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    The Colours of Names

    I think for me, having synesthesia, affects my name taste to some extent.
    There is a name color game, so I was wondering how many people here see colours for names.

    I think I prefer names that are light pink.I see Olive, Willow,and Caitlin that colour for example.

    Some boy names I like are pink to me, even.

    but I can't describe the colour of some.

    for instance, Larissa is to me the colour of frolicking in a meadow during sunset, the taste of honey on my tongue.

    August is like a storm, not exactly purple, grey or blue . it's a deep colour that just swirls around like the wind.

    Purity is... well.. pure. It is clearer than clear, whiter than white, a sparkling angelic colour. (AND the only reason I like it).

    Does anybody else see name colours, and do you you tend to like names because of their colour?
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    I'm not sure whether I have synesthesia or not, but I always 'feel' a color/smell/taste/etc. when I hear a name. For example, Gemma is purple and tastes like chocolate and if I could touch it, it would feel like a bar of soap. This certainly affects my taste in names. If I don't like the color, smell or taste of a name, I most likely wouldn't like the name itself. Most of the names on my list tend to be light in color and feel/smell fresh.

    I also feel emotions for most names. For instance, some names are happy, some are sad, some are anxious or angry or tired. It seems very weird now that I think about it, lol.
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