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    Exclamation Middle School

    Hey berries.
    In a few weeks I'll be going to middle school. I'm kinda nervous.
    Like what do you even do? I dont really get the changing classes thing ether. And I feel like I'll make a fool of myself.
    So really what I'm asking is; Is middle school hard/weird/different? And how does it really work?
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    Hey! It's been a while since I was in middle school but I'll do my best.

    Try not to be too nervous about the changing classes bit. It's different, but you'll get used to it. Is your schedule the same every day, or are some classes different? That's the only hard part. I remember going to the wrong classroom a few times at the beginning of certain school years, because we had a rotating schedule. But really, you'll just have each subject in a different room with a different teacher. Once you get used to the school and where the classrooms are, it'll be easy! Plus it gives you a few minutes between subjects to kind of catch your breath. If you do get mixed up or can't find your room, just look for a teacher or someone you know to help out.

    Middle school is weird and different, but that's not a bad thing. Some of your classes might be harder but you'll adjust. The hardest and most different part for me anyway, was the social parts of middle school. Everyone is going through a lot of changes and you may lose some friends (but I hope not!), and hopefully gain lots of new ones too. Just be yourself, whoever that is at the moment!

    Does your school have an orientation for new middle-school students? Or is there a way you could have your parents call the school and ask if you could walk through one day and find all your classrooms in advance, if you're nervous? Either of those things might help.
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    Middle school seems like years ago for me. My three years in middle school were actually my favorite years (I'm a weirdo, I know). It was a great time for me psychologically because I was happy and silly and had a good group of friends. Don't stress yourself out over grades in middle school. Seriously. Try your best of course, but keep in mind that grades don't truly matter until you get to high school. In the long run, nobody will care if you fail a math test or botch an English essay. It's not a big deal. If your friends start getting into things that make you uncomfortable, drop 'em like a hot potato. Don't let other people pressure you into doing something you aren't comfortable with. Have fun with your electives. Memorize your locker combination. Bring a quick snack like a baggie of trail mix to eat between classes. (At the schools I went to people were always throwing food in their mouths in the halls and in class before the tardy bell rang.) Make sure you know where your classes are before school starts! I would go to the school one or two days before classes start and map out your day so you know the fastest way to get from class to class.

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    My younger sister is starting middle school in just under a week and she has many concerns like you. She's asked me so many things about locker combinations (come up with a song! Saying it in a sing-song-y voice really helped me. I can still remember my friend Catherine's gym locker combination from seventh grade because she said it in such a voice. 26-4-22), changing classes (it becomes second nature), and if the eighth graders will pick on her (trust me, they think they are waaaay too cool to be wasting their time on a bunch of sixth graders). Plus if they do mess with her, these kids were sixth graders when I was in eighth grade. For early release one week, I can easily stop by and pay them a visit . She calls it the Demon school because she's so afraid about starting middle school. I just want to roll my eyes anytime she does that.

    The teachers are pretty easy-going during the first week of class. I know all my sixth grade teachers stood outside their rooms during the first week to help students find where they need to go. If you're tardy, the first week pretty much doesn't count. Everyone is tardy at least once, so don't sweat it. Lockers will get jammed. People will annoyingly stand in the middle of the hallway. Nothing we can do about it.

    I don't really know how to answer your question. I moved right before I started middle school, so duh it was a lot different! New state, new school, and over three hundred kids I had never met before! I knew one person going into middle school and she is my neighbor. I'm not close with her at all.

    But, I started middle school on my own. Where I used to live, we waited until seventh grade to start middle school. In Kansas, it's sixth grade. I was starting a whole year earlier than I would have. I had opened a locked locker twice before the first day of school. I had never had bells before my first day of sixth grade, not to mention passing periods and four minutes between classes. I was used to being able to use the bathroom whenever I wanted. Now I had to wait till passing period.

    In my school, they kept all the classes together. There was a super long hallway (1/4 of a mile). Sixth grade was towards the front, seventh grade in the middle, and eighth in the way back. They were on the left side. On the right was the other classes. The fact that I basically had to go two doors down every class was very helpful. You get used to it SOOOOOOO QUICKLY!!! It becomes second nature to change classes!

    I am only a sophomore in high school so middle school was only a couple years ago. I'm going to give you my experience. This won't make you feel any better, but my experience wasn't great. Sixth grade was awesome: I had just moved states that year and found friends very easily. The classes came easy to me (as usual, though. I'm one of THOSE kids lol). In fact I got the highest grade on my social studies final for my entire sixth grade class (105%). The teachers loved me. Everything was fine.

    Then seventh grade came. From the beginning, it was bad. My grades were divided into two halls: gold and black (our school colors). Your teachers for CORE classes (English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Writing) were different if you were in different halls. I had a fun group of girls I hung out with in sixth grade, but in seventh only two of those girls were in my hall. One, Aneka, was not in that "group" at the beginning of the year, and the other, Catherine, was not close to me until that year. Catherine, Aneka, and me became super close, but we remained pretty close with the girls in the other hall. First quarter, everything fell apart. One of our friends, Sophia, made some bad decisions. She stole my friend Sydney's story and posted it on Wattpad without Sydney's permission and she didn't give Sydney credit. I don't remember what else she did but soon everyone in the group was against her except for my friend Caylee, who people really just used as a spy to see what Sophia was up to. Sophia texted my friend Laken, telling her that she was a W word that rhymes with core. By the end of the semester, everything with Sophia was done. She wasn't friends with any of us anymore and we never mentioned her.

    In eighth grade, I was in black hall again, but this time so was most of my friends. But of course, this meant friend trouble. It mainly started in second quarter. My friend Sydney's best friend, Emma (we weren't close) "broke up" with her. Literally just came up to Sydney one day and said "I don't want to be friends with you anymore because you cause too much drama." Sydney was crushed. No one had really loved Emma, but now there was a divide in the group. I dropped Emma entirely. Then came the problem between Lauren and Aneka. Me and Lauren are best friends right now. Aneka thought Lauren was super annoying and was super rude to her anytime Lauren said anything. So Aneka wanted nothing to do with Lauren and anytime I suggested to Aneka that she go anywhere with me and Lauren, Aneka would remind me how much she hated Lauren.

    At the end of all of this, my middle school was divided between the two high schools. Sophia, Sydney, Aneka, and Caylee went to one. Me, Laken, Lauren, and Emma went to the other. Catherine moved, but that's beside the point. Now, I feel that I have much better friends. I'm still very close with Lauren, and Laken and I talk sometimes, but other than that I've pretty much lost contact with everyone else. I tried to stay close to Caylee, but she became apart of the wrong crowd and I haven't talked to her since January.

    Don't get me wrong, my friends and I didn't always have bad situations. I attended the funnest party to date in seventh grade. It was my friend Lauren's thirteenth birthday. She had it at a pizza place. I don't know if my friends and I were high on cake and pizza or what, but seriously we booby trapped every single salt, pepper, Parmesan cheese, and red pepper shaker in that room. We unscrewed the lids, did the napkin trick, etc. Then there was the situation in the bathroom where somehow my friend Catherine wound up perching on the top of the bathroom stall making birthing noises when an old lady walked in. She didn't say anything, just assured us that she was once our age, to which Catherine responded "You were?" I just laughed so hard remembering this. BEST. PARTY. EVER.

    The moral of all this is, choose your friends wisely. Don't become part of a group if you can help it. Try to find a few friends in different groups. Be nice to everyone. Unless they're standing in front of your locker, if that's the case you just shout "EX-CUH-USSSSSSE ME!" You may surprise yourself with who you become friends with. I don't have a group and now I feel like I can be friends with just about anyone. It's a much better situation. I don't mean to scare you with any of this. Especially the party story.

    HAVE FUN, BECAUSE YOU'RE NEVER GONNA GET THESE YEARS BACK!!!!! As much as I would seriously want to.

    Oh the stories I wish I could tell.
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    I'm going into my junior year of high school. So middle school isn't too far away in the past for me. It's different, but you'll get used to it... What I always did was went up before school started and found all my classes so I wouldn't be so lost on the first day. I actually thought it was fun to finally switch classes and even get to choose some of the classes I got to take, rather than sitting in one class all day. Middle school is a time where I lost a lot of friends, but also gained a lot of new ones... And I think that's true for most people. Just be yourself and find people you enjoy being around. Don't let stupid drama get to you, or peer pressure. Try to get involved in an activity. For me, it was band. It's made middle school/high school so much more enjoyable, given me something a little extra to do, and helped me make friends. Oh, and as for schoolwork, middle school was not that hard. Although, 6th grade I did struggle to keep up with some of my work, but that's because I was being lazy. Always do your homework. Don't procrastinate everything, because that's just disastrous. But also don't stress over middle school grades, just try your best.
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