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    DD: Yuki Flora, Susie Edith, Susannah Mary, Jeanette Mary, Francesca Kato, Francisca Midori, Muki Kazue, Beatrice Consuela, Mariko Mehetabel, Martha Sally.

    DS: Andrew Toby, Jinichi Hiroto, Paul Charles, Francisco John, Kit Thomas, Frederick Peter.

    Yuki Flora and Francisco Andrew. 'Yuki and Frank'

    I think I have a pretty decent selection within my family tree: my family is quite literally from everywhere, so all my favourite names are probably somewhere along the family tree.
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    Camellia Edie, Mercy Annabelle, Elowen Lilac, Vesper Daisy, Shalom Alice, Bellamy Evangeline, Ivalo Honour.

    Guthrie Abe, Enoch Matthias, Moses Amzi, Amias Ezekiel, Ignatius Beau, Rufus Gardener, Asa Eden.

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    Margot Sophie Anneliese (honours me, mum, both grandmas and three aunties!)

    Arthur John Bryan (honours both granddads and my dad)
    Alfred John Kenneth (honours three uncles and maternal grandad)

    I'm lucky to have a large family with many cool names! x

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    Boston, MA
    Michael Raymond (dad & father-in-law)
    Maryann Ellen (aunt & mother-in-law)
    Melinda Grace (me & paternal grandma)
    Madeleine Carol (aunt & mom)
    Leonard Sidney (maternal grandpa, uncle, & husband's grandpa)
    Daniel Eston (brother & paternal grandpa)
    Marlen Jay (paternal grandpa & uncle)
    Nellie Christine (aunt & maternal grandma)
    Madeline Irene (aunt & husband's grandma)

    Lots of M's in my family!
    dreaming of...

    Tahlia Kay * Esther Anneliese * Audrey Ophelia * Adina Irene

    Elijah Raymond * Westley Channing * Desmond Miles * Malcolm Ezra

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    Pomona MO
    I would use

    Richard George (brother and Dad)
    Marie Blossom (both grandmothers)

    Thankfully in my family we were never named after anyone, so were free to use any name we wanted. Although after my daughter was born my Grandmother (Myrtle Marie) asked why no one ever named a child after her. I asked "Myrtle"? and she said well no but maybe Marie!
    Mom to:
    Autumn Elizabeth
    Patrick Alexander
    Nicholas Ivan

    Nana to
    Jaime Mae Michelle
    Nicholas Ivan II
    Rylie Meshele

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    Lucille Carolyn (Great-Grandma's middle name, Grandma's name)


    Duncan John (Grandpa's name & DH's father's name)
    Not expecting...yet! Just love names!
    Lyric | Ophelia | Shiloh | Delilah | Everly | Leilani | Fianna | Seraphina | Monet | Meadow | Letty | Sinclaire
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