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    The name January for a baby born in a different month?

    We are expecting our third daughter around November but a name we've always loved, even for our first two daughters, is January.

    The month has a lot of meaning to my husband and I, we get engaged in January and then married in January on the same day a few years later.

    What do you think? To weird for a baby girl born outside of January?

    Thanks for your opinions!

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    If it's fine to use May, April and June outside of those months, I can't see why it would be The month obviously has sentimental meaning, and so does the name, so I'd use it

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    I don't think it would be weird. Plenty of people are named August, May, June, Summer and Autumn without being born in those months/seasons.

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    I'd think it's sweet that her name has special significance to you, even though it's not the month she was born. Go for it!

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    I imagine she might encounter a couple of people who will say it's 'weird' to be named January if you were born outside of it, but generally I don't think it would be a problem. I like it when people use names that have a lot of personal meaning to them, it makes a beautiful name even more special.
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