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    How do you spell Miri-elle (mih-ree-elle like Miriam and Mirabelle)

    Not Mireille which is meer-AY
    Not quite Murielle either

    This is a really name right? Which spelling is correct? Why doesn't nameberry have any info other than variants?
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    I know a little Mirial, pronounced Meer-ee-uhl (like Miriam with an L at the end). I'm not sure if they just made up the spelling or not, but I really like it.
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    Mirielle, I actually haven't heard before and I'd probably assume it was Mireille at first glance (not that it would make any sense in French spelling, but it does look close to identical).

    To be honest I don't really like the sound of it. It does nothing for me at all especially if said mee-ree-elle (mih-ree-elle I find tolerable, with the same short 'mih' sound I would use in Miriam/Mirabelle, but in the US I assume it would more commonly be 'mee', right?).

    Marielle/Mariella is so much softer sounding, and hugely underappreciated.
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    I can't pronounce that but i like mireille

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    mih-ree-elle like Miriam and Mirabelle sorry about the confusion on the pronounciation. I really thought this was an existing name. Ugh

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