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    Cannabis discussion

    I'm not sure if this is technically allowed on Nameberry, but I thought I'd give it a shot anyway. Are there any berries here who smoke, whether for medical or recreational reasons? Is cannabis legal or illegal where you live?

    No judgement here, feel free to state your opinions.

    I do smoke. Only indica strains though, because sativas make my anxiety so much worse. I think it's an amazing alternative medicine (if that's your thing) and it's definitely changed my life for the better.

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    There's a very wide mix of people on NB, so this should be interesting

    I personally believe it should be legal (are there ANY good reasons it's not, whilst alcohol is?). In the UK they trailed legislation in the early 2000s but it failed drastically due to the way it was implicated... but it's left quite a sour impression I think. I only know this because my dad is in the police, but today in the UK it's certainly not as much as a hot topic as it is in the states.

    I smoked when I lived and attended highschool in Canada earlier this year, just for the social aspect - I'm fairly certain the rural town I was living in was the spliff capital of North America Culturally, everyone seemed super relaxed about it's heavy usage which surprised me (teachers would casually remark ''it's smelling a bit dopey in here'' and continue the class, whereas at my school in the UK kids would have their bags searched daily if under suspicion). I put it down to the fact in Canada, weed a much cheaper alcohol alternative, and way easier to get a hold of especially for minors.
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    This should make for an interesting discussion.

    Although I don't smoke cannabis and I never plan too I think that it should be legal. According to a poll I saw on the news New Zealand is the third largest consumer of cannabis in the world. I do see it one day being legal here, NZ is a pretty liberal country so it wouldn't bat an eyelid if it did. and I know a lot of people that think it should be legal.

    The reason why I think it should is because you can tax it and make for money so that it can be put into other things. Another reason is that it would free up police time and the court system for more violent and serious crimes, rather than dealing with small cannabis crime. NZ has an election coming up next month and an election promise of one of the parties is that they want to make cannabis legal so it will be interesting to see if that happens if they get in.
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    I think it should be legal for medicinal purposes only. I know a few people who say it's helped them with a variety of illnesses.

    Likewise, in college I knew people who smoked it all the time and... well, let's just say that their IQ/focus seemed diminished.

    My worry, if it was made legal for recreational use, would be for the safety of people who don't choose to participate. As with alcohol there are large amounts of people who wouldn't use the drug responsibly, potentially leading to double the number of under-the-influence-deaths (such as car crashes etc).

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    While I don't plan to smoke at all, I think it should be legal. Though, personally I think anything along the lines of smoking (other drugs, prostitution... all that icky stuff) should be legalas long as it doesn't affect anyone else in a negative or unwanted away. I mean, both of my parents are cops, and I've grown up in a rather protected environment, but I don't see any reason to prevent someone from doing something to themselves if they want to.

    HOWEVER, I don't think anyone under 21 should be allowed - brains still growing, considered minors in some parts of the world.

    Also agree with what Hannah93 said about, with the legalisation of drugs, the focusing on more serious crimes than that of small cannabis ones.

    But that's just me. Maybe I'm too lenient or accepting. Or just naive. But meh.

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