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    Who Lives Here? Houses for Families (Pix & Initials)

    1. The all-American, beachy 'D' Family lives in this house:

    DH: TAD
    DW: RJD
    DS: CJD
    DD: FOD
    DD: LFD
    DS/DS: JTD & WBD

    Dogs: F & N
    Cats: T & J
    Mouse: H

    2. The traditional, conservative 'K' Family lives here:

    DH: PRK
    DW: NEK
    DD: LLK
    DD: JIK
    DD: NKK

    Dog: G

    3. The scholarly, hipster 'P' family lives in this spot:

    DH: ORP
    DW: DLP
    DS: EVP

    Cats:E & O

    4. The posh, Euro 'H' family cozies up here:

    DH: LOH
    DW: VZH
    DD: FDH
    DS: PFH
    DS: EWH

    Puppy: R

    5. The woodsy 'B' daddy and his quadruplets, stay here:

    DFather: RBB


    Dogs: V, M, & W
    Rabbit: L

    6. The happy Canadian 'Q' clan live here:

    DH: NTQ
    DW: NMQ
    DD: MMQ
    DS: ECQ
    ADD: RPQ
    ADD: AZQ
    DS: ILQ
    DD: WVQ

    Dog: J
    Duck: I

    7. The modern, urban 'N-G' family does it all here:

    DH: GTN
    DH: AEG
    DD: HSN-G
    DD: PBN-G
    DS: CKN-G

    Lizard: C

    8. The large multi-generational 'U' family calls this spot home:

    Age 70s paternal DGp: TRU
    DGm: DEU
    Age 50s DH: HRU
    DW: MAU

    Age 20s DS: GLU
    Fiancee: FVT

    Age Teens DD: SOU
    DD: KSU

    Age child DS: RNU
    DD: WRU

    Infant DS/DS: MKU/BCU

    Dogs: V & R
    Cat: P

    9. The cozy young 'W' family reads books together at home, here:

    DH: MNW
    DW: RAW
    DD: EPW
    DD: LMW

    Cat: L

    10. The country-proud Texan family, the 'S' crew, saddles up here:

    DH: CUS
    DW: VYS
    DS: IVS
    DS: PWS
    DS: MNS
    DS: TCS
    DD: DLS

    Horses: C, B, R, & T
    Chickens: K & L
    Cats: D, A, & Q
    Dogs: R, R, & O

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    1. The all-American, beachy 'D' Family lives in this house:

    DH: Thomas Addison "Tom" Dalton
    DW: Ruby Josephine Dalton
    DS: Cole Joseph Dalton
    DD: Fable Ophelia Dalton
    DD: Lou Florence Dalton
    DS/DS: Jude Thomas Dalton & Wim Barnaby Dalton

    Dogs: Flossie & Noam
    Cats: Tilly & Jean
    Mouse: Hamish

    2. The traditional, conservative 'K' Family lives here:

    DH: Paul Robert Keating
    DW: Nova Elise Keating
    DD: Lucy Lorraine Keating
    DD: Jane Imogen Keating
    DD: Nell Katherine Keating

    Dog: Gray

    3. The scholarly, hipster 'P' family lives in this spot:

    DH: Oscar Rudolph Parker
    DW: Dinah Louise Parker
    DS: Ezra Vincent Parker

    Cats: Emmanuel & Otis

    4. The posh, Euro 'H' family cozies up here:

    DH: Lucas Oliver Hayworth
    DW: Vera Zoe Hayworth
    DD: Flora Daisy Hayworth
    DS: Phineas Francis Hayworth
    DS: Elliot Wesley Hayworth
    DS/DS: Xander Edison Hayworth/Lucian Ignatius Hayworth

    Puppy: R

    5. The woodsy 'B' daddy and his quadruplets, stay here:

    DFather: Reuben Blake Banbridge

    DD/DD/DD/DS: Kezia Tilly Banbridge, Rhiannon Nelly Banbridge, Vivian Maisie Banbridge, Jasper Yates Banbridge

    Dogs: Vic, Molly, & Whimsy
    Cat: Norbert
    Rabbit: Lapidus

    6. The happy Canadian 'Q' clan live here:

    DH: Nathaniel Thierry Quail
    DW: Natalie Mary Quail
    DD: Marie Meredith Quail
    DS: Emmett Charles Quail
    ADD: Rosa Penelope Quail
    ADD: Alice Zipporah Quail
    DS: Ivor Leonard Quail
    DD: Willa Vivienne Quail

    Dog: Jessie
    Duck: Irving

    7. The modern, urban 'N-G' family does it all here:

    DH: Graham Thomas Niles
    DH: Alistair Edward Greenby
    DD: Hope Sophia Niles-Greenby
    DD: Pearl Bridget Niles-Greenby
    DS: Charles Kipling Niles-Greenby

    Lizard: C

    8. The large multi-generational 'U' family calls this spot home:

    Age 70s paternal DGp: Timothy Rex Urban
    DGm: Delphine Elise Urban
    Age 50s DH: Hugh Raymond Urban
    DW: Mina Augustine Urban

    Age 20s DS: Gregory Lucas Urban
    Fiancee: Florence Verity Thomas
    DD: Sophia Olive Urban
    DD: Katherine Sage Urban
    DS: Ronan Nathaniel Urban
    DD: Wendy Rebecca Urban
    Infant DS/DS: Matthew Keaton Urban/Barnaby Charles Urban

    Dogs: Vinnie & Ruby
    Cat: Posy

    9. The cozy young 'W' family reads books together at home, here:

    DH: Miles Nolan Wright
    DW: Rose Alexandra Wright
    DD: Etta Poesy Wright
    DD: Louisa May Wright

    Cat: Lucius

    10. The country-proud Texan family, the 'S' crew, saddles up here:

    DH: Coleman Uriah Sullivan
    DW: Vivien Yasmin Sullivan
    DS: Ivo Victor Sullivan
    DS: Paxton Wesley Sullivan
    DS: Micah Nelson Sullivan
    DS: Tate Coleman Sullivan
    DD: Daisy Lynette Sullivan

    Horses: Cisco, Birdie, Rhett, & Tallis
    Chickens: Kip & Lucy
    Cats: Davey, Alma, & Quinn
    Dogs: Rusty, Rover, & Odie

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    1. The Donovans, Tucker Abel & Remy Juliette (formerly Harper), live here, on 264 Palmetto Drive with their 17 year old son Corbin Jude, 14 year old daughter Francesca (Chess) Olive Donovan, 12 year old daughter Lillia Faye Donovan & Twin three year old boys Jameson Tucker Donovan & Wilmer Brighton Donovan. The family would be incomplete without the corgis, Fritz & Nixon, the calico cats, Toodles & Jemima and the rescued house mouse, Hopscotch.
    2. The church-proud & traditional Kenton family lives here on 1818 Cherry in the renovated historical district. The parents, Penn Remington Kenton & Nicolette Eleanor Kenton (Smiley) have three daughters, aged 9-14, named Lisbeth Lenore Kenton, Jacquelin Isobel Kenton & Nathalie Katherine Kenton. They also have one dog named Guggenheim, a collie.
    3. The semi-newlywed Pearsons, Ogden Roy & Delilah Louise (Gramkow) both write freelance from this home on Cedar Terrace. This allows them the flexibility to care for their newborn son Edison Vaughn and entertain their Persian cats, Elesnore Roosevelt & Orson Smells.
    4. The Hawleys, a posh European family, live at 256 Gulley Ave. Mr. Llewellyn Oliver Hawley married Veronica Zadie Forsythe-Hawley 12 years ago. Their eldest child is 11 year old Finleigh Davinia. They also have four sons, 9 year old Paxton Frazer, 6 year old Ewan Wyatt, and the toddler twins Xander Elliott & Levi Ibsen. The Hawleys also just adopted a puppy named Rain.
    5. Reid Barrett Bruckner, at 6626 Noritake Parkway is a widower whose wife passed away three years ago. Their quads are five now and about to start kindergarten. Kelcyn Talor is bossy, Rowen Nicole is quiet, Valeri Mikaela is spunky and the little boy, Josiah Yorrick is the spitting image of his dad. The Bruckners also have three dogs -- two german shepherds, Valor & Monroe, and a dachshund named William. They have an old black cat named Nelson, too, and are taking care of their grandmother's rabbit, Lilac, while she's away.
    6. The Quimbys are one of the most friendly families on Niles Ave. Newton Trace Quimby and his wife, Naomi Marcelline Quimby had their first son, Ethan Callum, 18 years ago. They then adopted babies in adjacent years who are now 17, Racquel Priscilla, and 16, Aspen Zo. The two had another biological son three years later, Isaiah Lucas, who is now 13. Their youngest daughter, Wren Vienna, is now 7. The Quimbys also have a jack russell terrier named Jellybean and a duck named Ingrid.
    7. In Seattle, the Nyboer-Greeleys are a busy bunch. Graham Travis Nyboer & Audon Enrik Greeley are fathers to three beautiful children, 6 year old budding violinist Hilare Sofie, 4 year old Paisley Brynn and 1 year old Casey King.This little family also has a chameleon named Custard.
    8. Holidays are chaotic at the full-occupancy Underwood household on Lilly Street. Homeowners Harrison Reeve Underwood and Miranda Adelaide Underwood (VanClower) have recently taken in Harry's parents Truman Reeve and Deborah Eloise. Harry & Randi's 21 year old son Gracin Lowell and his fiancee Faylin Vivienne Travers live in the garage apartment. The Underwoods also have two teen daughters, Sloane Olivie (17) and Kinze Sienna (14) and two school-aged children, Roderick Noah (9) & Winnie Ramona (6). The two also just had twin sons, about 8 months ago, named Macklin Kennedy and Brogan Cale. The Underwood home is always a zoo, when you consider the two bloodhounds Viggo and Rooney, and the kitten, Pax.

    9. The bibliophillic Wallaces, nestled in at 877 Kilgore Drive, are on cloud nine. Marshall Nicolai Wallace and his wife Rebecca Ashlea Wallace (Studebaker) have 3 year old and 1 year old daughters, Esme Paige and Laurelie Mirabel. There is also a feline Wallace named Lola.
    10. The Sutton family is big, just like their home state of Texas. Clive Ulman Sutton married Violet Yvonne Sutton (Denbrock) 19 years ago. The two have an 18year old son named Ian Victor, a 16 year old son named Patrick Wilson, a 12 year old son named Mitchell Neil, a 9 year old son named Tevin Chase and a little 5 year old princess named Dixie Lee. The family home sits on a farm on county route 28. The stables are full with horses - Clover, Brigham, Rosebud & Tripp. The coop has two hens, Kisser and Louise, the barn loft is always full of kittens, currently Demetri, Avalon & Quiggly, and the back yard is overrun with dogs including a great dane named Russ, a retriever named Ruby and old lady Ophelia, the sheltie.

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    1. The all-American, beachy 'Derrickson' Family lives in this house:

    DH: Thomas Alan Derrickson
    DW: Rachel Juliet Derrickson
    DS: Callum John Derrickson
    DD: Flora Olivia Derrickson
    DD: Leah Fiona Derrickson
    DS/DS: Jack Thomas Derrickson & William Benjamin Derrickson

    Dogs: Felix & North
    Cats: Tamsin & Jade
    Mouse: Hamlet

    2. The traditional, conservative 'Kelley' Family lives here:

    DH: Peter Ronald Kelley
    DW: Nina Elizabeth Kelley
    DD: Louise Lydia Kelley
    DD: Jane Isabelle Kelley
    DD: Natalie Katherine Kelley

    Dog: Grover

    3. The scholarly, hipster 'Pace' family lives in this spot:

    DH: Oliver Rowan Pace
    DW: Delaney Lillian Pace
    DS: Everest Valentine Pace

    Cats: Eleazar & Ophelia

    4. The posh, Euro 'Hawking' family cozies up here:

    DH: Leo Orion Hume
    DW: Victoria Zoe Hume
    DD: Florence Daphne Hume
    DS: Phelan Felix Hume
    DS: Emmanuel Walter Hume
    DS/DS: Xavier Ezra Hume/Lionel Isaiah Hume

    Puppy: Reginald

    5. The woodsy 'Burke' daddy and his quadruplets, stay here:

    DFather: RBB

    DD/DD/DD/DS: Kamilah Tulip Burke, Ruby Nova Burke, Valley Magnolia Burke, Juniper Yarrow Burke

    Dogs: Venus, Marina, & Wolf
    Rabbit: Leaf

    6. The happy Canadian 'Qiu' clan live here:

    DH: Nathan Thomas Qiu
    DW: Nina Maren Qiu
    DD: Margaret Maeve Qiu
    DS: Everett Calvin Qiu
    ADD: Rosalind Pearl Qiu
    ADD: Adelaide Zinnia Qiu
    DS: Isaac Leander Qiu
    DD: Winifred Violet Qiu

    Dog: James
    Duck: Isolde

    7. The modern, urban 'Nadler-Garcia' family does it all here:

    DH: Grant Teagan Nadler
    DH: Ana Emilia Garcia
    DD: Hazel Soleil Nadler-Garcia
    DD: Piper Bellamy Nader-Garcia
    DS: Charlie Killian Nadler-Garcia

    Lizard: Chester

    8. The large multi-generational 'U' family calls this spot home:

    Age 70s paternal DGp: Timothy Robert Udisnky
    DGm: Dorothea Esther Udinsky
    Age 50s DH: Henry Robert Udinsky
    DW: Matilda Anne Udinsky

    Age 20s DS: Gabriel Liam Udinsky
    Fiancee: Fia Valentine Troup

    Age Teens DD: Serena Odette Udinsky
    DD: Kateri Seraphina Udinsky

    Age child DS: Roland Nathaniel Udinsky
    DD: Winter Rosabelle Udinsky

    Infant DS/DS: Malcolm Konrad Udinsky/Baxter Charles Udinsky

    Dogs: Vida & Rosa
    Cat: Pearl

    9. The cozy young 'Widmore' family reads books together at home, here:

    DH: Matthias Noel Widmore
    DW: Rose Abigail Widmore
    DD: Esther Poppy Widmore
    DD: Lydia Maven Widmore

    Cat: Lyra

    10. The country-proud Texan family, the 'Shepherd' crew, saddles up here:

    DH: Carter Ulysses Shepherd
    DW: Verity Yvetta Shepherd
    DS: Ike Vincent Shepherd
    DS: Pat Walter Shepherd
    DS: Milo Nicholas Shepherd
    DS: Toby Calloway Shepherd
    DD: Daisy Lucy Shepherd

    Horses: Cobalt, Bliss, Regal, & Tantrum
    Chickens: Katie & Lilly
    Cats: Darcy, Amy, & Quill
    Dogs: Reina, Ralph, & Olive
    ~Adelaide ~ Octavia~ Eulalie~ Clementine~ Magnolia~ Coralie~ Josephine~
    ~Frederick~ Alistair~ Malachi~ Edward~Julian~ Nathaniel ~ Theodore~

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    1. The Deeley Family is an average family, with 2 parents, 5 kids, and some pets. Theo Arthur Deeley and Rose Jeanette Deeley (nee Giovannucci) run their household very loosely. The kids can do whatever they want, as long as it's not life threatening or dangerous. There is almost always a friend of their kids over. Their oldest son, Charles Joseph Deeley, also commonly known as CJ, is 18, and about to go of to college to major in teaching. Next in line is Faith Olivia Deeley, who is 15. Faith is your common teenager-loves boys, shopping, and hates being forced to do something. She is in a relationship with Isaac Spears. Her sister, Lily, follows in Faith's footsteps. Lily Florence Deeley is 14, and her and Faith can't be separated. The 9 year old twins, James Tyler Deeley and William Boyce Deeley (Will), are troublemakers. They love being dirty. Will has a pet mouse, named Hooligan. The family also has 2 dogs, Foster and Nannie, and two cats, Toofer and Javier.

    2. The Kee's are almost split opposites from the Deeley family. Living behind the Deeley's, their house is just a bit on the large size. Parker Ryan Kee is a hardworking dentist, who has worked hard to get to where he is. His wife, Noelle Elizabeth Kee (nee Aoki) has also worked super hard as a lawyer at the largest law firm in the state. Their oldest daughter, Lucia Lynn Kee, is 16, and is best friends with Faith Deeley, despite her parents not wanting to associate with the loose-parenting Deeley's. Their next daughter is Jemma Isabelle Kee, who, at age 12, is a star gymnast and one of the best in the state. She is prepared to go to the Olympics, if she qualifies. Last is Nessa Katelyn Kee, who is 10. Nessa is also involved in gymnastics, despite her not wanting to do it. She much rather play with the Hudec's oldest son, Peter, and the Uriah's son, Ryland. Their dog, Gordon, is old, and a sweetheart.

    3. The Pulido family are adjusting to life as parents. Living in a hipster-y home can be a struggle, living in a house with an open living room and lots of steps. Oliver Ross Pulido built the house as a bachelor, before a wife, and a baby boy. Danielle Lillian Pulido (nee Gribanov), or Dani, as she's planning to change her name to, is a huge inspiration on many social media websites. Their son, Evander Vincent Pulido, is barely a year old, but babbles all the time. When Oliver and Dani moved in together, she brought her two cats, Elk and Oakley.

    4. The Hudec's traveled all the way from Germany to the USA, when their eldest daughter was merely 2 years old. Lloyd Oscar Hudec and Verena Zara Hudec (nee Duffy) spent their whole lives dreaming to move to America, so they did. Flavia Dagmar Hudec, aged 14, is...odd, to say the least. Instead of hanging out with the girls like Faith and Lucia, she much rather stay in her room and drain out the noise of the outside world with loud music. She has already decided that she's going to move back to Germany when she is older, as she is practicing her German daily. Peter Francis Hudec is 10. He's an average 10 year old, with a huge crush on Nessa Kee, and best friends with Ryland Uriah. Emmett Walter Hudec is 5, and lives to play tee ball, soccer, and peewee football. Any sport he can play at his age, he plays it with pride. The twins, Xavier Edward Hudec and Lucius Ivan Hudec, nicknamed Savi and Lu, are 4, and they like staying inside. They much rather watch cartoons and draw than play sports. The Hudec family has recently gotten a chocolate lab puppy, named Roxy.

    5. Robert Bryan Beatty (Rob) is a single dad, dealing with 4 4 year olds. His wife, Emmalyn Dina Beatty (nee Vadaldi), died in a car crash when the quadruplets were 2. The quadruplets are 3 girls, and 1 boy. There's Kailea Teresa Beatty, Rebecca Nicole Beatty (Robbi), Vada Michelle Beatty, and Justin York Beatty. Rob used to live in New York, but he relocated to the neighborhood before the quadruplets were born. Since the death of his wife, he has recently gotten a girlfriend, named Darice Margaret Blakeborough. The family has 5 pets. They have 3 Jack Russells named Vinnie, Max, and Wiley. Their Siamese cat, Nonno, and their rabbit, Lolita, were Emmalyn's before she passed.

    6. Nigel Truman Queenie and Nellie Monica Queenie (nee Cardamone) have one of the largest families on the block. They blame it on their Canadian roots, because they both came from large families. They moved to 1056 Village View Street when they adopted Nigel's nieces 10 years ago. It started with their eldest daughter, Mack, formal name Mackenzie Maribel Queenie. She is 19 and happily living life, despite her autism. She has a boyfriend named Andy Ellington Ratliff, who she plans on marrying. Ezra Christopher Queenie has just graduated high school at 18. He is going to college for video game design. He is dating Stormie Uriah. Reilly Portia Queenie and Arizona Zyana Queenie are 18 and 17 respectively. Reilly also graduated with Ezra. Nigel and Nellie adopted them 10 years ago when Nigel's brother died of cancer and the girl's mother had left them 3 years before. They're grateful for Reilly and Arizona, as the family wouldn't be the same without them. Indiana Liam Queenie has a large age gap between him and his closest adopted sister-10 years! Nigel and Nellie waited a bit before having the seven year old. He loves drawing and has won a few contests for it. He also has autism, but he also doesn't let it affect him. Him and Arizona are incredibly close. Waverly is the baby of the family at age 3. Mack named Waverly after her favorite show at the time, Wizards of Waverly Place. Vanessa is after Nellie's sister. She is somewhat spoiled and is a little princess. The family has a black pitbull named Jynx and a duck they rescued named Ilse.

    7. Garrett Tyson Nibert and Aiden Elliott Genaidy were best friends since they were 6. They decided to promote best friends to boyfriends, and once it was legal, boyfriends to husbands. They adopted their first daughter, Haleigh Shawnna Nibert-Genaidy 11 years ago, when she was 2. Haleigh is a softball player. She's not great, but she doesn't suck. Their next daughter, Paloma Bridget Nibert-Genaidy, is 11. Nome, as she likes to be called, is also a bit odd. She's also gotten herself into trouble, like bringing her pet lizard Corkscrew to school and sneaking out to swim in the pool at 3 am. Collin Keegan Nibert-Genaidy is very close to Aiden. At age 5, he could be considered pretty smart, as he already knows how to divide and to read at a fifth grade level. He skipped preschool and is already in first grade.

    8. Harry Reuben Uriah and Maureen Alexandra Uriah (nee Noll) (Mo) already have 7 kids. Add 2 parents and a fiancee into the mix, and it gets a little hectic. Harry's parents, Dolly Eudora Uriah (nee Dowell) and Tucker Rhys Uriah moved in a few days before Mo went into labor with her twins. Harry and Mo's oldest son, Greyson Luke Uriah, who is 23, has a fiancee named Francine Victoria Timmons, also known as Frankie, and Frankie also lives with the Uriah's until Greyson and Frankie can get their own house. Stormie Olga Uriah is 17, and dating Ezra Queenie. Kailyn Sadie Uriah is 13, but has a moving, inspirational mind. She barely speaks in public situations, but on paper, she's a wizard with words. She plans on sending her latest novel to a publishing company. Ryland Nicholas Uriah is 10. He's best friends with Peter Hudec, and also has a crush on Nessa Kee. Wallis Rue Uriah is 7. She loves to dance, sing, and act. She is the only one of her siblings enrolled at an arts school, as she's the only one who made it. The twins, Magnus Kruz Uriah and Brenton Cade Uriah...well, they're babies. They like to eat and sleep. The Uriah's have two dogs, Viper and Razor, and also are in possession of Dolly's cat, Pablo.

    9. The Wolanski's are new to the neighborhood. They only moved here about 2 months ago, but no one knows anything about them, other than their names and that their daughters are both in middle school. Maxwell Neil Wolanski, mostly called Max, and Rowan Adreanna Wolanski (nee O'Leary) have always been homebodies. They met on an online dating site, and 3 months after, they met. 2 months after that, they were married, and a month after that, they were pregnant. Erynn Paige Wolanski, age 14, fuels her brain with reading at the library. At the library, she met Flavia Hudec, and they've been best friends ever since. She also is dating Palmer Spears. Her little sister, Leela Maia Wolanski, is 12. She also loves to read, and usually just hangs out with Erynn and Flavia. The Wolanski's have a cat named Luna, named after the character in the Harry Potter series.

    10. Curtis Ulysses Spears and Vanna Yvonne Spears (nee Von Braun) are Texas-talkin' farmers. They're the only ones in the neighborhood with a big enough property for a farm. Dola Mine Farms is a business that's been in the family for years. When Curtis and Vanna pass away, the farm will be passed on to their son, Isaac Vaughn Spears, who is currently 16. Isaac is in love with his girlfriend and neighbor, Faith Deeley. Palmer Winston Spears is 14, and is the only one in the family that doesn't love living on a farm. When a new girl named Erynn Wolanski came into his school, he experienced love at first sight. A month or two later, they're dating. 13 year old Mason Nathaniel Spears loves riding horses, especially English riding. Timothy Carl Spears, or Timmy, age 12, tries to train the chickens to do tricks almost every day. He says he is going to be the first chicken trick trainer in Dola Mine Farms history. The Spears' only girl, Darcy Laine Spears, is VERY girly. She is constantly wearing skirts, even when cleaning up muck in the fields. She's 11 months younger than Timmy, so she is also 12. The horses names are Charge, Bright Spark, Rusty, and Topaz. The chickens names are Kosumi and Lenny. There's three cats named Daffodil, Alabama, and Quimby. Their dogs names are Rhett, Ribbons, and Oatmeal.
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