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    Well, Im expecting my first kid. I'm 18 going on 19 on August 27. I'm starting college a day before my bday. I already have an associates degree, and the father is everything ive ever wanted, the only thing is no one knows yet. Were not married, and that a big deal to our familys.

    Any ideas on how to tell our parents? Thanks.
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    Take a breath. Wait until you're out of the first trimester. Congratulations! You can definitely do this. I started grad school six months after my son was born and graduated on time. Don't feel pressure to get married because you are pregnant. This is already a stressful situation and marriage is a lot to take on while also having a new baby and starting school again. Only do it if/when you feel ready. When you do tell your parents, remember, you are adults now, you do have control over your lives, and though they may be disappointed in how this worked out, they will love their grandbaby. You might, however decide to move in together so you have the support you need while you are also going to school. Good luck!

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    I think what lookingahead said is probably good advice. Good luck to you.
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    Agree with thye above, and I just wanted to throw in that my sister was the same age as you when she had her first, and she is not only an amazing mother, but she has juggled work and school as well as having 2 more kids before the age of 25. Rah rah rah! I say when you're young and have lots of energy is a great time to tackle everything at once.
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    Agree with above. As for marriage, make sure it was what you two want. My hubby and I got married at the courthouse and we were fine with that. At our five year anniversary we want to renew our vows in front of family and friends. At the time it just was not feasible. A lot of people I know and work switch, I am military, do the courthouse wedding and on the one year do a big wedding. Up to you.

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