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    WDYT of the names that have appeared.... my Name of the Moment section of my signature so far? They are:
    Ayla (girl)
    Caroline (girl)
    Rebecca (girl)
    Cai (girl)
    Percival "Percy" (boy)
    Kieran (boy)
    Socrates (boy)
    Charlie (girl)
    Lux (girl)
    Felix (boy)

    I change it a lot. Overall, do you like or dislike more of these? And as the title states, WDYT of them?

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    Ayla - while it's not my style, I really love it!
    Caroline - this is nice, but a bit boring.
    Rebecca - see Caroline
    Cai - I don't mind Kai on a boy, it's ok, but I'm not a fan, and definitely don't like it on a girl. It sort of reminds me of koi fish.
    Percival "Percy" - I love Percy, but not really a fan of Percival.
    Kieran - absolutely love Kieran!
    Socrates - After grade 12 English, I have heard this way too much, and I really dislike it (my English teacher had an obsession with the Greek philosopher, we literally spent 2 months talking about Socrates).
    Charlie - eh, I like it a lot more for a boy, but for a girl, I prefer Charlotte or Lottie, or even Charlize.
    Lux - I've never, ever seen the appeal to this, I really dislike it.
    Felix - see Lux.

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    I love Ayla is it because of The Clan of The Cavebear books ?

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    Ayla (girl) - Makes me think Clan of the Cave Bear (not a bad thing), but not my style
    Caroline (girl) - ok
    Rebecca (girl) - nice classic name
    Cai (girl) - not my style, and seems spelled wrong, also isn't it more of a boy's name?
    Percival "Percy" (boy) - could work, makes me think of King Arthur
    Kieran (boy) - not bad
    Socrates (boy) - I kinda like this, unusual and nerdy in a good way
    Charlie (girl) - I don't like Charlie as a given name, just as a nickname
    Lux (girl) - sounds "ghetto" to me
    Felix (boy) - not too common, like it a lot

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