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    Nevaeh--I'd help her legally change her name.
    India--ok in the US, maybe not in Europe
    Domino--a brand of sugar??
    Patience--old fashioned
    Echo--a bit pretentious

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    Libby - Yes, I don't see anything wrong with this name!
    Nevaeh - Don't think so, I don't like this name at all, but I know a little Nevaeh so I don't hate it.
    Galaxy - Definitely not! An absurd name.
    India - I love this name so yes, I would.
    Domino - This is a pet name, strictly that. Definitely not!
    Gypsy - I'm not sure with this. It's sweet and eccentric but maybe it's a little too eccentric.
    Poet - Yes, I would. I love its delicacy.
    Patience - No, this is trashy in my opinion.
    Sahara - No to this as well! I like Zahara, but not Sahara. Deserts are dry.
    Echo - I don't like this so I wouldn't, no.

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    I work with newborns so I've heard all sorts of names. But I've never heard Galaxy, and I think that's just too strange. Domino sounds like a pets name, and I like Echo in theory, but I think the jokes would get old pretty quickly.
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    Libby-- like it as a nickname not a full name

    Nevaeh--absolutely not

    Galaxy----- No.

    India---- Yes, I like this even though it's not my style.

    Domino-- A dogs name.

    Gypsy-- A GP, but probably wouldn't look good on a resume.

    Poet-- No.

    Patience-- Don't have a problem with it.

    Sahara-- It's not terrible.

    Echo-- No.
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    Don't even think about Gypsy. Just do some research, at least.

    I don't know what you mean by take seriously. Like... I would assume that people's names shouldn't really play a part in the respect they receive from others.

    Libby is absolutely 100% fine, in the clear.
    India, Nevaeh and Patience are fine too but understand that there are some very valid reasons for people disliking them aside from taste.
    Galaxy, Sahara, Poet and Echo are VERY hippy (and names I just dislike) so I might have a bit of a laugh behind their back but I certainly wouldn't treat them differently.
    I ADORE Domino so that one is excluded from the above
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