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    It is legal for medicinal purposes here in Oregon, but as you all know it was recently legalized in Washington right next door and from what I've read, the result has been pretty good. I wouldn't be surprised it it was legalized here very soon - it barely didn't pass last election. Now that there are other states doing it well, i think Oregon will follow.

    I think it's great that people can use it for a number of medicinal uses, but to get your medical marijuana card is actually pretty expensive, so I think it would be nice if people who really need it could get it easily without all that extra expense. In addition, as it becomes legal, more research is being conducted on it for its various medicinal purposes, and, as a side benefit, legalizing it requires that growers put every batch through stringent quality tests, which was not previously the case.
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    I think for genuine medical conditions it can be a very effective alternative to traditional therapies. However, I do not support recreational use, especially in young people. My older brother got taken in by the wrong crowd when he was a young teenager, and started to use cannabis heavily. I believe this had a profound effect on him and he has been left with mental heath issues as a result. Heavy, long-term use of cannabis can seriously affect your mental health!

    Used responsibly by people who really need it, it's fine, but I worry that legalising it would lead to more people young people seeing it as a "safe" way to get high, and screwing themselves up in the process.

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    So many good points here. I totally agree that anyone underage shouldn't smoke marijuana and that you should have to be a certain age to purchase it, as with alcohol and cigarettes. I don't agree that it should be for medicinal use only (though that is why I smoke.) Addiction depends completely on the type of person that you are. Not everyone over the age of 21 is an alcoholic, even though everyone over that age (in the U.S.) can purchase it if they choose. I'm nearly 22, but despise the taste of alcohol, and I generally don't have an addictive personality.
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    Quote Originally Posted by renrose View Post
    I think it should be legal for medicinal purposes only. I know a few people who say it's helped them with a variety of illnesses.

    Likewise, in college I knew people who smoked it all the time and... well, let's just say that their IQ/focus seemed diminished.

    My worry, if it was made legal for recreational use, would be for the safety of people who don't choose to participate. As with alcohol there are large amounts of people who wouldn't use the drug responsibly, potentially leading to double the number of under-the-influence-deaths (such as car crashes etc).
    I agree with this.
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    I think it should be legal, mostly for medicinal use but I'm not opposed to it being for recreational use either. Statistically speaking, it's actually less dangerous then alcohol (though whether it causes lung cancer like nicotine cigarettes is currently unknown). There have been no known cases of overdose on marijuana anyway.

    I don't think i should say whether I've smoked it myself, considering it is very illegal in Australia :L
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