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