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  • Aeric

    47 88.68%
  • Aerick

    8 15.09%
  • Aerrick

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    Aeric, Aerick, or Aerrick? [poll]

    Hello, I am starting to think of names for my and my husband's next son which I am currently pregnant with. I have always liked Eric but I like to use nicknames with my children and I don't like Er, Rick, or Ricky. I added an "A" in front of Eric after seeing it on a couple of other names and now I can use Aer or Aerr as a nickname which I actually think are nice as nicknames. Just not positive which of Aeric, Aerick, or Aerrick I like best and would like your assistance with helping me to decide. Which variation of those three look the nicest to you? Thoughts as to why you chose the one you did or why you didn't like the others would be appreciated. Thanks in advance and I would really appreciate it if anyone who replies can please refrain from being nasty. Aeric, Aerick, and Aerrick are names that are already used around the world so I do not want to insult those who already have them as their name. You can confirm this yourself by searching any of those names on any social media website.

    UPDATE: I realize that I do not have to create a nickname from whatever first name I go with. That it can be a nickname that has no affiliation whatsoever with the first name but this is something I have done with all of our other children and I would like to continue doing this with this baby and any future children we might have.
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    All three of those names would probably be spelled by others (in the US) as "Eric" most of the time, especially since it sounds pretty much the same; Aeric would most likely be the easiest since it's just one letter off. The closer the better since messed up paperwork and everything is a huge hassle.

    I know of an Erik who goes by the nn "E", so that's always an option too if you like it.
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    None of the above. Your reason for adding the A doesn't justify the life-long confusion.

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    Don't curse your child into having to spell out his name or pronounce it each time. Eric/Erik is fine- and seeing as "Er" would be a nickname, he wouldn't ever *need* to write it out.

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    I agree with previous posters: none of the above. There is no reason to have a creative spelling, and nicknames don't have to originate from the given name. My nephew's given name is Jack, but I call him Bubba. Absolutely no connection to his name, but it works.

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