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    Vintage middle name for Rose

    Hi! I have three lovely boys- Leo, Henry and Oscar and am due with a girl at the end of the year. I think I will probably go with Rose as the first name. It's a name I've been in love with since pregnant with Henry and I think it fits perfectly with my boys. Middle names are proving to be a struggle though! I want something pretty, vintage but not too out there (also not too common either eg. Elizabeth). Rose seems to be a difficult name to find a match for because it's one syllable. Here's what I've come up with so far:

    Rose Clementine- I love this but worried about it being two word/colour names?

    Rose Lucia (Lou-see-a)- liking this a lot. Love the nn Rosie Lou

    Rose Emmeline- seems possibly too trendy?

    Rose Adelina- very pretty but not sure.

    Opinions and suggestions would be much appreciated!!

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    DH and I considered Rose last time we were pregnant!
    My choice was/would be Rose Winifred.
    From your list I like Rose Clementine the most but feel Rose Lucia flows best.

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    Thanks for the reply! Rose Winifred is adorable! I don't think I'd get dh on board with that one though but it is very sweet I love Rose Clementine too but what does everyone think of the two word names together like that?

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    I love Rose as a first name.

    My temptation would be to swap Clementine for Celestine - partly for the meaning and partly because of the rose/citrus thing going on for me mentally when I hear Rose Clementine.

    I also know a Rose Caroline and I love that combo. Caroline is a classic that never really goes in or out as far as I'm concerned, but certainly isn't anywhere near Elizabeth for constant use in combos.

    Your list IS very beautiful but Lucia is if anything more popular than Emmeline (it's pretty, though! I love Lucia).

    I love Emmeline on its own, but the flow is off with Rose for me.

    Other options if you don't mind me doing this:
    Rose Lucienne - Just a far rarer option than Lucia, though both are beautiful
    Rose Theodora - A vintage name I love and the first combo I thought of before I saw your list.
    Rose Lucinda - Another option for Rosie Lou.
    Rose Annabel - Annabel fits the mold of pretty, vintage, not too out-there to a tee for me. The only downside to it is, as a FN, the popularity of Isabelle/Isabella. So it's perfect as a middle.

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    My first thought was Rose Genevieve!

    Rose Amelie
    Rose Adeline - I kinda prefer the -line ending with Rose.
    Rose Elena
    Rose Caroline
    Rose Magdalene
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